HS football All-County checklist

For the season I have really been impressed with the numbers on this kid Josh Thompson, a sophomore quarterback, from Western Guilford.

168-267 passing…. 2505 yards…. 227.7 yards per game…..
.629% on pass completions…. 14 TD’s/14 INTS….(Not bad for a kid who is only a sophomore)….. He had 426 yards through the air versus Grimsley this year….

A look at some of our players and numbers and the fine job they did from last week takes us to:

Darius White, QB from Northeast Guilford, with over 175 yards rushing and 3TD’s, joined by teammates Rayshawn Trader and Michael Sanders with 2TD’s each and Trey Ingram had the other touchdown for the Rams….53-0 NEG over Ledford….

James Summers threw for 2TD’s and ran for another for the Page Pirates in their 35-22 win over Southeast. Austin Anthony saved a punt on a bad snap for the Pirates and he was 3-4 in PAT’s….

Jeff Sims threw 5TD passes for the Smith Golden Eagles and Elijah Jordan had 216 yards rushing and 2TD’s, while Eric Ebron had 2TD catches and played defense like a maniac with three sacks….Smith over Southern Alamance, 53-16…..

Josh Morehead from Eastern Guilford had 165 yards rushing and scored 2TD’s on the ground and threw for one more through the air and Derek Holbrook had 2 interceptions and big return yardage for the EG Wildcats in their 38-19 win over McMichael. Morehead ended up with 242 yards of total offense.

Mohamed Khellah had 3TD’s(2 rush/1 on a INT return) for Northern Guilford and Keenan Allen had 2TD’S and he had right at 150 all-purpose yards as NG topped Western Alamance 48-16….Khellah 126 yards rushing yards for NG……

Luke Heavner from Ragsdale tossed 2 touchdown passes and D’onovan Smith powered the ground game for the Ragsdale Tigers as they came away with a 34-7 win over HP Central. Kasey Redfern had a 42-yard field goal for the Tigers and McNeil, Stone and Sparks led the defense…..

Mycah Gaylord and JR Peterson had two scores each in Dudley’s 48-3 victory over Grimsley and my apologies, that’s all that I have on this one…..


  1. Derek is fine receiver and #7 will get even better between now and next year. I would look for him to be playing basketball too…

    Any thoughts on Friday versus Glenn?

  2. Any idea when the All Conf. teams will be annouced? This will be the only time you can find all stats together. Wish they were kept like wrestling.

  3. Of Derek Grant’s 8 catches and 117 yards, 3 catches and 79 yards and the TD came in the last 3 minutes against a DB player pulled up from JV. All defensive starters were out of the game at the time. Grant had 39 yards up until the 3 minute mark. DB’s Armwood and Washington totally bottled him up. He and Adams were not on the same page as balls were nowhere near him and all long balls were futile. Either Adams threw to the wrong spot or Grant ran the wrong route.

  4. Sorry if I offended you Reggie, just stating the stats. I don’t think they tried to get Grant the ball enough, but that doesn’t mean he would have had any more yards. It also looked as though they had man coverage or some type of extra help to his side most of the game, so the stats you mentioed may be right. Either way Ragsdale won, and did it quite convincingly. Best of luck to both teams.

  5. Andy – I hope you know we appreciate your efforts greatly.

    Each week you mention RB’s that had great games but never mention any of the big uglies up front. Sure would be nice to see some of their names up in lights occasionally.


  6. You bring up some very points. All the stats we have to go by are from the N&R, Burlington Times-News, High Point Enteprise and the WS Journal and also from our game broadcasts on Friday night.

    We need to come up with some way to get the linemen in here, and in particular the offensive linemen. I spent some time on the line myself back in the day and have not yet come up with a way to develop O-line stats.

    Hopefully our readers will nominate some guys…..

    Some kids I am aware of through my travels this year include; Steven McCain and DeMarcus Bell at Dudley, Tyler Ritter and Elliot Cobb at Ragsdale, Russell Sineni at Page, Jordan Patterson at Grimsley, Tyler Stutts at Western Guilford, the entire line at Smith and with all that being said, we know they are out there.

  7. O-line Dad,

    I too agree that the o-line needs a little more recognition, but they tend to always get left out of conversations. That is the ways it has always been.

    Andy, maybe this could help…The o-line at Page have a pancake stat…Russell Sineni is very sound and technical and has done a great job of leading the o-line at Page, but BIG WILL FOXX #60 leads that group in pancakes…Will is a great kid and is solid as a rock, not to mention, he is only a junior…He will be a very good pick up for any college…This kid brings the whallop when he fires out and pulls…His dad is super nice and very supportive of Will which is great to see also…

  8. Big Will Foxx, Double-L, Double-X, deserves a Double-Shout out, because he also plays on the Defensvie Line up there with #45, Tony Rustin, another one of our local linemen…….

    Good calls coming down the line today.

  9. Leading the Vikings’ Wing-T offense is sophomore quarterback Matthew Pawlowski. Pawlowski has passed for 1,118 yards, while throwing 10 touchdowns and five interceptions. According to Woodruff, Pawlowski has made strong progress as a drop back passer in the last four weeks.

    Woodruff added that Northwest Guilford uses several running backs in its wing-T attack. The leading rusher is sophomore Dalton Dillon, who has rushed for 754 yards on 160 carries and has eight touchdowns.

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