WWE’s MNR drops hard in ratings: Blame it on, “Terry the Cable Guy”

The WWE’s Monday Night Raw program dropped hard in the ratings this week and the company and other observers are looking for answers.

Maybe they should look no further than Greensboro, N.C., where the Cable was out on the Northwest side of town for several hours on Monday evening.

Hard to watch the show when someone has hit a power pole and knocked out the Cable to many homes and businesses, or when a wild squirrel from Borneo has chewed through the lines in preparation for another long winter and the possiblity of no Thanksgiving Dinner, due to the on-going recession.

“Watch ya gonna do, when the lines have been chewed through”, says Terry the Cable guy also known in many circles as “The Hulkster”(Hulk Hogan) and by his real name, Terry Bollea. Terry the Cable Guy, from Time Warner Cable, here to solve all your wrestling problems with a broken line on Monday and a brand new TNA line and show on Thursday.

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Jason Powell says……
Monday’s WWE Raw scored a 3.1 rating, which is down from the 3.5 rating the show drew the previous week. The first hour of the show drew a 3.2 with 4,433,000 viewers. The second hour of the show scored a 3.0 rating with 4,064,000 viewers.

Jason Powell’s POV: Was it Monday Night Football? Did the ratings drop because the show was pre-taped? Are viewers bored by WWE featuring the same old main event players? I’m guessing WWE will blame the fact that the show was pre-taped, but here’s hoping it makes them think twice about the tired main event mix.


  1. Not coincidentally, the demise of RAW started when the “Nature Boy” retired for good!!! Leaving the same old tired 6 guys (Cena, DX, Orton, Jericho, Show) retread through different main events. Vince’s specialty used to be known for creating top notch new charaters…now we have Kofi Kingston (yawn!!) Evan Bourne (snore!!) or Jack Swaggert (at least I think that’s his name..snooze!!) or the token Diva’s match that bores viewers to death to fill air time. All you need to watch is 9-9:10pm, 10-10:10pm & 10:55 to 11:05 to know the entire events of the evening….why torture yourself with the other hour & a half of snoozedom…….

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