I wonder if any teams will pass on Friday play and what about the Soccer?

With all this rain, it makes you wonder if any of our teams will pass on Friday night play due to wet fields that will still be buried in water and if they will opt out of Friday action and just move their games to Saturday night instead?????

Just wondering what the line of thinking might be? I’m sure the NCHSAA wants to see all the schools get these games in as soon as possible, but with the weather, what can you do?

All of our fields don’t drain equally…….Home games due up for Ragsdale, Dudley, Northern, Page, Northeast, HP Andrews……

Who drains the best and who will still have big puddles in spots, on the turf, come Friday evening?

And what about the 3rd Round of the Soccer Playoffs due up tonight? Will they be able to get those in or will they have to be pushed back one more day?????

Just thinking out load……Anybody got any inside thoughts on this one or maybe some insight to shed our way through the mud???????


  1. Andy,
    Just got email from Rusty Lee, Page Athletic Director. He said their game will be moved to Saturday. Place and time not determined yet.

    Brian H.

  2. I’m glad someone has decided to postpone at least one of the games to another day. As much as the athletes are dedicated, the risk of injury is greater playing on fields in the condition they’re in.

    @ Emily–

    I’m waiting to hear from you…….

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