Marion Kirby will get a workout on Saturday

Kirby says, “Just Bring It”…..

Legendary Coach Marion Kirby never got a workout quite like this, but his field will yield to almost all-comers on Saturday, as the Kirby Stadium soccer/football surface will the host Page-Ardrey Kell soccer match at 1pm followed by the Page-East Mecklenburg football game at 7pm….

Soccer at 1pm with Round Three of the NCHSAA 4-A playoffs and then football at 7pm in Round One of the NCHSAA 4-AA playoffs…..

Rusty Lee the Page AD tried to re-locate the Soccer game, but could not find a facility with suitable turf that could host this playoff game…..


  1. I guess no other school wanted their field torn up. Jamieson Stadium would be the logical choice since Page kind of owns that place

  2. I think Page and AD Lee were looking for possible Turf Field sites, but in every possible instance, they ran into conflicts with the potential facilities…..

  3. Page wins 3-0 over Ardrey Kell.

    Rob Lovejoy and Glen Long both score in the first half making it 2-0. Long scores again in the 2nd half to finish the game 3-0.

    Page’s defense is dominant. They stopped basically all of AK’s attacks.
    Page is ranked 4th in the state, and AK was ranked 5th.

    Some other news around the state..
    Green Hope upsets the #1 ranked team in the state, Durham Jordan.. 2-1. Durham Riverside also upset the #2 ranked team in the state Raleigh Broughton, 1-0.

  4. Attended the soccer game….the field is a mess. Looks they already had some outlines done to re-paint but the field it is looking rough.

  5. Emily-
    Thanks for coming out and supporting the Page soccer team today. After 7 inches of rain, I think Kirby Stadium held up pretty good. We were able to roll the field after soccer so it is at least level (but still wet) for football tonight at 7:00 PM. I appreciate my field prep staff, they do a great job. I thought Page soccer played good today. Emily, I hope you will come out and support Page on Monday night at 7:00 PM as we play in the next round of playoffs. If you do , please introduce yourself, as I like to put faces with poster on this website. We (I ) was looking forward to a third Page vs. Grimsley soccer match (but just heard unofficially from a Page parent that talked to a Grimsley parent…that Grimsley was defeated 4 to 1). Page will host the next round on Monday at 7:00 PM in Kirby stadium. So bring on the wind and sun.

  6. I wasn’t expecting the field to look impeccable. After 7 inches of rain you can only hope for the best. It seemed it did not pose too much of a problem tonight for the football game, as I had imagined it may cause a lot of slipping and sliding, which they didn’t. I wasn’t trying to put in a bad word about the field and my post may have sounded a little harsh, but wasn’t intended it to be that way 🙂 Unfortunately I live in Charlotte now so I will be heading back down there on Sunday night, however I may make the trip back up Monday evening for the game. You know who I am although you probably just don’t realize it on the website 🙂 I’m Joe Barile’s better half! If we make the trip up on Monday we will be sure to say hello 🙂 Go Pirates!

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