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FINALS IN – More games Saturday

Asheboro 14 – FINAL
Northern Guilford 63

High Point Central 14 – Final
Glenn 13

Richmond County 42 – Final
Northwest Guilford 7

Kinston 21 – Final
High Point Andrews 20

WS Reynolds – 38 Final
TC Roberson 0

West Montgomery – 34 Final
Bishop McGuiness 21

Hickory Ridge 25 – Final
North Forsyth 6
*****Hickory Ridge(7-5) at Northern Guilford(11-1) next Friday night.*****

Carson 14 – Final
Ledford 13

Keep it on!


  1. Northern Guilford is leading Asheboro 50 to NOTHING????????

    And to think some people hit Page over the head last week for running a play instead of taking a knee…….

    Shame on you folks!

    For shame!

  2. Underdog – NG runs up the score just because they can. They will get theirs don’t worry. Right now they are out to prove a point and that’s ok. Integrity always wins in the end.

  3. @ just because–

    I’m beginning to think that Andy’s spot has a TON of NG fans. It’s seems that no matter what the school topic of the thread is, NG fans always finds a way to bring them to the forefront.

    I’m not mad however. Actually, I’m glad there is so much support for the young men. I just have to do my job of getting MY favorite school tuned in to this blog.

    As far as them running up the score tonight, I thought there were some hypocrites in this forum last week–jumping all over Page when in fact, NG is doing something somewhat (as far as scoring) similar tonight.

    Just my opinion…..but I won’t take anything from the players. They are only doing what their coaches instruct them to do and doing a good job of it I might add.

  4. Underdogs Unite

    What are the players supposed to do? Stop playing because someones feelings may get hurt because they are losing? This is football man grow up. If you were at the game tonight, which obviously you were not, you would know that they did take a knee…twice.


  5. @ Denise–

    First of all, I’m a WOMAN–NOT a man. Secondly, If you noticed MY comment made reference to Page doing something similar last week and getting dooged out about it.

    Please save your mumbling rhetoric for someone (such as yourself) that OBVIOUSLY either didn’t read and fully comprehend my post or sum it up to ignorance on YOUR part for NOT understanding that it was case of double standards.

    Also-take note that I didn’t say ANYTHING derogatory about the players. In fact, I commended them on doing most likely what the coaches instructed them to do.

    Get a grip sweetheart! It’s not THAT serious!

  6. Also–

    Just for your information–No, I wasn’t at the game. I had a chemotherapy treatment today and thought it would be best to rest up for tomorrow night.

    Thanks for caring and enjoy your evening!

  7. The problem with teams getting blown out should be addressed to the NCHSAA. If they would not allow so many teams in the playoffs, the games may not be so onesided. Why should teams with losing records even be in the playoffs?

  8. @ Try This–

    Good comment! However, as far as my initial comment, I’m not really making a big deal about the lopsided score; what I was pointing out was the hypocracy exhibited toward Page last week. There was a thread in which some were saying that Page had essentially won the game and should’ve taken a knee. Well as far as scoring, NG runs up the score tonight (AGAIN, that’s not my concern) but I don’t see any posts degrading them for it.

    I say, let the young men play and let the chips fall where they may but for people NOT to have 20/20 vision in pointing it out against other schools while being Stevie Wonder to NG.

  9. @ Underdogs Unite –

    It’s no big deal, but if you really visited this site very often, you would know that NG is never overlooked!!!!!

  10. Just hang on, NG will get theirs you know what they say.
    What goes around come around and payback is a *****.
    3rd or 4th round they will have some competition and it
    won’t be 63-14

  11. First of all to all who think Northern is running up the score. NG scored its first three touchdowns with ease. By the third Asheboro had folded. NG held back, they could have scored 80 if they ” wanted to run the score up”. And one more thing. The last two touchdowns were scored by a freshman on a basic iso. What should the coach do? Tell the freshman to lay down at the one?

  12. The problem is with the NCHSAA. They have too much power. The only reason there are so many teams in the playoffs is money. There are too many non competetive teams in the playoffs. As far as Northern running up the score, they did not. They had their subs in most of the second half. They are that good.

  13. @Underdogs Unite

    You can’t accuse a team of running up the score if you weren’t at the game. Football-lovers’ post and the recaps of the game clearly point out that Asheboro was over matched. It could have been a lot worse. Plus, at this point in the game…no coach is going to risk losing talent for the sake of running up the score. The goal is to get to the next game with your players rested and ready to go. There’s no double standard.

    I am in no way saying that Page ran up the score. It was tough to figure that one out by reading the blogs the other week. Both Northern and Page have some very committed posters on this site. Both schools receive a lot of criticism as a result. I won’t argue how much of it is justified or not. I have enjoyed watching and listening (Andy’s Radio Broadcasts) to both schools compete all year.

    Go Greensboro….Go Guilford County!!!

  14. Wes,

    Who are you trying to kid? I wasn’t at the game, but its obvious Asheboro was clearly overmatched…However, you said that subs were in most of the 2nd half, well, clearly you aren’t paying attention…Throwing 50 yard passes (Scarfone to Harris) with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd Qtr…Now, maybe it was a short pass that Harris turned into a long gain, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on that one, but still throwing in the 4th qtr…If Asheboro was so clearly overmatched, then what is the need to pass the ball at all in the late 3rd and 4th quarters?..Maybe the coach feels that both Scarfone and Allen could possibly get hurt; therefore feels the need to get his 3rd string QB some reps…Just some questions that I have I guess…I’m not entitled to any answers, but this is why people hate Northern and why Northern will probably never get any supporters except from their own people…

    I’m pulling for all Guilford County teams, but I can’t pull for teams like this…I know its football and everyone should just man up, but what is the point of clearly embarrassing a team when they are so overmatched…

  15. ” Just hang on, NG will get theirs you know what they say.
    What goes around come around and payback is a *****.
    3rd or 4th round they will have some competition and it
    won’t be 63-14 ”

    Just what the h*ll is this all about?

    There are scores all over the state like this in the 1st round of the playoffs. Of course NG will have competition in the “3rd or 4th round” …GENIUS, that is what happens in the playoffs – games get tougher as the rounds go on and scores will get tighter…real hard to call that one!

    Nobody from Northern is crowing, acting like it’s gonna be a cakewalk or really saying anything. They are just going about their business. The coaches don’t even post stats or anything and the team gets zero coverage in the newspaper or TV…the team just plays football week in and week out…

    TrustMe, trust you? yeah right…pffffffffffffffffffffft !

  16. Northern may not win the State Championship, but they will surely go deep in the playoffs. I really hope they win just for the reason of what happened last year to that school. Believe me they were singled out. Northern has some great skilled position players that are freshmen and sophmores that you will hear about next year. You can not tell these young players not to go all out wehrn they get in the game. GO NORTHERN…..

  17. Who cares how many points a team scores let them play ball.
    However if a team is still throwing the ball after being up by 50 pts.
    it is clear they are making a statement. Maybe they feel they need to
    earn respect and send a message. First round games are normally
    one sided. That’s the way it works. As “youpeoplewillsayanything” has just stated
    this Northern team has gotten little coverage in the paper and on TV
    maybe this is their way of getting noticed.

  18. Maybe Coach Roscoe will give you all what you think you are seeing now, and really run the score up. Time will tell who laughs last.

  19. Right On “Nice Try Wes”. I’m with you and “Underdogs Unite! “on this one 110%. It’s nothing but a “showboat” for NG just b/c of what all happened last year. I’m not taking it out on the players for NG b/c I know some players on that team, it’s the Coache I blame (he makes the calls, right?) But just like Trust Me said what goes around, comes around and payback is a *****. Can’t wait to see that coach get paid back for his ignorance.

  20. ” I’m with “Underdogs Unite!“ on this one 110%.”

    ummmm…you should read what people write instead of just seeing what you want to see… underdogs unite was saying there was hypocrisy in not calling out NG when so many called out Page last week…she was not getting on NG for anything…her humor went RIGHT over your head…

  21. Wow…I have shared this blog with a good friend of mine who was a Page LB from 89-91 and he agrees with me. The running up the score accusation is a joke. He felt like if the other team didn’t want to Northern to score than they should have played defense. I think that’s going a little overboard, but that’s the same way he felt about Page’s game last week.

    This is why I feel the charge of running up the score is inaccurate:

    *How many plays were ran for KA beyond the 3rd quarter?
    *Most football coaches try to get one final score on the board in the 3rd quarter of a blow out before pulling players they consider to be most valuable.
    *What was the down and distance on Scarfone’s last TD pass? They scored with 6 and some change left on the clock.
    *You don’t stop playing football at the half.
    *The other team has a kid that ran for 2400 yards and 25 TDs last year.
    *Coaches want to know that their back ups are able to play in live game situations. They don’t want to have to wait until they desperately need them to find out.

  22. Dmitri Faglier – Asheboro – x – 1,850 – 15 TDSx

    These are the stats for the kid from Asheville. There were probably a lot of reasons that Asheboro lost the way they did. I think they were not ready to play that evening. Also, maybe NG was alot better than Asheboro. It is not uncommon for a team to score big in the first round, especially if you have a #1 vs #16. If playoffs were old-school, then Northern would not score 63 pts. In the old-school way you played a conference champ each week.

  23. Oppeheimerfund,

    Wow…so that kid has rushed for 4000 yards and 40 TDs the last two years. I remember reading something from his coach stating that he is the best football player he’s ever coached. He reminds me of Dion Bratcher, but not quite as physical.


    So who is going to be providing the updates for tonight’s games? Are you going to be broadcasting? I need to know when and If I’m going to bed. It’s a 6 hour time difference.

  24. @ youpeoplewillsayanything—

    You understood EXACTLY what I posted!!! I understand the intricacies of HOW a score could be lopsided especially at this stage in the playoff and schools being unmatched.

    Yes, I GOT THAT. What my concern was well, at least SOMEONE understood so no need in rehashing it.

    Thanks for understanding!

  25. THANK YOU Underdogs Unite! You tell youpeoplewillsayanything like it is…Now ummmmm…youpeoplewillsayanything eat you own words…you should read what people write instead of just seeing what you want to see…

  26. Posted by right on

    ur hilarious…I’ll just eat my fruit loops this morning thank you…

  27. All you Page people need to go support your soccer team!!! I have been associated with Club Soccer in Greensboro for the past 4 years. Both of my little brothers play, so I know a few of the guys playing for the Pirates. I’m a Page fan for this one.

  28. @ Damon–

    I think I will!!! At one time at last night’s game, the announcer said that Page’s soccer team was really doing a good job. He also stated that they are 3-0 and that they would be playing on Monday night. My son plays football but LOVES soccer. I think I’ll take him over there to support his fellow Pirates!

  29. Went to the game on Saturday, the first time I have gotten to see them play this season because I live in Charlotte now. This game against Myers Park is going to be tough. I am headed back to Charlotte this evening but I have intentions of coming back up to Greensboro tomorrow evening to check this one out. Page is 19-0-2 on the season, and beat Ardrey Kell 3-0 on Saturday. Myers Park is 16-2-3.

  30. Soccer, at the club level is huge in this area. So many kids play football, so our high school programs tend to suffer. Page is one of the schools in this area that has a great program. I remember my oldest little brother’s Club coach telling him that he rather him play football than soccer at SEG because he feared he had a greater chance of getting hurt on the Soccer field. I thought that was a little strange, but I’ve seen some serious damage done out on that Soccer field.

  31. Northern took a knee at the one-yard late in the 4th Quarter and they did the same thing earlier on a two-point conversion.

    The backups were scoring and the freshman kid TJ Logan #19 had two TD’s and this kid is going to be real good as is the backup QB Daniel Downing, a lefthander.

    Logan has talent and he had 6TD’s in an NG JV game this year. Northern could have scored 100 if they wanted to.

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