Young Smith QB was Sims-sational, but Eagles can’t stop the pitter-patter of the Panthers’ Peterson on the prowl

The Smith Golden Eagles had some offense going on at Tarpley Stadium with their young quarterback Jeff Sims at the helm, but the pitter-patter of little/big feet from JR Peterson, David Amerson and Travores Jenkins was too much as the Panthers took out the Eagles, 47-20….

Sims threw for 127 yards and two TD’s(one to Eric Ebron and one to Anthony Johnson who wears #6, but it looked almost like a #5 with the mud settling in) and Sims sparked Smith to a 14-14 tie with Dudley, but the Panthers refuse to lose in their house at Tarpley Stadium….

And the real big “Kicker” is the fact that the Dudley Panthers now have a kicker, sophomore Brandon Burkes. Burkes the younger brother of former Dudley baseball player Ronnie Burkes, is now doing the job.

The Dudlley Panthers have a kicker and they are kicking extra points!!!!! Burkes was 5-6 on his PAT kicks Saturday night in the Panther win and the last time Dudley was kicking PAT’s was in the State Championship game with Ricky Lewis doing the PAT booting in the win over Charlotte Catholic back in 2007…

Brandon Burkes is also a Dudley baseball player, as is current QB Alex Moore and both are very good ones and they are both now equally as good at football.

JR Peterson ran for three scores and caught a pass from Moore for one more and after David Amerson’s 78-yard kickoff return for a TD with just 9 seconds left in the first half, it was Dudley on the way to the second round of the NCHSAA playoffs.

The hit by Jenkins on Sims during the interception return, pretty much ended the night for young QB Sims, as it was lights out, as Jenkins came barrelling down the highway with that pass he picked off on the errant Sims toss. Jenkins is one of the best success stories in the Triad this season. He has been a force on the Dudley defense all year at his linebacker spot and one year ago, Travores was on the Dudley scout-team and barely in a Panther uniform, with the exception of his practice gear.

From a practice player to a game-changer, that’s our man Travores Jenkins….

JR Peterson with the pitter-patter of his runnigback feet put that game out of anyone’s reach last night with those 3TD runs from the Wildcat spot in the backfield and added one more score with that catch from Alex Moore. Peterson runs some of the best pass routes you will ever see from a big back and the #28, is making some fans be unable to see straight, on this Sunday afternoon.

David Amerson is a simply what the coaches call, a “playmaker”. That kid just keeps on making one big play after another and High Point Central is due at Tarpley Stadium this Friday night and after that you might see a Ragsdale Tiger running around at the Panthers’ Den on Thanksgiving Weekend.

A fine game by the young man Sims, but you can never be too careful and you will not be safe at any time, when those Dudley Panther headhunters come looking for you. If and when they find you, it’s over Brother.

Just like Joseph Level, Buster Brown, Marty “The One Man Party” Freeman and Lemon Lyme would say over at 97.1 QMG, the Pitter-Patter of those JR Peterson/David Amerson day-after the Rainy Day Blues, can leave mud-tracks on your shoes, when you are trying to run those Panther players down and when Travores Jenkins puts a Panther-Pop on you, there ain’t no getting up or getting back in the game….

Game over from Saturday, 47-20 Panthers, and they say bring on the Bison, it’s Panther Time at Tarpley……….


  1. y ??????????????? nonthinin about Page getting that ship WRECKED!!!!IN News and Record or on here. S ee they got what they deserved . . .”the chickens came home and roosted”. If you don’t start nunthin’ , then it wont b nunthin”. Yeah!, everybody wants to be in shock . . .Gabe wins in the end . . .LMAO!!!!!

  2. What does Page have to do with this game, Page hage a great season just didn’t advance. As a Panther I don’t understand the comment.

  3. Congrats to Dudley. Ol bawl coach after all your lie filled posts on here you finally show your true colors. It was never about Gabe for you it was about Page all along. That ship has sailed………move to Oregon.

  4. Sims is listed as a junior on the Smith roster and I also meant he was young in the sense that he has only been the Eagle starter for about 3-4 weeks.

  5. Max Meeks thinks this could be the Bisons week, Bill Flynn said the Bison could win, so tell Lemon Lyme it could be Bison time Friday night.

  6. If the HPE San Quenton Quail does not make bail, and can not get out of jail, then Dudley will win, without fail…..

    I’m not here to show my tail, but believe me, I will leave a trail and if I’m not correct, it’s out of town on a rail…….Shoot me another E-mail Dale, you’re starting to sink like a whale…..

    Remeber, Buster Brown owns this town, Lemon Lyme is right on time, Level/Joe is on the go, and Marty the One Man Party is living hearty….97.1 is radio that’s R&B fun and QMG is the place to be in the GBC.

    Bill Flynn, never again, Max Meeks and WMFR, you’ve gone too far and there’s no coming back on that one, brother. Meeks has been at it too many weeks. He was celebrating birthday 102 Pajamz on at Noon, last time we checked…..(Pajamz on at Noon, and sleep all day.)

  7. I have nun-thing for Page fin,nothing whatsoever.I just asked a question , the way they were being billed up,just wanted know why after getting beat by a lower seeded team at home . . .there was no write up about there loss. On here or in the news and record. IF !!! it would have been Dudley, Grimsley,Smith ,etc. big write up; it’s Page and you act as though they didn’t even play . . .(evidently they couldn’t or we’d heard about it still.) That’s all ,don’t duck it,they lost !

  8. ol’ bawl coach,

    I don’t think anyone billed Page as anything. They were ranked in the top 10 maybe once all season until Ragsdale beat them in the 4th game of the season, since then they haven’t been talked about that much. They got beat by a good East Meck team. They played a tough schedule and their losses were to Independence, Butler, Mallard Creek, and Myers Park. Lower seeded or not, they were the better team, but like the Panther fan said, what does this have to do with the Smith / Dudley game?

    Like TopFin said, go on and play with your cousin in Oregon. How is the Oak Ridge Military Academy doing anyway? How is your football team doing?

  9. I am so proud of Travores ” Hitman #3″ Jenkins. I love you so much. Can’t wait to see you hittin them hard on a college field next year. Love MOM

  10. Dont worry there is always this football season and theres a lot to come…im going to finish what we started

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