News at 11: Looking for the County’s Top Eleven Players

This time of year we like to begin to narrow down our choices and pinpoint a Top 11 Players in Guilford County.. It is tough to do, but it gives all of us a chance to take a look at the Top Eleven….

We are looking for the Top Eleven players from Guilford County and we start to break this down and see if we can set or limit this squad to just 11 players and then we will have to put out another unit with the next 11 players….

Here’s a look at 11 and who knows if they are the Top 11, but the first three are pretty well set…

1) Keenan Allen-Northern Guilford
2) David Amerson-Dudley
3) Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford
4) John Spain-Page
5) Major Bryant-Dudley
6) Walt Sparks-Ragsdale
7) Billy Stone-Ragsdale
8 Maurice Harris-Northern Guilford
9) Jimmy Moorman-High Point Central
10) Aaron Jones-Western Guilford
11) Quan Stevenson-High Point Andrews

Is this “The Top Eleven”??????
We might have to add or replace some of the above players with some of these:
1) JR Peterson-Dudley
2) Darius White-Northeast Guilford
3) Warren Scott-Southern Guilford
4) Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
5) Kasey Redfern-Ragsdale
6) Jabri Ridenhour-Western Guilford
7) DeSean Anderson-Ragsdale
8 Steven McCain-Dudley
9) Rocco Scarfone-Northern Guilford
10) Akeem Langham-High Point Central
11) Tyler Ritter-Ragsdale

1) Michael Sanders-Northeast Guilford
2) Daniel Boatang-Smith
3) Will Foxx-Page
3) Demarcus Bell-Dudley
4) Josh Thompson-Western Guilford
5) James Summers-Page
6) Matt Pawlowski-Northwest Guilford
7) Trey Ingram-Northeast Guilford
8 Derek Grant-High Point Central
9) Andre Oliver-Grimsley
10) DJ Petress-Southeast Guilford
11) Derek Holbrook-Eastern Guilford


  1. Andy,

    You have some great names up there, but you have left off one player who is really underrated in my opinion when it comes to running backs in Guilford County. Yeah, I may be a little biased, but if anyone has seen him play, then I would think they would agree with my assessment. Fortuneately for me, I have seen him play 11 games.

    Drew Rogers (just a sophomore) – Page – over 1, 300 yards rushing with 18 touchdowns while splitting time with Thuc Phan (who had over 900 yards rushing himself). I would about guarantee if he had the same amount of carries as the kid from Ragsdale that he’d have close to 2,000 rushing. Remember he split carries with Lenny Gordon, Kahryi Harvey, and Thuc. So, he made the most of his carries to gain over 1, 300 yards.

    So, don’t leave Drew off your radar, because I’m telling you that this kid is special. He is already super strong and he will have two more years to develop. I like James Summers and Will Foxx up there, because both of these kids are great kids and great competitors. I like them up there along with the rest of the boys from the other schools. There is some good talent around Guilford County, so these college coaches better take notice.

  2. I would love to see everyone’s Top 11 and after the Top Eleven it does become up for grabs…..

    Give us some Top 11’s….I want to see how we all compare….

  3. Here is my 11:
    1) Keenan Allen-Northern Guilford (never seen him play – only going by what I hear)

    2) David Amerson-Dudley (Excellent player – excellent tackler – flies around – underrated in my opinion)

    3) Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford (never seen him play – only going by what I hear)

    4) John Spain-Page (blue collar – good athlete – good kid – still learning)

    5) Major Bryant-Dudley (tough nosed player – all over the field it seemed)

    6) Walt Sparks-Ragsdale (smart player – reads offenses well – very instinctive player)

    7) Jimmy Moorman – High Point Central (hits hard – little man with a big heart)

    8) Drew Rogers – Page (tough – durable – nose for the endzone – only a sophomore)

    9) DeSean Anderson – Ragsdale (good all around player)

    10) Will Foxx – Page (plain out beast – will hit the living snot out of you)

    11) James Summers – Page (prospect – playmaker – carry a team himself – heart of a champion – only a sophomore)

    I did have a little Page influence in there, but I do believe that all four of these could compete with any top 11 given by anyone.

    Some other good players that I’ve seen that I want to recognize:
    1. LaShawn (sp?) Brown – Grimsley – stood out on a down Grimsley team this year
    2. Luke Sonnicker – Ragsdale (may have his name spelled wrong) – big part of that team and is an underrated player in my opinion
    3. Michael Sanders – Northeast Guilford – this kid is a special player and is fast as heck
    4. Jabri Ridenhour – Western Guilford – kid can catch and take it to the house

  4. no way Daniel McNeil, DE for Ragsdale with 11 sacks and so many more tackles for loss can be left off a best of the county list.

  5. All of these names that are mentioned are quality players. I have had the opportunity to witness many of these players not only this year, but the past couple of years. Keenan Allen may the best player to come out of this area in sometime. David Amerson, Josh Morehead, Aaron Jones, and DeSean Anderson are some other players that I have had the opportunity to watch and they too are very deserving to be mentioned as some of the County’s Best! One player that is not mentioned in your top 11 that definitely should be is Warren Scott of Southern Guilford. I saw him play a few times this year and he is absolutely amazing for his size. At only 5’4″ and 135 lbs. he is one of the most physical runners in the area. He played on an average team with probably a below average offensive line. This young man does not get the attention that he deserves. Behind a better offensive line and an offense with more threats he would easily be a 2,000 yard rusher.

  6. I think Daniel McNeil got lost in the cluster of the other Ragsdale players….Sparks, Stone, Heavner, Anderson, Redfern and Ritter…..

    Top 11 of just Juniors and Seniors. I think our first/Top 11 fits that bill.

    Let’s see some more lists…..

  7. It’s hard to list the players from Ragsdale without including Armwood (my #1 from all Ragsdale players), Ellison & Jones, McQueen.

  8. Josh Morehead is definitely on the list should be second behind keenan allen and Daniel Boetang of smith should definitely be up there considering he is only a jinior at 5’5 playing nosegaurd with 10+ sacks and derek holbrook should be up there as well

  9. I hear you KC – I think you could list the entire starting defense for Ragsdale and say there is your defensive all star team. No weakness at any position.

  10. I am not aware of all the players in this county but it seems a little unfair that there are no girls mentioned. Obviously the boys get the majority of the attention but there must be some girls just as good (within their group) as the boys. I would prefer for the list to read “top boy players” and “top girl players”.

  11. Looking at the top quarterbacks and players in the area, Luke Heavner has to be at the top of the list. While he may not get to throw the ball as much as some others in the State particular when the game is over and the running game takes over for Ragsdale, he has made the big plays when needed and got the ball where it is suppose to be. Sure he is surrounded by talent, but what great players on great teams are not. In the games I have seen he manages the game, he leads, he has the long game, the short game and when needed the run. That is the package you look for in a true quarterback

  12. The young man at Southwest Guilford, Aryn Willis I think it is, might be up for consideration on this list. He is quite an athlete……WR/QB/DB for the SWG Cowboys…

  13. When you look at it objectively, Andy’s original post is pretty good. Looking at what each kid has produced on the field and means to their team.

  14. I know we cannot put the entire team on the list but a few worthy kids from Ragsdale include – Chris Armwood, Darius McQueen and Daniel (Big D) McNeil. Big D might very well be our conference defensive player of the year.

  15. I didn’t get the opportunity to see a few guys of the 11 mentioned. However, I did get the chance on several occasions to watch Drew play. I’ve followed him from the time he was a “mite” all the way through Aycock Middle School (they went undefeated his 8th grade year). I also know him off the field and can say that he is a dedicated and determined young man.

    I’m glad there are others that recognize his talent and will watch him grow and develop even more as a football player. I honestly believe if he stays injury free, he WILL BECOME A D1 player in a few years.

  16. I thing Daniel boetang is one of the best definsive players that I have ever. I hope some colleges looking even though he is only 5’5 he still get the job done

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