Ragsdale basketball scrimmage at Smith today

Scrimmage game, Smith @ Ragsdale has been moved to Smith do to some conflicts.

JV boys 7-7:45pm
Varsity 7:45-9pm

*****Our thanks to coach Craig Shoemaker for the update.*****


  1. Andy,

    Whats up with Northeast Guilford? You said you plan to check out what going on over at Northeast.


  2. I checked out grimsley tonight. they are very good. They have 3 players who do the bulk of the scoring in gourley, williams and sweeny, but what goes unnoticed is how dep they are going to be this year. i see them having a 10-11 man rotation this year. the point guard is solid and knows his role and feeds the rock to his teammates. Cant wait til the little four

  3. I have a football practice to go to on Saturday afternoon and if I don’t die there, then I will be at NEG-EG on Saturday night…

    I have been going to these pre-Thanksgiving football practices for 20 years or more and haven’t died yet, so look for me to be at NEG tomorrow night….

    I hear girls at 6pm and boys at around 7:30?????

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