Live Updates from the 4A Mens Soccer State Title Game

The Page Pirates are your Mens Soccer 4A State Champions!  Way to go Pirates! Final Score 4-0!

Green Hope heads in the goal but the Referee says offsides. Goal disallowed. 4-0 Pirates.  1:37 left.

Glen Long for the Pirates receives a yellow card for delaying a re-start of the free kick. 8 minutes to go.

10 minutes to go in the second half score still 4-0 Page. Green Hope has been playing the wings but can’t seem to get the ball into the middle.

Two yellow cards given soon after the goal.  One to #12 Sean Horan for Green Hope and one to #11 Hans Lohmeyer for Page.

Rob Lovejoy for the Pirates gains a hat trick with a goal with 20 minutes left in the second half. 4-0 Page.

Penalty Kick awarded to the Pirates due to a foul on #22 Andrew Wolschlag for Green Hope.  Glen Long with the kick and the GOALLLLLL!  3-0 Page with 34:15 left in the second half.

Free kick for Green Hope due to a hand ball by Glen Long.  2-0 Page with 36:44 left in the second half.

Second half is underway here in Cary.

Update: The first half has come to a close and the Pirates are still leading Green Hope by a score of 2-0.

Update: Green Hope gets a free kick from about 22 yards out with 13:03 left in the first half.  Deflected high by a Page defender.  Score still 2-0.

Update: with 23:23 left in the first half a shot on goal by Rob Lovejoy was deflected by the Green Hope goalie and goes in the for the score.

Page 2

Green Hope 0

With 28:33 left in the first half the Pirates have scored an unassisted goal by #16 Rob Lovejoy.

Page 1

Green Hope 0


  1. Rob Lovejoy got off tonight! On his first goal, he put a move on his defender on the right sideline that put the helpless soul on the ground and then moved in for a shot from about 20 yards out that was drilled in the back left net. A bullet over the goalie’s head that the goalie could not hold on to and rolled in the net for the second goal. Glen Long got tripped in the box and was awarded a penalty kick, which he faked the goalie right and netted back left. Lovejoy’s third goal was sick! He flat out embarassed his defender streaking down the the right side and left him in the dust where he was now one on one with the goalie. Total mismatch. He netted inside left post for the hat trick.
    Lovejoy tourney MVP. Defense was tough and goalie Tom Jackson played a great game.
    Great season for Page!

  2. Rob Lovejoy for HS Soccer is what Keenan Allen is for HS Football.

    This Lovejoy kid is the biggest soccer name to come through this town in many years.(Would the previous name be Eddie Pope????? Lovejoy is there and headed further…..)

    He has become a household name in local sports in recent weeks and he is deserving of the recognition he is receiving…..

    This kid is the real deal.

    Great job by all the Pirates in becoming State Champions and thanks to Joe and Emily for posting the game information/results…..

  3. I am not much of a soccer fan but I did follow this run by Page and Grimsley with some excitement. Before we completely move on to basketball, I would like to know some more about these kids such Lovejoy and the soccer program for next year (Page and any other good programs locally). What year are the main players (senior, junior, or what) and are any of these kids attending/signed with any colleges for soccer?

  4. Two of the main cogs, Rob Lovejoy and Glen Long are seniors and they are both headed to North Carolina to suit up for the Tar Heels next fall.

    Not sure about the keeper Tom Jackson, but I do believe he is a senior also.

    Will work to get more and we might a season of success summary coming from our team of JB and EC before the end of the week….

  5. Emily, it might be nice also to get a summary about that “other” Greensboro team that also went undefeated and won a state championship. You know, the team that more than held its own in a 1-1 tie with Page (outshooting the Pirates 24-11 on their home field) and is on average significantly younger than the Pirates . . .

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