Page and GDS Finish Season Nationally Ranked

From ESPN Rise Fab 50 (Fall season) National rankings:
The article and poll can be seen here at this LINK

This is the final ESPN RISE FAB 50 for the fall season.

The final week did bring about some change as Page (N.C.) makes a major move into the Top 5, Newburgh (N.Y.) cracks the Top 10 and Christian Brothers (Mo.) adds to its legacy.

In addition, a few teams that were finished weeks ago finally break into the rankings as several lower ranked programs lost last week. (Regarding teams like GDS.)

3Page (Greensboro, NC)21-0-2NRSeason complete. North Carolina Class 4A state champion. Led by North Carolina commits Rob Lovejoy and Glen Long, Page returned to elite status with a compelling postseason run to cap an undefeated season. After not playing a single Class 4A Top 10 team all season, Page shut out four of them in a row to claim the program’s first state title since 1991. Lovejoy scored three goals and Long netted the other one in the team’s 4-0 state final thrashing of former FAB 50-ranked Green Hope. Lovejoy finished the season with 26 goals as Page outscored its opponents 111-9. Keeper Tom Jackson finished with 14 shutouts.


34Greensboro Day (Greensboro, NC)17-0-3NRSeason complete. North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association 3-A champion. Sophomore superstar midfielder Eduardo Alvarez scored three goals to lead GDS to a 3-1 victory over Charlotte Latin in the state final. Greensboro Day’s biggest win came courtesy of a common opponent. When Page won the North Carolina Class 4A state title, it bumped up Greensboro Day School’s stock since the teams played to a late-season draw.

Congratulations to Greensboro Day School and Page for winning their State Titles, undefeated seasons, and national rankings.


  1. Let me be the first to say that, I think that GDS is ranked far too low in this poll. And they should not be ranked for the fact that Page won it all and tied GDS 1-1 earlier in the season. GDS is a darn good soccer team, and on the same level as Page, if not higher.

    But they played it out on the field and it is what it is. Page played a tougher schedule in the playoffs, and I guess that payed off in the rankings.

  2. For what its worth, GDS finished the season ranked #17 nationally and #3 in the South by NSCAA, easily the more reputable poll. Page finished the season ranked #15 in the south in NSCAA (a ranking that is far too low for them).

  3. People on were saying that the ESPN Rise poll was the most reputable poll there was.

  4. Seeing as NSCAA is the lead poll for seeding in NCAA soccer, it tends to be the more reputable. I dont know why in HS soccer it would be any different. The NSCAA picks the All South and All American Teams that get the most recognition, outside of Parade.

  5. dont get me wrong, its a matter of one’s opinion. and the bottom line is both Page and GDS had FANTASTIC years and should be very proud of their accomplishments.

  6. No problem, I see what you are saying. Both teams could compete with anyone in the nation this year, bottom line, regardless of rank.

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