Tickets for Ragsdale At Dudley‏

The tickets are being sold at Ragsdale and Dudley

They are being pre-sold RIGHT NOW at both schools. $8.00 @ Ragsdale noon to 4:30 – Monday and Tuesday from 8 to 4:30pm in the main office.

The times and location at Dudley TBA at the school.

We’ve been having E-mail problems or we would have gotten this up sooner. Our thanks to Ragsdale AD Glen Locklear for the send and again our apologies for not getting this up sooner……


  1. LIVE it is for this Friday night on AM950 radio and on all from Tarpley Stadium.

    I don’t know how many of you tuned in last Friday on, but I know we did have an audience……

  2. Andy,
    Be sure that you bring your equipment in from the home side, otherwise you may get “stuck in the mud”.

  3. Arrive at 5:15 to 5:30 range and with the ETA it is best to enter on Lincoln Street off of East Lee and there is super parking available if come in on that side and arrive early.

    Come early and stay late and avoid the mud has always been one of my mottos.

    Good luck to both sides and we are looking forward to another game of the ages….

    That Page-Dudley game earlier this year, the 18-15 contest, was one for the books…..

  4. One question? If NCHSAA sets the ticket prices for state play-off games, how is there such a discrepency in ticket prices from school to school. Was at the Dudley-HPC game last week and was charged $7.00 but just a few weeks earlier, was charged $6.00 at the Andrews-Kinston game. Been to a few regular season games and charged $5.00 at most schools but charged $6.00 at Dudley for a regular season game. Now your telling me ticket price is $8.00, just wanting alittle clarification. Capitolizm at its best… I guess………

  5. used to always be $5 regualr season, $6 the first two rounds then $7 and $8 the next two rounds then $10 for the title game.

    I know this season many schools started charging $6 for regular season.

    Not sure how the NCHSAA regulates ticket prices.

  6. Ticket prices are not set by the state. The school can charge whatever they want. The state gets a percentage back of what ever the school decides to sell them for. They could ask for $20.00 if they wanted.

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