Predictions for Friday night’s Ragsdale at Dudley game/Thoughts on NG-Anson County

The big game is coming up on Friday night at Dudley with Ragsdale at (13-0) and the visiting team and Dudley at (12-1) and the home team.

Northern Guilford(12-1) will host Anson County(9-4) at the Nighthawks’ stadium on Spencer-Dixon Road.

(I had this question down at the bottom and thought it was good enough to be moved up to the top…..)
Come Friday night at 10:30pm, which Guilford County teams will still be in the HS football playoffs??????

Predictions for the Dudley-Ragsdale game?????

Should we call this the Ragsdale-Dudley game since the Tigers have the better record????? Does Dudley retain top-billing since they are the higher seed and the home team??????

Who will win and what will be the final score is the usual prediction for those talking it up and on the way to the game, but what about some others to chew with your Turkey on Thursday?????

Who gets the ball first?

Who will be the first team to score?

Will Luke Sonricker, one the best WR’s for Ragsdale, play in this game? He has been out with injury for seveal weeks….

Who is the marque player for Ragsdale????? QB Heavner or WR Anderson or DE McNeil or K/P Kasey Redfern or the combo of Stone-Sparks??????

The marque man for Dudley????? LB Major Bryant or DB Amerson or RB Peterson or QB Moore or OL McCain or DL McCall or DB/WR/P/KR-PR Davarris Martin??????

Who is the one man either team can ill afford to lose????? I posed this question last week to Ogi Overman of the Jamestown News and he said it was DeSean Anderson for Ragsdale and it might be a tie for Dudley with Bryant and Amerson, but I would lean toward Bryant…..

Will Kasey Refern kick a field goal in this game for Ragsdale?????

Will an extra point kick by Dudley’s Brandon Burkes decide this game or if it gets tight will Dudley revert to the two-point conversion??????

Who will be the first man to slip on the moist field?????

Will Dudley have success on the ground or will they be forced to go to the air against the Ragsdale defense, in other words, can Dudley run on Ragsdale?????

Can Ragsdale run on Dudley and will they try and establish the ground game or will they rely on Luke Heavner’s arm to get them there as they did against both Dudley and Page earlier this year?????

The Panthers are sleek Cats and will they look to the Wildcat/WildPanther offense on Friday with the power game coming right at Ragsdale and look to run it down the Tigers throat and make it a good old fashioned “Smash Mouth” football game or do you see Dudley going conventional with Alex Moore, the QB for the Panthers, lining up in the shotgun and taking the offense from there with split backs and wideouts to both sides of the field????? Dudley in the Wildcat or Dudley in the shotgun which will we see more of?????

How large a crowd are you predicting/expecting????? 5,000 or 6,000 or more????? Do you think they will have to turn fans away?????

Who will be the leader in penelties????? Holding and the off-sides/false starts have backed up the Panthers in recent weeks……

Who is the X-Factor for both teams in this game????/ For Ragsdale, it might be Tyquan Roberts, a big rangey receiver and for Dudley, it could well be the up-and-coming young sophomore runningback Demetrius McCorkle…..What do you think?????

What is Ragsdale’s biggest strength/weakness and what about for Dudley, biggest strength/weakness?????

Feel free to add some more topics to this discussion and we might add some later too, as they come to us….

On Northern and Anson County…..

Will Northern Guilford finally get some competition?????

Northern has been playing very well and they have worn out their first two opponents in the playoffs and now will Anson County give them a run for their money????? From what we have heard, Anson has a very tough LB and a very steady QB….

Will this be a marque-type game or will the real deal be the 3-AA contest between Brown and South Point down in Kannapolis with Belmont coming to town and both teams coming in at (11-2)?????…..AL Brown was in the State Title game versus Dudley last year……The winner of that game down there would come up here, to face Northern next Friday night….

Is Northern healthy and have they recovered from last week’s game with Hickory Ridge where HR was more content to try and hurt Nighthawks than they were with winning the game?????

How much does the experience factor come into play here with Coach Johnny Roscoe having years of football under his belt, but here is his team in their first year of being in the playoffs after playing a non-conference schedule last year and a JV schedule the year before?????

After Keenan Allen, who is the top player or most important player on the Nighthawk’s squad????? Is it Scarfone, Maurice Harris, Mohamed Khellah, Matt Farris, Daniel Downing or other?????

If the Nighthawks played Dudley again, at this stage of the season, who would win????? It was 12-7 Dudley last time around in September…..

How would Nothern match up with Ragsdale????? Could Keenan get by the Ragsdale defense?????

Ragsdale has their kids going only one way with a platoon of offensive and defensive players, does that make for a better overall advantage at this stage of the season or do you just need your best athletes on the field at all times and to heck with the one-way only system?????

Is there any way that the Northern-Anson County crowd might exceed the crowd at Tarpley for Dudley-Ragsdale?????

Come Friday night at 10:30pm, which Guilford County teams will still be in the HS football playoffs??????


  1. I have heard that Sonricker has been cleared to play. Just a matter of how much he will be played and how effective he will be.

  2. The NG/Anson game is truely a toss up.

    Anson beat a Sun Valley team that game Ragsdale all they wanted. One of their losses is to Richmond Co, they have alot of team speed. But, it will come down to if they can contain Allen and Harris.

  3. Speed counteracts speed. The deal breaker will be OL vs DL. If they can put pressue and get to Scarfone, then
    it will be a long evening. If KA goes to QB, they can load the box and play man to man on Allen and shut him down.
    With a team like Northern you have to be physical. They are not the 10 play 80 yard drive team. They live for the big play. If you are
    physical with the wideouts, then it may be easy. You need to make as much contact with the receivers a possible in order to stop a team like this. I remember Jack Tatum and Lynn Swann. Anytime Swann went to the defensive backfield he knew he was going to get
    hit. If Anson is not physical wit them, they will lose.

  4. I’ll try to answer them all

    Who gets the ball first? Dudley if Ragsdale wins the toss. They always defer.

    Who will be the first team to score? I’ll say Dudley – just like the first game.

    Will Luke Sonricker, one the best WR’s for Ragsdale, play in this game? Maybe. I hear reports he will but no one really knows until they see him line up.

    Who is the marque player for Ragsdale?? That’s really hard to say. No superstar but a team full of vital parts. If I had to pick one I’d say Anderson.
    The marque man for Dudley?? I would say Amerson – since he is now a factor on offense too.

    Who is the one man either team can ill afford to lose? I would say for Ragsdale it’s Heavner. Anderson is big time but Heavner has other targets to throw to. Herndon is a capable backup but not sure how he would fare coming in against Dudley D. As for Dudley – can’t say.

    Will Kasey Redfern kick a field goal in this game for Ragsdale? Maybe- sloppy field may make that a little more difficult.

    Will an extra point kick by Dudley’s Brandon Burkes decide this game or if it gets tight will Dudley revert to the two-point conversion? Something tells me they revert back to two pt conversions in this game.

    Who will be the first man to slip on the moist field? One of the officials

    Will Dudley have success on the ground or will they be forced to go to the air against the Ragsdale defense, in other words, can Dudley run on Ragsdale? Yeah they can run on Ragsdale. Question is will they be running between the 20s or into the end zone. I think Dudley will get their yards on the ground but it’s all about the points, not the yards.

    Can Ragsdale run on Dudley and will they try and establish the ground game or will they rely on Luke Heavner’s arm to get them there as they did against both Dudley and Page earlier this year? Ragsdale will do what it’s done all year. They’ll try to establish the run but heavner will throw it a lot. Balance is the key. Ragsdale didn’t run that well the first game but at the end when Ragsdale needed t move the ball and milk the clock Smith found the yards he needed. Been that way all year for Ragsdale. But yards on the ground will be hard to come by for the Tigers

    Dudley in the Wildcat or Dudley in the shotgun which will we see more of? May see more shotgun. If they watch the Sun Valley film they may decide passing is the way to get Ragsdale off balance.

    How large a crowd are you predicting/expecting????? 5,000 or 6,000 – sounds about right. Probably would be more if the stadium was bigger. Not sure on turning fans away. It appeared to me Dudley wasn’t prepared for the crowd last year – hopefully they will be this time.

    Who will be the leader in penalties? I’ll say Dudley but Ragsdale has had too many lately. Too many offsides on D. Can’t be giving Dudley any First and fives……

    Who is the X-Factor for both teams in this game? / For Ragsdale you probably nailed it with Roberts. He’s big and sure handed and Dudley really didn’t have to defend him first time. I would add Sonricker if he’s back. Not sure about Dudley – I’ll say Amerson as a receiver – if he can get some catches and spread out Ragsdale’s D that will make it even easier for Dudley to run.

    What is Ragsdale’s biggest strength/weakness and what about for Dudley, biggest strength/weakness? Ragsdale’s biggest strength is the experience and overall completeness of the team. It’s hard to pin point a weakness in any area. Offense, defense, depth, special teams – all good. If there is one weakness I would say it’s the running game. And it’s not really a weakness, just not a strength. For Dudley – strength is confidence that comes from back to back, multiple running backs that can hurt you and a defense that plays tough up front. Weakness seems to be the secondary based on the first game.

    Dudley/Ragsdale – Ragsdale/Dudley. Makes no difference. It will be a helluva game no matter who you put first. Won’t predict a score but I do think Ragsdale will find a way to win this year. Last year 36 points combined – 26 combined in August. I’d say this time that’s a pretty good range. First team with three scores wins.

  5. One note and in defense of Ogi Overman, the question I asked him about Ragsdale and the player that the Tigers could not afford to lose, involved, “with the exception of quarterback Luke Heavner, which player can Ragsdale not afford to lose and that would be DeSean Anderson as his answer”.

    Ogi said that DeSean Anderson, was the impact player that would cause the Ragsdale Tigers to be hurting, if he wasn’t in the lineup….

  6. I am not ging to try to answer all of the question, but i will make a comment on a few. First, I think NG will beat Dudley and Ragsdale. When NG palyed Dudley early in the year, if it wasn”t for the interception on the one they would have won. Not only that Scarfone had the flu that week. That is why KA was at quarterback all of the second half. As far as Ragsdale I justdon’t think theyy can match up with NG speed wise. NG will put you in positions that are hard to handle. If you double Allen, Maurice Harris will kill. If you double Harris, Allen will kill you. If you double them both a reduce the box, they will kill you with the run with Kellah. On top of that, Put Allen in the Wildcat that causes all types of problems. As far as the only being undersized up front , running a zone type blocking scheme will handle that, you are blocking more with angles than strength and size. As far as the defense being small, You have KA at Safety, Kellah and Harris at corners, all three can cover side line to side line. Not a NG fan, but like my name says football-lover. You tell me how to beat them if they don’t beat themselves with penalaties and turnovers. Say hello to the best team in Greensboro!!!!!

  7. so Ragsdale beats Dudley and Dudley beats Northern so that must mean Northern is the best of the three?

    But I guess you’re right – slow footed Ragsdale would probably be left in the dust against Northern.

  8. Uummm football lover…Not about Northern vs Dudley/Ragsdale!!!

    No matter circumstances…Dudley beat Northern. Dudley had a lot of penalties…you could go on and on… However I think NG could definitley win 3A state. Good luck.

    The game of the “CATS” is Friday Night at Tarpley Stadium!

  9. ” i will make a comment on a few. First, I think NG will beat Dudley and Ragsdale.”

    oh no, you didn’t just say that? 🙂

    I’d say Northern held their own in the Dudley game but that didn’t = victory…Glad to see NG getting a positive football comment though!

  10. I think Mark about covered it all. I will say this though, Bryant is a darn good football player, but the guy that Dudley can not do without is Amerson for sure. I think Dudley would have more capable back ups at linebacker than at safety. Amerson is the real deal and makes tackles every where. I know that Bryant makes tackles every where also, but I do believe that Amerson stands out more on the field. Forget Amerson even playing offense, he is the key to that Panther Defense. I also heard that the last time they played each other Amerson was banged up a bit. So, maybe him being healthy will make a difference for Dudley this time around.

    Dudley 22 – Ragsdale 14

  11. i believe this game will be completely different from the fisrt game. in the first game between dudley and ragsdale these two teams were on two different level. ragsdale was bringing back a very expierence team and the panthers were trying to find an identity and also battle the injury bug. the panthers were trying to find a way to replace over 3500 rushing yards of offense that graduated and get confidence in thier 2nd string quarterback( 1st string Qb out for season) who was still trying to learn the system. the panthers defense is now healthy as well as the offense and should play ragsdale’s pass ALOT better then the first game. ragsdale has a great team and is clicking on all cylinders even with the lost of their best Wr. ragsdale has a great leader and player at QB. im intrested in seeing dudleys offense against ragsdale defense. dudley is going to run right at them with thier three runningbacks(smash#28 dash #1 and Flash#5) and QB. but dont sleep on the panthers passing game. as soon as those safties creep up in the box dudley is going to hit you with the plass action or the deep ball. cant pick a winner in this one… if i had to choose i would go with the team wearing

  12. I say Ragsdales strength is Defense
    Linebackers were on the Football in Focus show before the 1st match and stated “we have to stop the Dudley running game”, and did .Impressed the heck out of me!
    Ragsdale weakness? ummm…don’t know yet

    Dudley strength: Determination. They set high goals and won’t settle for anything less than a three-peat

    Dudley weakness: Having to follow such a dominate 08 team

    Prediction: Another classic

  13. Covered Ragsdale’s practice today and left very impressed. Very physical for this late in the season. Looked like several players went to the sidelines with concussions. Not sure if they were starters or not.

  14. Dudley wins this one hands down. Key for Dudley is to jump out early. If they do that … it makes it really tuff for Ragsdale to play from behind. Also unlike the other game Amerson is healthy. MInd you in the first game Dudley had a few called back. Dudley will also bring heat in this game. Heat meaning Major Bryant blitzing. The QB from RHS isn’t quick enough to escape the blitzing Bryant. By the way as of today he is no longer Major Bryant… after last week we now refer to him as “General Bryant.” He earned his stripes. See you all Friday. RHS fans make sure you get a smoked turkey leg before you leave and enjoy the game.

  15. Ron, there were none called back, but that makes for a better story. After watching film it’s obvious Bryant will have to blitz. Heavner is quicker than you think. 4 years of speed training has helped him. Granted, he’s not a Dudley type QB but he moves in the pocket. Bryant will probably get to him some but the last two years Dudley didn”t have to blitz to get to the QB

  16. Ron,
    It sounds like you’ve watched Ragsdale all season. You’ve seen 1 game. I hope you blitz Major as you did in HPC game.

  17. That’s General Bryant sir. I’ll see you all Friday and I dare you all to try and throw the ball this week. It will be a long night. Over and out.

  18. Ron,

    I hadn’t seen you on here much this year. Since, there’s been limited opportunity to pick on You, not Dudley, I’ll take my shot now. General’s don’t earn stripes, but the kid deserves a Star and the title General after the performance he’s put on this season. This is a tough game to call. I think Ragsdale is more of a complete team. They are great in a lot areas and good in others. Amerson is a beast at WR, but I still say that Dudley’s passing game is average at best. Also, Ragsdale has some good corners. They can cover Amerson man to man as long as they avoid the jump ball. The edge goes to Dudley in the run game. Ragsdale gets the nod on Special Teams. Could be a tough situation to kick in given field conditions, but I have Ragsdale by a Redfern FG.

    If I should win the Norwegian lottery tonight, I’ll be on a 0600 flight headed to GSO for the game. This has the making of a classic.

  19. Dont give me that it wouldn’t be Dudley if someone wasn’t talking bit. Everyone represents their school on here from what i see. KC before you guys run right at Dudley you’d have a better chance of winning that there Norwegian lottery that Damon is talking about. The Dudley team that you saw earlier this year is not the Dudley team you will see tomorrow. Much improved. I would be suprised if this game is close. Im predicting Dudley by 14. By the way Damon you do earn stripes on your way to becoming a General. As of now we will say General Bryant is a 3 star general. We’ll see if he can earn his fourth star tomorrow night. Dudley’s passing game is average at best because they have no need to pass thus far. Their ground game right now is superior. I wouldn’t pass either. “low risk” I give the special teams nod to Dudley because they have game breakers in their kick and punt returners. Big plays will decide this game. Well guys thats it for now. I may check in later on.

  20. With all our troops overseas in real battles i don’t think i would refer to Major that way.

    He’s a talented player. Played well against us the first time and looks good on film in other games. Both teams have a lot of talent. I see them pretty evenly matched. Penalties and turnovers could be the difference. Enjoy your holiday and lets all be thankful for the real soldiers.

  21. With all the real monsters in the world i.e. muderers, rapist,mass killers. I guess it’s not PC to refer to someone as a beast either. Dude lighten up. It’s just a nickname. Although his real name is Major. hmmmmm

  22. Sparks, Stone, McNeil, Ellison, Grimes and others from Ragsdale will coming after somebody, but will it be Alex Moore or JR Peterson, Mycah Gaylord and Demetrius McCorkle. QB sets or Wildcat calls for the Panthers?????

    If you are Ragsdale would it be best to just stay at home wait in the hole and fight off the multiple blockers or just dive in and try to penetrate on into the backfield.

    Dudley will have the Major/General on his way to the Tiger backfield to pressure Heavner and maybe with Bryant occupying Dudley blockers with a double-team or two, it might be time to load it up and bring #90 Bryson McCall along with the Major/General………..DeMarcus Bell and Dominque Neal will be part of that all-out Panther blitz too, if they decide to bring the house….

    Should be a great game for the fans and pull hard for the kids on both teams, they have worked very hard to get this far….

    Nothing like a holiday practice on Thanksgiving morning……

  23. If they “bring the house” whose is left to cover Anderson, Sonricker (yeah he’s back), Shouse, Roberts, and Romer? Our passing game is – look down to touchdown. I can think of nothing I would want more than having DHS trying to play our WRs one on one. PLEASE BLITZ ALL NIGHT!

  24. Ragsdale will get a heavy dose of Mycah the “micro chip” Gaylord. And this will be the offical “uncorking” of McCorkle. I really hope to see a good defensive game. Both teams have a stellar “D” i will be on the hill enjoying a slice of pappa johns or a turkey wing.

  25. Dudley could bring the house up front and still have five men back to cover.

    The Panther defensive backfield is usually comprised of David Amerson, Jeremy Reynolds, Chris Simmons, Davarris Martin and Kelsey Okoro…A very solid five-man back line.

    Ragsdale also has stellar DB play in Chris Armwood, Avery Washington and Darius McQueen…..

    It’s gonna be one heck of a game…..

  26. Andy let me repeat – There’s nothing I would like more than to see DHS try to play RHS man to man. RHS will win that battle – as ron likes to say “Hands down”.

  27. Ron,
    A General cannot win the battle alone…he needs his troops. Ragsdale is a battle tested UNIT!

    Are you sure Gaylords see much action. I hope he is ok after last week.

  28. Ron,

    I think you’ll go home disappointed. The only team capable of winning by 10 is Ragsdale. I’m curious as to how you viewed Dudley’s victory over Page. It was late in the season. I would have expected bigger numbers from the Panther’s in that game.

    As far as the Major/General reference, it’s just a play on his name. As someone who has been placed in harm’s way, I’m not offended.

    Win or lose, both teams have represented Guilford County well. Winner takes state.

  29. Both teams have improved since the first game. While Dudley was young with a lot of jrs. and Amerson was not healthy, it was Heavner’s 2nd game, one LBer played for the first time, 2 DB’s were brand new as was an o-linemen. Players on both sides of the ball have improved. It’s sad someone has to lose this game. Both teams have a lot of talent.

    Damon, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you’re doing well over there. Your SEG boys should be good next year. Have a good holiday season.

  30. Has anyone seen a weather report for tomorrow night? It looks like we have had some rain early this evening.

    KC is correct. Mycah got popped pretty hard on the hip last week and had to leave the game against Central and he did not return.

    McCorkle was the first-half star and Peterson the second-half star for Dudley last Friday night….

  31. It’s pouring right now. Field looked pretty moist at Noon today but better than I thought. Field plays heavily into the kicking game. If it rains much more we’re headed to Saturday is my bet. That field wasn’t as bad as some described but it can’t take much more water.

  32. dan,

    You might not want to wish that.. if you want the panthers to blitz…..they will.. and they will hit you oh so hard….. the panthers Defense have knocked out their fair share of Qbs this year… you dont want that to happen to heavner now would you… then you wouldnt have noone to throw to your “great” recievers…. just ask the panthers last two opponents what happened to their Qb when dudley brought the house…… they were watching the rest of the game from the sideline beside the trainer….. you might want to rethink that statement…for your QB’s sake

  33. Best, everyone knows Davis will bring pressure. It worked last year and has some this year. Everyone knows you can’t let a good QB just sit back there. The only difference is this isn’t the Smith or HPC QB or their o-lines. Maybe Dudley will have some success blitzing. But I’ll say this, they better get to him because if he has time it could be tough for Dudley. Who knows, maybe Davis rushes 4, plays a nickel and drops his LBers into coverage hoping to get pressure with 4. No matter what it should be fun. I do find it odd that everyone wants to talk about what Dudley is going to do. Maybe Ragsdale has a plan of their own? Nobody mentions that. Hopefully it will be a good game and nobody gets hurt.

  34. I’m really glad the weather decided to go ahead and pour down rain. I was afraid with two days of sunshine the field would be so dry we would lose the one thing we have to complain about.

    Hey Ron – question for you – when was it Dudley became this “much improved team”? Was it some time after the tenth game? The game where Dudley went to the last minute to beat Page – the same Page team Ragsdale was drubbing 42-7 in the third quarter? Or was it after last week’s game – the one where Central took Dudley into the fourth quarter only one point behind? The same Central team Ragsdale was drubbing 27-0 when he fourth quarter started just a few weeks ago.

  35. To beat Dudley . . .you will have to stop the run game,yeah I know the Tigers beat them back in August,it was hot and humid then. These kids from Dudley have been playin’ in the cold ,wet weather,for thepast 3-4 years in the playoffs. They are accustomed to playin this time of year; believe it or not seems as though they get stronger as the season wears on,plus . . they know how to win at this time of the year,they’re battle tested and they know what it takes to be a “state champion”. I say Dudley wins in a good,hard fought game .. .but don’t take my word for it,just come to the ‘Tarp” and see two of the best in the state battle it out on the field . . the best team will be the one who has made the adjustments from the first game. By the way I’m a PANTHER grad from way back . . . . do I seem a bit biased ? In closing, good luck to both teams and may the better team win;remember,” !it’s not how you begin . . .it’s how you end” GO PANTHERS!!!!!

  36. Best – after rethinking I have decided that YES I WANT DUDLEY TO BLITZ ALL NIGHT LONG! If they blitz we will hit them “oh so hard” with short drop off passes that will turn into long gains. Now “you wouldn’t want that to happen” to your DB’s “would you”. Just ask our last 13 opponents what happen to them when they “brought the house”. If they blitz all night RHS wins by 3 TDs.

    ol’bawl coach – To beat Ragsdale you have to be able to run. I know the Tigers beat them back in August,it was on prefect turf when the Panthers would never slip and fall. I say Ragsdale wins in a hard fought game.

    We haven’t had a week in the last 7 that it did not rain. I would say we are accustomed to playing in the cold and wet too. Jamestown is not so far from DHS that there’s a big change in the climate.

  37. Best,
    I’ve watched the HPC film several times and yes the QB was hit many times by MB as he was untouched off the left side each time. My 12 year old son could have blitzed the way Central was blocking, but I don’t recall Adams leaving the game. Even with that said, the only reason that Adams did get sacked was that there was no one to throw the ball to as his receivers were laying face down as they couldn’t keep their feet on the wet field. Ragsdale has been practicing in a cow pasture for the past several weeks so I don’t see a problem with our receivers keeping their feet. By the way, did you guys give your field maintenane crew the day off or will they be watering down the pasture this morning?

  38. I’ve read all this junk and all I hear is how Dudley is going to this, and Dudley is going to do that, and Dudley is going to impose there will. As a few earlier posts mention, Ragsdale has a plan too. The same team that blew out Page, that blew out HPC and the same team that beat Dudley. Some of the Dudley fans say Dudley has improved. Sure they have but what do you think Ragsdale has been doing, sitting on their hands? Ragsdale may not have a couple of top D1 players like Amerson and Bryant but they have talent. I know this, if Ragsdale o-line has a good night it will be a bad night for Dudley. That is where the game will be decided.

  39. As far as NG being undersized up front, they have 6’6″ x 275 at LT and 6’4″ x 280 at RT with plenty of beef between. In the games they needed to keep control of the ball (E. Alamance and NWG) they ran between the tackles on important drives and drove down the field on both. The talent they have in the backfield belies the fact that these kids can line up and drive the ball down your throat if they need to. Remember these kids have played for 3 years as a unit now.

  40. Mark to answer your question… If you’ve seen Dudley play more than once this year you will see that their QB has come a long way and they have found another RB that can carry the load besides Mycah the “micro chip” Gaylord and JR “they call me Adrian” Petersen. I would say thats improvement. DAmon and Mark to answer your question about the Page game. If you’ve been around her long enough you would know that the DHS,PHS game is a huge rivalry game. Those games are generally close. That game showed me one thing, that we are battle tested and that we can play from behind. Can Ragsdale? Guys i know you want to give your team the edge…we all do. I see the same results as last year. Yeah Ragsdale came in here undefeated last year too and they were sent packing. I see the same thing happening again tonight. Ragsdale’s best chance of winning the state was when they had Tony Baker.

  41. reggie,

    we all know how good ragsdale is. we never said they werent. we all know that they havent been sitting on thier hands. everyone knows that ragsdale has improved. i think everyone on the panthers side is trying to say is that dont expect to see the team that you saw in the second week… the biggest improvment has come at the QB postion. the first game he looked as if he was about to pee on hisself everytime the ball was snapped. he has finally gotten confidence in hisself. he has finally realized that he has to be the starting Qb for the panthers and that he needed to lose that backup Qb mentality that he came into the season with as he thought he wouldnt play that much. but i definatley agree with you with the fact that you said that the game will be one in the trenches… good old fashion way. i also think penalties will play a big factor. i know they have KILLED the panthers the last few weeks and especially killed drives in the redzone. i think these two teams are complete contrast of each other. Ragsdale is more of a modern finesse team that will kill you with the big play whenever you make a mistake with a very physical defense. and Dudley is more of a old school- physical ‘four yards and a cloud of dust” type of team and very fast defense. EITHER WAY, THIS IS GOING TO BE A HECK OF A GAME. IS IT GAME TIME YET????

  42. Wow some of these post are crazy! How can you people keep anyalizing a ragsdale lost? Not only have they beat Dudley already they beat teams worse then how dudley beat them ( page hpc). Dudley fans better buckle up for a massacre I mean it’s that simple! It’s going to be control on ragsdale. Don’t buy into the fake fosad and it’s that real

  43. I don’t have a horse in the race but why would you people not expect Dudley to be confident? I mean in the last what five years they have gone to 3 titles games only one loss since 2007! What do you want the Dudley faithful to say because they loss to Ragsdale in week two they are going to lay down today? Also you make a comparision on the common oppenents that both teams have played well you also have to look at this. The first game Ragsdale was held to 18pts, Page who had been averaging 35pts a game was held to 15pts. The High Point Central score is misleading Dudley had two td’s called back and the only score from Central came via a turnover.

  44. Hey, have enjoyed reading all the post while watching turkey day games . .just waiting for tonight. All jokes and quips aside,I feel we’ll all be treated to two groups of young athletes doing what each team does best. Let’ s just enjoy the moment and root for our favorite team . . .they are still kids and it’s not life or death. Myself had become a victim of all this bravado,hate to say it ,but I guess that’s all of our competitive nature rising . Good luck to both teams and whomever wins will be decided by the kids playing the game tonight and not us wishful,hopeful thinkers. Have a great time tonight ,be safe, and let’s all enjoy this holiday treat. Remember you only pass this way once(high school) . Bundle up, see you tonight at the “TARP’ !!!!!! Yeah . .GO PANTHERS !!!!

  45. I have Ragsdale, but a blowout is not in the cards. Everything Dudley fans are saying is true in relationship to QB improvement and Amerson being healthy enough to make positive contributions on both sides of the ball. I still look to the Dudley vs Page game because it was late in the season as a measuring point. I don’t buy into the rivalry defense that Ron made earlier, but I do agree that it showed a lot of heart and an ability to get a big play from the Dudley passing game. Plus, Ron and I have a mutual friend who played for Page, so that victory gave me bulletin board material for him.

    Almost 7 hours til game time!!!!

  46. There will be no blow out tonight. There will be 48 minutes of tense. pounding action. It’s going to be wet, muddy, windy and cold. Football weather. I can’t wait. May the best team win.

  47. I would first like to say that I am a DUDLEY fan for life!!!! But, as i look forward to a great matchup between two great teams I think the winner is Guilford County. With the combined effort of both teams over the last two years and the great fan support that both teams have there is really no loser. Most of these kids want to play at the next level and their success make the attraction of colleges looking for talent realize that guilford county is as good as mecklenburg. If dudley has to lose I would rather it be to a team of RHS caliber. My son has worked out with the kids from RHS during the summer and the respect and charecter that these kids show is a testement to their parents and school. If we are fortunate enough to bring a state championship back to guilford county for the third year all will know that the atheletes in this area are the truth. I dont know who wins the game tonight, I dont know it will be good!!! Guilford County cant lose!!! Congrats to both squads. Compition makes us both better. Wish we could have played all 12 games against the caliber teams as RHS fields. Much success to all who meet on the field of battle. Lets go D Boyz and may the one whos season ends tonight realize that these are the best two teams in the 4A division and not have a let down and represent GC. If its RHS or DHS I will support both until the very end!!!!!!!

  48. Lets play ball, I’m glad all of us have gotten on the same page and realized those boys are all winners but only one team can win. Cheer, have fun, and enjoy the game. Panther for Life.

  49. Good post Jigga J. Good luck to your boys tonight. They did have fun working out together didn’t they? 🙂

  50. Kirk, They really did. And although there may be some dissapointment on either side in the end, I think the friendship and respect will remain. One will win one will lose, but we will see each other again in the gym where the truest champions are made. Good Luck and God Speed!!!!! Guilford County Forever!!!

  51. Congrats to Dudley for again showing who’s, who in Guilford County. To Ragsdale keep your head up you played the best in the county. This is our time of year. To the Ragsdale Football Boosters, that was very low class on your part to dump your trash out in the parking lot before you left Dudley. You showed your true selves wi

  52. Congrats to Dudley for again showing who’s, who in Guilford County. To Ragsdale keep your head up you played the best in the county. This is our time of year. To the Ragsdale Football Boosters, that was very low class on your part to dump your trash out in the parking lot before you left Dudley. You showed your true selves with the dumping of trash. You need to follow your kids, they show the upper most class in the loss. Please come clean up your mess, and if not please don’t come back. You’re not welcome back.

  53. CONGRATULATIONS to the Panthers!!! As the saying goes”The Cream Rises To The TOP!!!
    Dudley had more speed and power. Ragsdale’s non conference schedule was really weak, whereas, Dudley’s non conference schedule included teams that went deep into the playoffs, and won 4 out of 5. We knew if we were healthy we could be Ragsdale. Two years in a row… should leave NO DOUBT, that right now The top football PROGRAM is James B. Dudley High School Panthers. The Ragsdale Football Boosters should be ashamed for such repulsive and childish behavior. We may forgive but we WILL NOT forget. (Sept. 2010) Lastly, To all the Dudley haters, I’m not going to say I told you so, BUT…

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