Paul’s pigskin prognositcations week 12

Last week 11-4 109-50 for the season.

Packers at Lions: Ahh those Thanksgiving traditions! Turkey, pumpkin pie and the Lions gettting the stuffing beat out of them. Packers 27 Lions 12

Raiders at Cowboys: Only 30 moreshopping days until Christmas and only one more game before the Cowboys start their traditional end of season swoon. Cowboys 24 Raiders 10

Giants at Broncos:Two teams passing like ships in the night, Denver though is the Titanic. Giants 28 Broncos 17

On the Sunday slate I see

Bucs at Falcons: Atlanta is fading fast but at least get to feel better about their lot for a week. Atlanta 31 Tampa 17

Dolphins at Bills; Tempted to take the Bills but not enough to pull the trigger. Miami 20 Bills 17

Browns at Bengals: This is going to be ugly Bengals 34 Browns 2

Seahawks at Rams: Can’t you guys find another way to decide this, jacks. tiddlywinks, roshamho? Rams 16 Seahawks 13

Panthers at Jets: speaking of which the above forementioned means would be well applied here as well. Panthers 21 Jets 15

Redskins at Eagles: Look for the skins to flatline. Eagles 31 Skins 10

Colts at Texans: Though it defies all current trends I really like the Texans here because they have the confidence to hang in there and Indy is well past due to fall. Texans 28 Colts 24

Cardinas at Titans: Cards are more legit, but momentum is a funny mistress, VY just not the same guy. Titans 24 Cards 23

Jags at 49ers: San Fran has been far and away the biggest disapointment of the season, Jacksonville a very nice and quiet surprise. Jags 23 Niners 20

Chiefs at Chargers: San Diego surging. Bolts 35 Chefs 13

Bears at Vikings; Too many weapons on obth sides of the ball for the Bears to contend with. Vikings 34 Bears 17

Steelers at Ravens: In essence the playoffs start now for both these teams. Big Ben will be on the bench with a concussion, which means this pick is being changed from it’s original intent! Ravens 20 Steelers 10

Pats at Saints: Saints pass this litimus test with flying colors. Saints 38 Pats 28