Happy Thanksgiving from Greensborosports.com!

A Great day to have some off/free time to break out of the normal routine and let’s hope everybody had a chance to enjoy the Turkey Day.

We all have bigger fish to fry, come Friday night at Tarpley Stadium, and today or least this morning was for trying to get around the blocking of some guy who stood 6’5 325.

That dude sure was big, but I still found a way to take him down and make him pay the price for showing up at our Annual Turkey Day Game…..

It really was a fine morning for a Thanksgiving Day football game and since I had reserved the New Garden Road field at Guilford College, we were set.

Nothing like getting back to your roots and this made two games for us in the past five days, since we also had a game cooking this past weekend at Guilford College….

It was a perfect day for football and many of you may have watched it on TV, but when I watch those guys, I tell myself that we have some real good players here in this town too.

More power to the local players on the high school and amateur levels, we have paid our dues and we are due a few breaks and I’m not talking about arms and legs, I’m saying we’re playing and nobody’s paying us nothing man. We are doing it for the love of the game and we have been out there now for nearly 20 years…..

I hope we can keep this game going for another 30 years and at that time, I will still walk away and say, “I’ll see you next year, I hope”……

Doug Brown, N.C. A&T Toby, Joey Abs, Sean Phoenix, either Knobs or Sags, Will Bailey, Tyra Banks cousin, April Brown’s sibling and the men on the other field of battle, all deserve a toast or a piece of butterball turkey toast on this Thanksgiving Evening 2009…..


  1. Rodney Brewington of Smith was the winner, Johnny Roscoe(NG) finished 2 votes behind him, two votes back of JR was Tommy Norwood(Ragsdale) and four votes back of Coach Norwood was Steven Davis(Dudley). Scott Loosmore(EG) and Martin Samek(Grimsley) were the other coaches receiving votes…

  2. Another memoriable Turkey Bowl, and the MVT ” Most Valuable Turkey” goes to Joey Abs for scoring 20 touchdowns!!

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