Who’s the NFL MVP after Week #12?

Is it:
Brett Farve-His team, the Minnesota Vikings, are (10-1) and he threw for 392 yards yesteday….

Peyton Manning-The Colts are (11-0) and they came back after being down 17-0 on Sunday and it looks like it wasn’t the coach, it must be the QB for Indianapolis……

Drew Brees-This guy gets the least amount of publicity and probably has less to work with than either of the above, although Manning did lose Marvin Harrison, but he still has Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark and Brett has the new kid in Percy Harvin.

Who does Drew have????? He has a (10-0) record going into tonight’s game with New England and who’s your MVP?????

If the Saints beat the Pats, I’ll take DB. Not even sister Katrina could stop this team now or before and Brees is looking toward the trees as the Saints look to go to a place they have never been before…..


  1. Brees is the man with 5 more TD passes last night against a so-called tough Patriots team that had the Colts on the ropes until Bill let it get away on that 4th down call inside his own 30…..

  2. Ture Andy but……..Brett Favre is putting up MVP passing numbers as well. Also if the Vikings don’t turn the ball over in the Red Zone twice against the Steelers the Vikings are 10-0…..One more thing lets not forget Favre’s got to be atleast 60 years old!

    If the season ends today Favre is MVP!

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