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This area does need a prep program for kids to improve their SAT scores and GPA, however CCSA(Central Carolina Sports Academy) is not going to do it!

I know a parent who’s son played football there. This kid didn’t get to play, the team was centered around a select group of players. They had a schedule but didn’t play all the games.

The program is very unorganized, the CEO has changed his phone number and no one seems to know where he is. I think he is trying to avoid angry parents who know he made promises and took their money.

I also heard he is setting up programs on the east coast like this one under the name SADA.


  1. You said your friend’s son played football and then you said he didn’t get to play. What you meant to say was he went there to play football, but he wasn’t good enough to play. For my way of thinking, always remember the old adage, let the buyer beware.”—Just another story of the parent doing everything possible to get his or her son to play @ the next level. Remember that “the best things in life are free!”—-CCSA obviously was not

  2. I met coach Banner, Benner or whatever his name is and knew he and this program were not legit and were gonna end up being a money scheme. Parents stay away. If your kid wants to play football in order to get to the next level look at JUCO or A Hargrave Military type school. CCSA won’t make it past two years.

  3. If you can find the CCSA site look at coach Benners past jobs. He has jumped from one place to another almost on a yearly basis. My guess is it’s b/c everyone finds out soon enough that he is full of it and even that his football knowledge isn’t as vast as he makes it out to be. I would even presume that some of his credentails are stretched or completely fake.

  4. I had a son go there and he was enrolled at GTCC. He had good grades in high school and he even qualify in the NCAA clearinghouse. He was recruited by other schools but it was too late to get him in because he changed his mind about going to the military. The coaches even told me they will remarket him by getting some game film to the colleges. He worked out and practice with them getting ready for the season. We thought everything was going well until it was time to get equipment he was left out. The coaches kept telling him that he will get it soon. I even try to contact the coaches to see if I need to purchase the equipment myself, they never responded. After a month one coach told him he need to purchase his own equipment and the season already started.
    My son told me they had study hall but there was no tutoring done. The players had to get to GTCC on their own and they received very little food that was suppose to last a month. The coaches also said that they would live in the apartment complex that the players stayed and have police patroling in order to stay safe but there were numerous robberies that involved the players….and not one coach stayed in the complex.
    This is some of the things that went wrong with CCSA. I am all for helping a child that has potential but had a bump in the road but not do what you said you will do is where I have a problem. Should there be a program for these players? Yes but it need to be done the right way.

  5. Thanks for the tip about JUCO, I will Google it. I know Hargrave is reputable but very expensive. People should be concerned about CCSA if Banner is setting up new programs in other areas. He used financial aide money to fund this program for some of the kids.

    Sdub, I assume your son is no longer at CCSA? They locked the doors before Thanksgiving and was supposed to resume class on Nov 30th, but the doors are still locked.

  6. jbd1981

    I don’t understand your attitude. You may want to check with your doctor, there might be a pill for that.

  7. No he is not there anymore. He is finishing up the semester at GTCC. He was contacted by a few schools to come there next semester.

    They are setting up programs under Student Athlete Development Alliance. If you look on the site the coaches that were at CCSA are the head coaches for the teams within that league. Parents please stay away from them.

  8. Thanks Sdub… are absolutely correct. ALL PARENTS…..PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CCSA. They are a scam. I wish we could warn all parents. They need to be arrested. What can be done? I took a stupid risk. I felt something was wrong but I let me child go any way. Don’t give them any money because you will never get it back.

  9. Banner stole $5,000+ from my husband and I. My son enrolled in this school and got schemed. Now, he has to sit out a year of school because he didn’t make any deadlines for enrollment. We flew him to North Carolina from Pennsylvania with all of the supplies and necessities, Banner instructed us that he would need, including school transcripts. Only to find that my son was put in an apartment with no food, we paid for the food program, mind you. And class was to start on the following monday. When he asked what time and what transportation to use, he was stiffed. The teacher had no idea that school was starting on that monday. Also, Coach “Res” was trying to get a bus to take the kids from the apartments to the school. When THAT fell through, my son talked to other roommates in the apartments and in his, and things just weren’t adding up . With all of that said, I bought him a plane ticket the next day and now he is missing out on very valuable school time. I contacted the Greensboro Police Department- Fraud Division….. I’m still waiting for a call back.

  10. I have been reading these comments for a while now. My son attends this place also and I believe that everyone should get their child out of there. CCSA brought a new person in to bring the program UP after the football season was over.This guy collected the money and now they have fired him. CCSA have joined forces with another school and changed the name. CCSA had a schelude of 17 games but only played 9. What happen to the other games? CCSA was suppose to get visits for its players. Ask your kid if they have visited anyone. Or if they know of a player that have visited ANY school. The food program is crap. How do CCSA plan on feeding growing, young, football players on $50 worth of food A MONTH. All the parents of my son’s roommates have had to buy food for their kid because what CCSA is giving them is not enough.They do not have enough coaches because most of them gone for unknown reasons or reasons that can be told honestly. I haven’t even mentioned the things that ANGRY PARENTS have said. I will have more to tell as I gain more information.

  11. Read the comments from the following Greensboro Sports:

    I hope all of you who it appears have been scammed, will ban together and Right this Wrong. I truly wish you much luck, and will pray that things work out in your favor.

  12. For those who wonder what has happened, allow me to tell you the TRUTH. The coaches left because they were never paid or were given worthless checks that bounced. CoachBanner has charged his CFO with stealing but he is just as bad as this man who did in fact steal from the company. Quite frankly the con artist got conned by a better thief. Verista has taken on the task of helping the boys SUPPOSEDLY but please be aware that the name has changed but the same bad habits exist. The meals provided is a scam. They use the Angel Food network but thats not possible since there isn’t any money. The boys have to fin for themselves. There is not transportation; the students are expected to get around on the public busline. The boys will be made to do fundraising selling products that the new company specializes in…can you say AMWAY. Coach Banner has no intention on paying the coaches or tutors or vendors that they owe money to in greensboro or the surrounding areas.
    If you have a student there now…PLEASE TAKE THEM HOME WITH YOU. They will be scammed as long as you leave them there. Please take your sons home with you.

  13. Coach Banner lives in winston-salem in an apartment complex. He is now working with a company called Veritas at the Triad Conference Center at 7616-B Business Park Drive. He is partners with a Mr. Allan Hooker who is well aware of Clayton Banner’s “ways” and he still has him there. If you show up to that address and make a scene with a Dr. Moffitt ( who is the founder of Veritas) They will shut him down and put him out. Banner’s number is 336.575-3623 for now. He may change it. Hooker’s number is 336.587.6356.

  14. I have been reading your blogs all morning and I am really shocked and concerned about what I am reading. I am trully sorry that you and your kids were “victims” of a shady situation.
    I have a couple of thoughts though: 1. There seemed to fundamental flaws in the management of the CCSA program. It may have been a geniune institution, but looks to have ended up in the wrong hands. Poor management (or shady management) can ruin a good thing. 2. Appears that there was one or two people responsible for the bulk of these issues, and a lot of trusting employees, parents, and players (kids) that got burned in the end. Appears there were a lot of people working in and around the program that were burned as well.
    I am not a CCSA sympathizer, first off. I am upset and angry that anyone would take advantage of kids. However, I do feel, that if done right, these programs could really benefit kids in our communities. I believe the “head” was dead at CCSA. As we all know, if the head is dead, the body will eventually follow. There appears to have been no structure of foundational thinking to speak of. This could have been a really good thing, but poor over-sight and corruption at the top killed it’s promise.
    I am a former full-scholarship STUDENT-athlete at U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. I played football there and got my degree in psychology and later my masters in the same field. I did play some pro ball, but after my playing career I choose to focus my attention on service to my community, specifically it’s kids and their parents. I am now working towards a doctorial degree, and work as a clinician, counseling kids and their families.
    Why am I giving you this? Well, I am a part of a upstart program similiar to CCSA. I have been working hand-in-hand with the guy whose is developing it to help provide, oversight, structure, and help put in place fundamental programs needed to run a program like this successfully. I have procured the help of academic administrator, high school and college level (doctorate level) educator, and passionate, experienced program developers.
    We have come up with a 3 pronged structure approach that includes: 1. Academic, 2. Student Support Services, and Athletics. We are applying to be a non-profit, and our focus will be growing a program that will help kids, and not our pockets. We understand that if we are successful, we will be able to make a living, but more importantly, we will improved the lives of some young people and their families.
    CCSA was an unfortunate situation, and if the accusations are true, those involved in the corruption and “theft” should be made to face the consequences. However, please do not lump of all together. There are some of us out here intent on helping our kids, families, and communities. I will use your comments and concerns to guide my development of our program; We will learn from the mistakes of CCSA and not repeat them; and we will remain focused on our goal of serving the kids, their families, and our communities.
    I will continue to read your blogs and wish you all the best. Good luck to you and your’s.

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