Guilford County’s Finest from Tuesday games


1.PJ Harriston (Dudley) 35 pts
2. Deuce Bello ( West Chester Contry Day) 30 pts
3. Derek Grant (HP Central) 24 pts
Alex Smith (HP Andrews) 24 pts
Ike Nwamu (WCD) 24 pts
Reggie Perkins (WG) 23 pts
5. Jonathan Bethea (Vandalia) 22 pts
6. Leek Leek (HP Wesleyan) 21 pts
7. Quan Stevenson (HP Andrews) 19 pts
8. Tre Ratcliff (Eastern Guilford) 18 pts
Jonathan Frye (NG) 18 pts
9.Torian Showers (HP Andrews) 18 pts
10. Michael Griffin (North East) 17 pts

1. Miranda Jenkins (Eastern Guilford) 27 pts
2. Brittany Clancy (Western Guilford) 26 pts
3. Catrina Green (Western Guilford) 23 pts
Ashis McNeil (SEG) 22 pts
4. Camile Horne (Southern Guilford) 21 pts
5. Chevena Pickard (Page) 18 pts
Julissa Anderson (SEG) 18 pts.
6. Capricia Small (Eastern Guilford) 16 pts
7. Breonna Patterson (Dudley) 14 pts
8. Desiree Drayton (Dudley) 14 pts
Melissa Floures (NWG) 14 pts
9. Zena Lovette (Southwest Guilford) 14 pts
10. Cedrica Gibson (HP Central) 14 pts


  1. That is the $100,000 question for today…..

    We got the word last night that Grimsley had won and we have been checking every available source today trying to find that score.

    I have checked the High Point Enterprise, The Jamestown News, The Grimsley HS web site, The News and Record web site, but I have yet to see it. I even got a look at the Burlington Times-News and the Asheboro Courier-Tribune and nothing there either.

    Anybody got that score for us????? Did Williams or Gourley hit for 20+ for the Whirlies and did any of the football players play for Ragsdale?????

    A new thought, I am going to head over to and check out Ragsdale’s site and see if they have the final there. Ragsdale is usually very good aboout updating stats and numbers….

    MaxPreps works:
    Grimsley 71
    Ragsdale 50

    For Ragsdale, five football players played with Tyquan Roberts with 11 points, D’onovan Smith had 4, Luke Sonricker and Kalik Parker 2 each and DeShawn Shouse 0……..

  2. Grimsley vs Ragsdale (unofficial of course)

    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 T
    G 16 19 14 22 71
    R 7 17 13 13 50

    Williams 20
    Gourley 13
    Mark Nadler(#1) 11
    Ley Ley Brown 8
    R Sweeney 7
    L Sweeney 4
    B Brown 4
    Adam Brogden (not sure of last name) 2
    Senior 2

    Roberts 11
    Wise 7
    Parker 6
    Carter 5
    Joyner 4
    Smith 4
    White 4
    Pressley 3
    Fletcher 2
    Moore 2
    Sonricker 2

  3. Did the team have to win to be posted in the top players for Tuesday? HP Central had Grant with 22 in one paper and/or 24 in another.

  4. Yes, the High Point Enterprise has him with 24 and we have that on our site from last night’s game.

    We have it corrected and sorry for the omission.

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