More news on AC Reynolds as the Round 4 playoff game approaches

Round 4 of the State 4-A playoffs this Friday night, with the AC Reynolds Rockets(12-2) out of Asheville, at the Dudley Panthers(13-1) in Tarpley Stadium on Lincoln Street.

It’s a cool rainy day, outside today, but it was a very cold day on Monday up in Asheville and it makes you wonder how much the teams have been able to do out of doors in the last six weeks, with all the rain that has been going through here.

Here’s more on AC Reynolds:
REYNOLDS — Conditions were so cold and raw Monday that only a football team in the fourth round of the NCHSAA playoffs could have enjoyed itself.

Reynolds players huddled around their coach, shivering as the final practice of November came to an end.

“Nothing else matters but making it to Raleigh,” Shane Laws told the Rockets.

“Do everything you can to put yourself inside of that stadium two weeks from now.”

Fourth-seeded Reynolds (12-2) intends to follow that order Friday when it travels to Greensboro to take on No. 2 Dudley (13-1) for the 4-A Western Regional championship. The Rockets are the last Buncombe County team left in the playoffs.

“We can taste it,” junior linebacker Ben Councell said.

“None of us have ever been this far. Especially being a part of the history here, it’s something that means a lot to us.”

Indeed, this is just the fifth Reynolds team to reach a regional final and the first since 2002. In some respects, this might be the most unlikely run of all five.

The Mountain Athletic Conference 4-A champions began the season without a single returning starter on defense.

Their top returning rusher had gained only 249 yards in 2008.

To read on and there is plenty to see, Click Here at the Asheville Citizen-Times……


  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it today…RJ has no clue what they are getting into on Friday night.

    Now, next weekend, Dudley will have to play on a field for the first time in 5 weeks that will be in imaculate shape (Carter Finley). It will be too late for them to adjust to the speed of Harnett Central. HC by 3 touchdowns next week.

  2. If you are going to keep saying it , say it right
    It is AC Reynolds not RJ Reynolds

    We have beaten them before and will do it again

    You still think it is the field? Thats just an urban myth.

  3. LOL @ the Ragsdale fan still got the “bad game” blues, lmao!! It’s the playoffs baby, you either win or go home………atleast get the school’s name right, lol!

  4. Yep God did it again. He watered our field down so that we could have an advantage. I guess God hates all the other schools except Dudley…

  5. i doubt God cares about any of these schools,much less Dudley. Remember, God is a racist just like Abraham Lincoln.

  6. Well I’ve never met God or Lincoln, but from what i’m told. GAWD DONT LIKE UGLY! SEE YA FRIDAY NIGHT!

  7. all the speculatin ENDS NOW!!!!! DUDLEY IS ON THE MAP AND HAS BEEN FOR A WHILE from 2 time 3-AA State CHamps to 4-A DBOYZ Come to PLAY HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF…..

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