Is there something wrong with the ACC basketball teams?????

The ACC/Big Ten Challenge goes the way of the Big Ten for the first time ever after the Wednesday evening results and the ACC might be in for a long year if they can’t even take The Challenge which we had been winning every year……

The ACC was something like (10-0) versus the Big Ten before last night’s finishes which included a total collapse by Clemson at home against Illinois. “You can’t have a huge comeback without a Total Collapse”, that according to ESPN’s Jay Bilas.

Duke was playing weak at Wisconsin and how times have the Blue Devils been bullied around by a bunch of cheese-heads or buried by the Badgers, if you are so lnclined to go there.

North Carolina did not roll over Michigan State back on Tuesday night and what’s up with that? Are the Heels that far behind on their rebuilding project after last season’s success with the nets coming down at the Final Four……

Wake Forest lost James Johnson and Jeff Teague and it does appear that now we will now really see how the Deacons produce with Dino Gaudio’s players. CJ Harris from Mount Tabor has played steady in the early season and he could help, but Gaudio has been playing with Skip Prosser’s money and now it is time for Dino to pay the piper…..

What ever happened to Johnny Thomas from Greensboro Day School at N.C. State? I never see his name around the box score any more and does State have anybody that can make this team a contender???? From the outside looking in, it doesn’t look very promising……

Does anybody really know what time it is?

It’s time to find out if there is something wrong with the ACC this year in the sport of men’s basketball. I thought Duke might be a Top Ten team, but last night they finished like a team on the run. On the run, headed down a one-way highway, headed for the post-season NIT.

I was getting sick of hearing the ESPN announcers, Brent Musberger and Bob Knight, talk about how strong this Bo Ryan Wisconsin-coached team was playing. The Badger big men were making Duke look like small-framed children, the announcers were saying…..

I was saying and thinking this, “Duke is our cornerstone and how do the Devils let some cheeseheads beat our league in Madison, Wisconsin of all places”?

Here’s the obit, on the good thing we had going, until it all came crashing to a screeching halt last night. This is worse than when the Russians beat the US back in 1972…..At least Doug Collins, Mike Bantom and the boys got ripped off by the refs. Last night the ACC got smacked around by a bunch of Cheeseheads…….

The obit:(You might say blame it on Florida State and the Seminoles, but they are not a fault, since they really haven’t had basketball at that school since back in 1972, when they went to the Final Four with my uncle Hugh Durham as the head coach.)

The Obituary:
The ACC and Big Ten conferences came into last night with three wins apiece in head-to-head matchups. Wisconsin’s 73-69 upset of No. 6 Duke set the stage for the Ohio State Buckeyes (6-1) to put the Big Ten over the top with a ten-point win over Florida State, ending a decade of frustration against the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Illinois 76, Clemson 74
Clemson, S.C. (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)

Miami 63, Minnesota 58
Coral Gables, Fla. (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)

Boston College 62, Michigan 58
Ann Arbor, Mich. (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)

Wisconsin 73, Duke 69
Madison, Wis. (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)

Ohio State 77, Florida State 64
Columbus, Ohio (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)


  1. Andy,

    are you serious…you are looking at the UNC win as a negative…THEY WON…didnt you notice that MSU was the higher ranked team…and to talk about the rebuilding? how many teams can lose 4 of 5 starters and still be ranked as high as they are this early in a season. I just think you are way off base with this one. The ACC will be ok…Will Carolina make it to the final four…probably not, but that will not make this season a failure. Duke lost to a good team that was shooting and playing lights out…that happens…no worries, Duke will be Duke and be just fine.

  2. Andy I have to agree with “Are you Serious” Carolina will be fine and Duke with be Duke. It may be a down year for the ACC but thats ok they will be back. Dont worry it’s still very early in the season and don’t think we have a National Championship team in the ACC but they can’t win it every year. The ACC will be fine. Don’t Worry Be Happy!

  3. I am just hurt by the fact that our league lost. We are basketball and others are looking to take that from us. Losing to a bunch of Cheeseheads and Clemson doing what they did and there’s WAKE and N.C. State, both of them dropped the ball.

    Overall we had our butts handed to us after the Big Ten kicked us around.

    Really, who is North Carolina this year? Did they look good in the Michigan State game?????? Wasn’t UNC involved in a 80-73 win over a slightly known team back on Sunday, right before the MSU game?????Coach Roy Williams might be asking some questions too……..

    Who are the Tar Heels? Marcus Ginyard is back and I love his tenacity, but what about those other guys. It sounds to me so far that Ed Davis has fallen back a bit from last season. He was being looked at as NBA material during the Final Four and his rebounding and blocked shots were off the charts….

    Is Drew II the point and wasn’t he supposed to far beyond where he is now????

    Is Zeller a power or is he just another Zoubeck?????

    What about William Graves? It looks like he is starting, but he is barely getting 10 minutes a game and he might be averaging 5 points a game……..

    Who are all these new guys they have?

    At one time the other night Woody said they had four freshmen and Deon Thompson on the floor at the same time. Is that a good idea?

    Will Deon Thompson have a shot at the NBA? Somebody on this team needs to make a statement right now, so we can know who they are?

    Who is North Carolina’s team leader? DrewII, Ginyard, Thompson, Zeller, Graves?????? Is that the starting five????? You see what I am saying? This team has no identity yet? Somebody needs to step up and be the team leader so we will know where they are coming from with this squad/team and all that I have said about North Carolina, the same can be said for Duke……..

    Who is Duke this year? These guys haven’t shown me anything yet…..Singler has been the only constant…..

    The new Dawkins kid shot the ball strong late last night from three-point range, but will he be doing that night-in, night-out? Henderson is gone and Duke will need somebody to step up and take over late in the game and preferably a veteran player, such as Singler or Scheyer…Plumlee will get better in time and Duke can play big, but they are lean and skinny. The youngest Plumlee might weigh 165 soaking wet.

    Where was Scheyer last night against the Badgers? That’s all I want to know, when the game is on the line, it it time to step up. This game was much bigger than facing the UCONN Pups in the NIT!

    This Duke team has some work to do and in the end it will be up to Duke and North Carolina to carry the banner of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    North Carolina has Kentucky and John Wall at Noon on Saturday and we will see then, exactly how much the Heels really miss Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough……(Any word on Wayne Ellington? I heard the other two were coming through with decent numbers, all the way around.)

    If I didn’t have such a passion for basketball, then I would just quit and go on home, but you can’t do that when there is a name on the line, and that name is Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball; “The best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be”………

  4. Andy,
    Do you think Graves should even be starting? He is a step slow in my opinion and is just another example of many great high school players who peaked early through no fault of their own. Thomas just another example—-very good hs player but not a great one in the Graves model. He is another of Sydney Lowe’s construction mistakes ( the ceiling was a lot lower than he thought). My understanding is that he has some attitude issues as well ( That’s only gossip I admit).

    WF—You nailed it and Dino has to prove himself with hi own recruits. I say he will not.
    NCSU—-The Lowe era is winding down. State, unlike UNC, just cannot do it with their alumni in charge.
    UNC—Give them time—They are young and their leaders will step up ( Graves is not one of their leaders)
    Duke—They are tough kids. They and UNC will be Sweet 16ers at least.

  5. If that word on Thomas is correct, then I hate hearing that.

    If North Carolina does start Will Graves, then I wish they wouldn’t start him and then hide him for the rest of the game. If they are going to use him, then get him into some sort of regular rotation.

    I sure would hate to see the same thing happen to PJ Hairston. He and Graves are two totally different players, with PJ much leaner and more fluid, but I would hope that Roy will see them as having two totally different games as well…

    Where does Reggie Bullock fit into all this? His Kinston team would be going for a 2-A title this year and is Bullock still at Kinston? JT Terrell from Burlington Cummings and set for Wake Forest is now down at West Charlotte……

  6. Andy,

    The “youngest Plumlee” is Marshall, and he’s a junior in high school. The “younger” Plumlee — the one who played his first college game last night (Mason) — weighs 230. And he’ll be fine.

  7. Andy,

    i agree with you that UNC has some holes and are not a complete team, that doesnt mean they a bad team…What i was trying to say is that the MSU win was a good win…check back when they are selecting teams for the tourney and see how that win becomes a QUALITY win in the eyes of the committee.

    Is Drew II the point and wasn’t he supposed to far beyond where he is now????

    – it looks like you think Drew is suppose to be Ty Lawson…nobody, not even Tarheel fans think that…he is about where people thought he would be. He did have 10 assist and 1 turnover vs. MSU…a 10:1 turnover ration is not too shaby

    Zeller will never be a POWER as you say…he is a finesse forward…a 7 footer who runs the floor like a guard….how can you relate that to Zoubeck…
    Is he ready yet??? not close, but a Zoubeck (who has no upside or potential) not by a long shot. how many 7 footers do you know that can run the floor like he can? NOT MANY

    You are right on about Graves, not sure why he is starting??? once he comes out his minutes are limited…may be becuase he needs to get into better shape. but i guess we will just have to wait and see.

    This team does need a leader (Ginyard?? Thompson??) and does need an identity.

    I will say this, i think we agree on more than we disagree…but i also feel most programs would not bounce back as quick from losing 4 starters of a NCAA Championship team. We are in better shape than after the 2005 championship season…more talent and look how that ended…those freshman became Champions again

    Nothing wrong with dialogue and disagreements…actually enjoy the sports talk and other perspectives.

  8. Get a life “are u serious”, the heels are fine, they wind up with the same staring 5 at the end as they do at the beginning of games . . . .that’s coaching idiot ! Y’a need to stop criticizing and look at the overall picture, but I suppose if you don’t KNOW the game from a strategic stand point, you wouldn’t know what you’re looking at anyways. Holla !

  9. Ol’ bawl Coach,

    you should really read before you call someone an idiot…is that even neccesary…i agree with YOU…Carolina will be fine…that was the point i was making…i was disagreeing with Andy that the heels were in trouble…i too think they will be fine and i am actually excited with this team that lost 4 starters…if you are referring to Graves…Maybe thats what got you so excited! I actually like Graves game…he is just not in shape yet…NOT MY WORDS- ACTUALLY ROY’S WORDS

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