Who’s gonna win that game tonight? Predictions on AC Reynolds at Dudley

There’s only ONE game TONIGHT and we will have it for you on AM950 radio with the Pre-game at 7pm and the kickoff coming from Tarpley Stadium at 7:30…..

Who is going to win TONIGHT?

Will it be Dudley in a tight one, say 14-7 or will the Panthers be able to open things up, now that they have the Ragsdale Tigers behind them, and Dudley wins it by 27-7?????

Anybody bold enough to go with the upset and take the Rockets from Asheville at Tarpley?????

Panthers to win again:
Dudley 20
AC Reynolds 0

How about the rest of the house, what are the rest of you saying on this Friday as we head into Round 4 of the NCHSAA playoffs?????


  1. Dudley in a thriller! Too many athletes! AC Reynolds has a good overall athletic program and will come to play and will bring a crowd with them. Dudley to make one more big play than Asheville Reynolds.

  2. Dudley 27
    ACR 14

    But it won’t be that close. Dudley will roll out to a big lead and ACR will score late against the subs

  3. Here’s the one thing that Ron and I agreed on about Dudley…they learned how to handle adversity this season. They will win. I don’t know enough about the other team to predict the score, but I do know that these Panthers will find away to put themselves in the history books.

  4. Well, it’s good that Dudley has learned to live with adversity. You guys fell into the biggest trap of all in sports—Never underestimate your opponents!!!!!!!! see you next year and cancel those ring orders.

  5. I thought Dudley had it won! we were listening on the radio here in Asheville and could’nt believe they were’nt going for the FG! Dudleys coach has GOT to work on that kicking game. A late FG with seconds left would have sealed the win for the panthers. awesome game!!!GO ROCKETS!


    Yes we lost the game! Congrats to AC Reynolds. Make no mistake about our run is not over! Our program has to been to 4 title games since 2003, two rings and 1 undeafeted season is quite impressive. Not to mention the slew of kids that received scholarships. Dudley Pride is strong as ever!

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