New top numbers from area HS Basketball


1.Brittany Clancy WG : 28 PTS
2,Gretchen Bennet NWG: 22 PTS
3.Lindsey Puckett Rockingham: 20 pts
4.Chell Jackson Dudley: 18 pts
5.Valarie Beal HP Wesleyan : 17 pts
6.Khadejah Wilkerson Greensboro Day: 15 pts
7.Samantha Coffer NG: 14 pts
8.Cedrica Gibson HPC: 13 PTS
9.Brittany Drew Page: 12 pts
10.Kiana Wilson Ragsdale: 12 pts


1. Ike Nwamu Westchester: 31 pts
2. PJ Harriston Dudley: 30 pts
*Kyle Vebber NWG: 29 pts.*
3. Jay Canty: Oak Ridge: 26 pts
*Aaron Toomey: Bishop McGuinness 25 pts.*
4. Jackson Kent: Page: 20 pts
5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 20 pts
6. Kyle Vebber: NWG: 19 pts
7. Jonathan Frye: Northern Guilford: 19 pts
8. Deng Leek: Wesleyan: 18 pts
9. Jacob Lawson: Oak Ridge: 15 pts
10. Leek Leek: Wesleyan: 15 pts


  1. Yeah, I think my spotter missed that one since the N&R had Bishop’s boys listed in the girls section of games and they were not with the boys….

    We’ll adjust.

  2. NW Guilford just had another heart breaking loss by 1 in overtime, against FCD, Vebber led all scores with 29. Second overtime loss by 1 in as many days.

  3. NW Guilford played hard. Hunter Clary had 20 points in the lost. Key big men are hurt. Looking forward to them getting back.

  4. Rumor has it that PJ Hairston hit for 53 pts. tonight in Dudley’s game with Southern Durham. No letdown from East Greensboro apparently; football might be over but here comes basketball.

  5. The rumor is fact. Hairston hit for 53pt beating the single game scoring record held by Will Graves! It was a thing of beauty. This is the stat line on Carolina website

    53 pts (17-21 FG, 8-10 3pt, 11-12 FT), 7 reb, 2 blk, 2 stl

    Looks like this young man may be in the running for NC POY and NC scoring record if he keeps this up! Go Tarheels!!!

  6. In my opinion I really do think that PJ is better than Bullock, seeing them head to head last year. I think Bullock is a lil overated.

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