UNCG-COC Second half update/Anybody at this game or going out to the Coliseum tonight?

FINAL on the game at the Coliseum:
COC 67

C. of Charleston (4-3, 3-0) at UNCG (2-5, 1-1)

Is anybody going to these games?????? They are busing the students in from the campus, but what about the general public?????

Got an update on attendees for us?????

What is the concenus on the move to the Greensboro Coliseum????? Have the Spartans landed or do then need to keep the bus running for a return trip to the UNCG campus????????????????

I know someone has some sort of opinion on this new venture………

Report from the Coliseum:
College of Charleston 37


  1. UNCG has some good young talent, who knows?

    In terms of wins and losses that is…….(Excluding ACC teams.)

  2. i graduated from UNCG over 10 years ago. i rarely if ever see any mailers, call information or support request coming from UNCG related to their sports programs. the school and sports dept needs to reach out to its graduates and general public to promote the team, league and players. the Dudley and GDS boys get more press in the papers and TV and than the UNCG program. maybe UNCG needs a good PR firm along with recruiting better players.

  3. Tee Tee, you are correct in what you are saying. I played for UNCG over 10 years ago and the community has never embraced the basketball program. This is a great place to take the family to see games. The media coverage is horrible!!!

  4. What’s wild about this is the fact that they drew slightly more for this game than they did for the ECU game. Sad to see that, especially when they hyped up the ECU game as much as they did.

  5. One man with 21 points and nothing else 10 or better. They had their chance with Hines and blew it. N.C. A&T would be a better fit for the Coliseum and I bet you the Aggies would take the Spartans this year. ANY TAKERS?


  6. Baller, the Aggies have enough to worry about. Aggies playing in the Coliseum would be a bigger disaster. Playing on campus is the biggest reason for the high attendance at Aggie games. UNCG failed to realize that no community support along with no school spirit from the thousands of students equal low attendance at the Coliseum. There must be something behind all of this. Then again, we are talking about an administration that “forced out” Nelson Bobb. With that said, the Aggies still does not want any of the Spartans!

  7. Thanks for the quick response. You are moving much quicker than the UNCG big men were last night. AH! After Hines, UNCG has been getting their B-hines kicked. Aggies on the move and UNCG not.

  8. people willing to write this off after three games are nuts. This is a work in progress, they are trying to build a fan base. It may take time. the 2,300 at the coliseum is double what they would have gotten on campus. Scheduling is hurting them right now. The ECU game was played at the same time as the ECU Football team was playing for a chance to go to the Conference Championship game. And exams starte this week at UNCG. I expect to see a lot of green seats Sunday afternoon (Princeton) but things might pick up after that.

    As for A & T , The G wouldn’t have any problem with them. The Spartans have played much better against a much tougher schedule.

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