Did you catch that name on Sunday?

Did anyone else notice the name of the writer in Sunday’s News and Record that did the article on the North Carolina-Kentucky basketball game?????

Very interesting name and I was just wondering if anyone else saw this writer’s name in the N&R?


  1. Ironically, he didn’t score the 13 points that his namesake for the tarheels . . . .sure would’ve helped out saturday against Kentucky if he had . . . . .

  2. Check your Sunday periodical…..

    Frank Deford
    Rick Reilly
    Rob Daniels
    Smith Barrier
    Larry Keech
    Lenox Rawlings
    Bill Cole
    Bill Hass
    Ron Green Sr.
    Caulton Tudor
    Peter King

  3. OK, it’s multi-tasker Will Graves.

    Yet, am I going nuts or did I see a recent story with an Oscar Madison byline in the N&R recently?

  4. Will/William Graves(UNC/Dudley HS) is correct and you are losing your mind, just like the rest of us on here……

    Oscar Madison at the N&R? I missed that one………

    Back up top, I don’t think Will from UNC played in the game and also wrote up the game, he just shares the last name as the man who scribed the UNC-UK piece and he wasn’t a Slap Maxwell character either….

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