Top Ten Girls HS basketball teams at this stage of the season

from and staff…..

1. Dudley 4-2: Coach Britton’s squad is poised to make a run after going into unbeaten Northwest Guilford and cementing their top position. They have team speed and agressiveness that tends to intimidate opposing teams.

2. Northern Guilford 5-1: This talented team went into South Carolina tournament and demolished some teams; With Samantha, Molly and Kelly leading the pack they could easily move into the number #1 position if Dudley stumbles. They have all the tools to win the State Championship.

3. Smith 4-1: This team is probably the best team in the area. They have good coaching and great talent throughout their line up. Getting off to a great start only validates the early season predictions. Their only downfall may be how are they going to act when a little bit of controversy hits. Other than that they have all the tools.

4.. Bishop McGuinness 3-0: Nothing changes with this team when it comes to winning. They lost Whitney Knight to transfer and Erin Thompson to Virginia and have not missed a step.

5. High Point Central 4-0: This is an exciting team to watch because they execute very well. With Cedrica Gibson, Brittany Gwynn, Aerial Harris and Megan Tate, they will win their conference and go deep into the playoffs.

6.Northwest Guilford 4-1: Have a veteran team that wins consistently during the regular season. Must find a way to beat more agressive quicker teams like the Dudley’s if they are going to make their mark. They could face a Dudley in the playoffs early on.

7. Ragsdale 4-1: This team always finds ways to win. Their four game winning streak after and opening loss against Eastern Guilford has set the table for more post season action.

8. Southeast Guilford 4-2: This team is positioned very well from all positions to beat any team on any given night. They will be tested when they meet the likes of Dudley and Smith in conference play. If their “A game ” is on, they could split or sweep either team. That is asking a lot.

9. Southwest Guilford 4-2: A well balanced team that is tough. They tend to get stronger as the season progresses. They are off to a great start and that may bode well for this well coached team.

10. Western Guilford 3-3: This team has a good scorer in Clancy and an inside presence in Green. They will have a great season overall as the team continues to improve. They will upset a Smith or Dudley at some point. Finishing third in the conference is more than feasible.

Teams to watch and on the rise:

Southern Guilford 2-3 Page 1-2, Grimsley 2-2


  1. One of our voters has connections to Eastern so we can’t allow his votes to weigh in on this poll.

    Where would you vote Eastern in on this poll and do you think we should allow the writers to vote for their own schools/teams?????

    If Eastern beats Northern tomorrow night should that move EG into the #2 spot in the poll?????

  2. Eastern would be very high. Well coached without a lot of talent. I think it is still to early to tell and we will know about these teams in a couple of weeks. I saw Northwest last night and they are very good. Dudley doesn’t miss a beat. Once Southwest gets the tall girl back, they are a very different team and will give Northwest and HPC a run for their money.

  3. Smith lost to HPC by double digits . They were never in the game. There is no way HPC should be ranked this low

  4. U must b outta of ur mind Andrew to ask or u haven’t done ur homework-trust me, if u do the aftermath follow-up n this scenerio u will say I”m prolific (hear me now, believe me later).

    -Dudley should be #1 because they were at top of your 1st list, however, HPC is better which u have at #5 (lol) (1 more time-lol)
    -let’s go to ur #2-NG, u must b insane 2day (they play no one-can’t beat Dudley or NW)-let’s say Dudley {4 a while-they have lost twice -#3-still no NG or Bishop-let’s say NWG
    -#4-NG better than Bishop (this will b clear when Dudley plays them late in the season)
    -#5 who really cares at this point-u think Smith-NW beat them 10-0 n last 3 years-that’s a fact, but this year they are still a #5
    So: 1-HPC
    4-tie NG or EG
    6-tie WG***, SW, Bishop, 9-tie SW*** & SE 12-out of the running(if u were left out-sue Andy)

  5. I guess Brewington must be coaching the girls basketball team now, thinks Smith is the best in every sport, this poll is a joke.

  6. Dudley has to be at the top until they are beaten by a local team. HPC and Northwest will be an interesting matchup. I would have them tied for 2nd. NG looks very good and I would put them at 3, but they may move up after the Little 4. HPC crushed Smith, but I didn’t see Ashley Dubose in the box score. I haven’t seen her name in the last couple of box scores. If she is hurt, Smith is a different team just like Southwest is completely different without the big girl in the middle. This will all shake out in January.

  7. Do you remember the article “Top Girls HIgh School Basketball Players in GC/Area”? EG has 4 Players on that list. So Talent is not what that squad is lacking.

    Check the records from 2 yrs past, you will see that those 4 Girls played the same Girls from NG, with exception of 1 or 2 added to NG, but the main 3 were there and see what the results were.

    Talent is not the challenge! Coaching on the other hand is open for discussion? Sometimes you just scratch your head and wonder!

  8. I think Coaching is fine at EG. How many teams have advanced to the State’s Sectional Championship the past two years? How many have won Conference Championships two years in a row and a Conference Tournament? Didn’t Coach Gunn take her team to the Regionals a few years back when no other teams around here were advancing? EG program is never marred by controversy. In fact they some times become the feeder system for other programs in mens and women sports. How many coaches could have kept their squad together under the conditions of not having a home court and having to find places to practice in for three years? Yet, there was never a complaint or an excuse. Not too many programs around here can say that they have won 21 and 17 games and have gone 9-1 in conference for two consecutive years. They have loss a top player to injury and yet they kept on rolling. Didn’t they lose one of their top players last year before Christmas and were 4-8 at the break? Yet, I believe they went 13-3 down the stretch. What other Guilford County team can say the same.

  9. Why do we think our team at SWG would be undefeated if we had the Big Girl? The question should be , Why is she out? Is she hurt? Is there a discpilinary problem? I see her at the games and she seems to be ok. Were we undfeated last year at this time with her? Yes, I beleieve that we should have won the game against Eastern Guilford at home and Western Guilford. We had just beat Western a few days before that pretty bad. No one said we needed the big girl then. Lets not take anything away from these other teams like Eastern because they have some players that can play and they play pretty smart. In fact I saw them beat us a couple of years ago when we had Tyisha Bridges (Norfolk State)with the same girls who were just sophomores and freshmen then. We have a great team who can win with or with out.

  10. 6 foot 2 or so and long would make a big difference for any team. Her defensive skills alone can dramatically change a game.

  11. Any inside presence that Chey can give would hurt any team. She is currently ineligible to play. She also was ineligible last year. Seeing her play over the spring/summer, she was ready to dominate the post and would have been that”something” SWG needs. They lost to some teams that could have been a win if her presence was there. I believe she stands at 6’4. For a female basketball player, she is coaches dream. However, a basketball player is one on and off the court. Gotta do what you need to do to play.

  12. Top 10 Teams in the Guilford Area
    This is an objective view of how things should be at this point:
    1) Dudley- They are the reigning 3-A state champs and return a lot of talented players and actually add a post presence. Coach Britton is still behind the wheel and she’ll steer them in the right direction. They remain #1 in the area until a local team defeats them.

    2) High Point Central- They are a very fiesty team playing at the top of their game right now. They caught Smith on what must have been a let-down game (I don’t believe any of the teams in the top 5 are 30pts better than any other team) and have beaten a pretty tough South Central Team featuring several major Div-1 players. Coach Kenny Carter and Co. will make sure they’re a contender for a conference title.

    3) Smith-NW Guilford(Tie)- These are two great teams. They are very different in style with Smith playing a faster more athletic style of play and NWG with a more patient, methodical approach to the game. They both have great coaching with Coach Joyner at NW who’s been around for a while and the new crew of relatively young guys at Smith (Jeffries, Perry, Hamilton,???). Senior trios of McIntosh, Bennet, Foures of NWG and Wilkerson, Dubose, Gibson of Smith lead the charge nightly for their respective teams. If anyone saw the overtime conference championship game between these two last year there’s no doubt that these two teams have got what it takes to be special. I have them tied because they are both really good teams that I think will fair evenly well in their conferences and finish 1st or 2nd. One thing’s for sure no one wants to catch either of these teams on a good night.

    5)Bishop McGuiness- With the loss of Whitney Knight and Erin Thompson one would think that they’d be a the bottom of this poll but they still have Megan Buckland and a strong supporting cast. As a player Buckland is a pretty tough cover. She elevates the level of play for her entire team nightly. Their conference is not the strongest but they play a fairly tough non conference schedule. Coach Robinson has done a great job with these ladies and I look for them to compete every night.

    6) Northern Guilford- An impressive 3-A team led by a trio of their own (Samantha, Molly, Kelly). They are well coached (Kim Furlough) and have played together for their entire high school careers. My only concern with them is that they play in a relatively weak conference without the likes of Dudley this year. Not to count them out completely but I wouldn’t favor them in a matchup with any of the top 5 teams. They should have a great year in 3-A.

    7) Southwest Guilford- A very good basketball team that uses toughness, size and speed to overpower teams. I have them ranked at this position right now because they are missing a key piece to their team (6’3” Cheyenne Parker). When she returns things should turn up quickly as they are laden with talent at every position. Coach Bryan has been in this position before and she’ll have those ladies playing harmoniously by season’s end.

    8) Ragsdale- Coach Fuqua has a solid basketball team this year. They’re not as good as last year’s Little 4 champions but a team that has some room for growth, and have shown improvement every game. I have Ragsdale slightly ahead of Southeast Guilford because they won a recent head to head matchup.

    9) Southeast Guilford- Entering the 4-A ranks this year may be a bit of a challenge during conference play. They lost the head to head matchup with Ragsdale but have a chance to redeem themselves with a strong conference record. Coach Newton’s team is tall and long and if they play hard they have a chance every night.

    10) Western Guilford-Coach Jeremy Heinold‘s team features one of the best scorers in the area and one of the biggest posts around. I just don’t know how the other pieces of their basketball puzzle will fit. They played a tough game against NWG a week ago but at that time they had much room for improvement.

  13. GC Bball,

    Good Analysis, BUT you still have to take into account that Eastern beat both SW and Ragsdale.

    If Dudley stays #1 until beaten by a local team, then Eastern has to go in front of SW and Ragsdale. At least to the #7 seed

    Western split games with SW ..which would drop SE to 11

    whatcha think?

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