Tiger Woods – Role Model or Money Maker

Boys will be boys – athletes have been running around for decades. Not all of them for sure; but some have even bragged about it. So to discovered that Tiger Woods is no different that other athletes who have strayed is not exactly front page news.

The problem is that now Tiger has decided to drop out of golf to get his life back together – that’s a good thing for Tiger’s family.

It’s a bad thing for Golf. When Tiger was out earlier, golf suffered. Attendance and TV viewership was down. He’s definitely the Golden Goose for Golf. This time golf will get what it deserves. I have no doubt that Tiger’s fellow golfers witnessed his affairs. They could have stepped up and stopped it. But they were too busy living off Tiger’s cash generating ability.

History repeats itself way too many times. When will these “superstars” and their minions realize that bad-boy behavior will eventually put you in the poor house.