Swim Center – Be Sure To Not Forget Anything This Time

The Swim Center plans in the News & Record look pretty cool; BUT…..

The plans don’t seem to be TV friendly. If we are going to have regional or national events, these events will certainly be telecast as the sports channels are telecasting every sporting event possible. Those who retain long term memory will remember that the most recent Greensboro Coliseum renovation failed to include platforms for television cameras and spotlights. They also failed to have the proper number of handicapped seats. (Who can forget the ticketing snafu where hockey season tickets were sold only to arrive discovering the seats had been removed for wheelchair access.)

Did the architects consult with Fox Sports, ABC, NBC, or ESPN for advice to make the facility so easy to broadcast that these channels would broadcast everything ever offered? Is there under-water viewing ports for cameras? How can you cover all angles of competition, when the pool is against on exterior wall. The plans shown on the News & Record Friday edition (not available on-line) appear to provide viewing access (thus camera platforms) only on one side. TV wants in your face coverage – from the left, right, front, back, above and below!

Is there handicapped access to the pool? Not just the crane system used to lower folks into the pool; but a ramp so that folks could walk into the pool?

Given the city’s past record, I hope that regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s vote; someone will ensure that we don’t have to go back again and again to correct basic omissions.


  1. I can’t recall seeing many non-olympic meets televised on TV.

    Will this facility be able to compete with Charlotte for those regional/national meets?

  2. Granted this is a very NICHE market, but would you believe – THE SWIMNETWORK at http://www.swimnetwork.com PLUS CBSSports in conjunction with Swimming World Magazine streamed on the Internet NCAA finals.

    Today you can reach billions of people without a TV station or network via the Internet; just as we did on “Football In Focus”.

    To be honest, for less than another $100,000 – this swim facility could be equipped with permanent HD cameras, switchers and slow-motion equipment and stream EVERY event on the Internet. Imagine the IMPACT!

  3. Yeah, just imagine the impact! On a smaller market than boxing and Ultimate Fighting Championships. Ask yourself this, “If it were my money, would I do this?

  4. I know what can be accomplished via the Internet – especially with niche markets. If they make the Swim Center SUPER TV friendly – it could be a destination swim facility. Groups lining up to have their events in Greensboro, just so it could be broadcast on cable, satellite and Internet.

    This falls under the Matt Brown way of thinking; but I can’t argue with the reality of a facility done right. I just doubt they have even thought this much about it.

  5. The handicap thing is a no brainer. All buildings must now meet those codes.

    I’d be surprised if the proposed center is not video friendly. There aren’t a lot of swim facility builders. I would hope this would’ve been covered.

  6. The Handicap Rules were in place before; but were missed. The last row in center sections and end sections were removed as a result. The question is has a certified physical trainer who works with Handicapped Swimmers been consulted?

    They also failed to realize that the 2nd Level of Seating blocked view of the scoreboard from the suites and rear rows of seating. The solution was TV’s the have the scoreboard content in the suites and in some areas of the over hang.

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