Western Guilford Basketball Results

JV Girls Final
Page – 31
WG – 22

JV Boys Final
Page – 45
WG – 40

Varsity Girls Final
Page – 52
WG – 37

Varsity Boys
Page – 56
WG – 60

Submitted by Jim Clontz, Athletic Director, Western Guilford HS


  1. Grimsley-Dudley game not much of a game. I hope Roy was there only to see Hairston, ’cause the talent pool was slim after that. I hear a lot about D-1 players at Grimsley, but they must have been sitting last night’s game out.
    Slim pickings on the basketball talent front in Guilford county this year from what I’ve seen.

  2. Western and Page will be middle to bottom of their conference this year with Dudley alone at the top. Everyone complains about Dudley not playing in the Pizza Hut Invitational, but it’s probably good they don’t from what I have seen.
    Just a few observations from the game—

    1) The Page coach is the first Dad to coach his kid who is not harder on him than the rest of the players. They would be better with the 2players from HPCA for sure.
    2) Western just needs some time to jell. Their D-1 commit did not impress me much at all. Maybe he just had a bad game, but he needs to “pick it up” several notches before he can play at any D-1 schools. Their transfer will end up being the key to having a successful season, but he has to get comfortable in the new system and the new position. Noticed that thy have a dad as an assistant, and that really surprised me.

  3. I agree with you Dale about WG’s D-1 commit. He did not step up in the SWG loss either. The “transfer” is not as good as everyone believes. He has the “goods”, but does not know how to turn it up. I don’t think that the style of ball is a good fit for these players. I mean scoring between 42-60 points is a joke for a team with a D-1 commit and some pretty good talent. I keep hearing about “time to jell”. These guys really haven’t played in decent teams. As a matter of fact who have they beat with a winning record? They are will struggle in this conference. The Dad that is Art’s assistant knows basketball, but he thinks he knows everything. He is his son’s “agent”. Ask him about his son and he will give you an hour of “BS”!

  4. I don’t know if Dale’s comment was a negative or positive about Coach Kent coaching his son, but I know he is VERY hard on hi. I can’t speak for last night. Last year the paper said their old assistant yelled at his son so he wouldn’t have to as much. Jackson KEnt will be a very good player by the time he graduates, especially when he stops sprouting up and can put some weight on. Can really shoot it and has a good handle, just a little weak right now.

    Page will be a much better team at the end of the year. How good? Don’t know, but they are very young and young teams mature rapidly over the course of a season assuming they dont give up.

  5. Coach Kent knows what he is doing and his background speaks for itself.

    He held the Western Guilford single-game scoring record for several years as a high schooler, played on a NAIA National Championship team at Guilford, coached Southwest Guilford to a State 3-A Title, and had the only team(Page) to beat 4-A winner Mount Tabor last year…

    Coach Kent is loaded with guards with Harrison, Greene, Eaves, Kent and Summers….It’s like they are all guards. A 6’9 McDonalds All-American nominee(Julius Brooks) is hard to replace…. Not to mention Oates, Weethe and Finney….

    We have some great kids around here and the name of the game is not to be knocking them, but helping them get a shot at the next level…..

  6. Andy, I don’t think people are “knocking” the players around here. The next level is tough! The players in this area has opportunities, but don’t act like these guys are legitimate D-1 prospects. It seems like too many are getting that tag. Most of it is “fools gold”. As a former D-1 player I support the area players. Many of them I have coached or trained. I do think the future looks bright for the classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

  7. I agree with “under the radar”. Nobody is knocking the kids! Most of the comments I see are actually realistic and they “tell it like it is”. I feel there is too much Dr. Spock feel good about myself discussion. Let’s get these kids ready for the real world where coaches are coaches and do not want to be friends with the parents or the players. There is entirely too much hype about so-and-so being a D-1 player when there as absolutely no way they will be—-whether it’s because of desire, grades, ability, height, speed, etc.. I would love to have $20 for every player in all major sports we hype up as D-1 this and D-1 that, and I will pay $100 for everyone that actually makes it to that level—-I will go so far as to bet that 75% of the kids who go D-1 or D-2 (male and female) either transfer to a school at a lower level or end up just dropping out of athletics all together.

  8. Did you watch the dudley-grimsleygame obviously not. Grimsley was up 52-50 going into the 4rd quarter and a 5 min stretch in the 4th won the game for dudley, grimsley had some bad breaks and had to play without gourley for most of the game cause of foul trouble and he ultimately fouled out. they are by far the second best team in the metro

  9. a division one college coach offers a player on what he sees in the summer on the aau circuit…1) the aau game is played at a faster pace…the scores are in the 70-80 point range every game…reggie perkins- my son, plays point guard on his aau team…He only averaged about 11 points this summer on the circuit…he has a scholarship to play point guard…He had 7 other college D 1 players to throw the ball to…believe me, it is a big difference…but to all you haters, he has a 4.0, and could have chosen harvard, columbia, or yale…just yesterday the naval academy called…colgate has interest…his scholarship offer was from the southern conference, not the ACC, SEC or Big 12…he is only a junior, so the offer is based partly on upside potential…and finally, to “under the radar” stop hiding behind the screen to talk about my son…and if i talked to you about him, it’s probably because you were talking to me…it takes to have a conversation..

  10. When it comes to their children, parents have the final say as long as those kids are still under their roof.

    Got to look out for the kids, some of the ones we write about here are still real young, in the 13-14 year-old range. Just keep that in mind when you go talking about other peoples people, unless maybe you are their coach and we don’t have coaches coming in here commenting do we? If so you need to spend more time coaching and less time in here…

    The team should come first for our area coaches…..

  11. Mr. Perkins,
    I am sure your son is a fine young man and obviously is a good student. I think your response, even though you probably did not mean for it to be, was exactly what the poster was referring to—a little long winded and a lot of bragging! Most people are very proud of their children and that’s an admirable trait. Good luck to you and both of your sons.
    Based on your post and the interest from USNA, I am sure you are very pleased with the outcome of this afternoon’s game.
    Dale Fulton

  12. Although Big Reg can be a little over the top at times, I think he was trying to be humble in this case. He is offering that Little Reg got a scholarship from a lower caliber conference than the ACC, Big Twelve etc. He also notes that his son only averaged 11 ppg this summer. He goes on about Ivy league schools who show interest but I think that’s his way of showing that Western Carolina didn’t just get duped.

    WCU obviously saw something they were willing to bank on. Maybe it’s Reggie growing 2 inches in a year. Maybe it’s his demeanor on and off the court. Maybe it’s the numbers he put up as a sophmore. Either way, they offered a rising junior a scholarship and we should all be proud and happy for this KID no matter how you feel about his father.

    I have seen and heard too many people happy or wishing to see a kid fail or do poorly so they can feel better about their own kid’s shortcomings or their own failures. All you experts who can predict the future please post next week’s lottery numbers so we can ALL get paid! LOL!

    Every junior does not play well in every game and he has over 1 1/2 seasons to get it right. And every kid playing D1 basketball is not 100% in every single game. However, if that’s what it takes for YOUR kid to quit chasing chicks and quit giving just 50% in practice, then maybe he can use Reg’s off games for his inspiration. Maybe if you, yourself, saw a kid struggling while being treated for a hurt back, YOU could have said “I am better than THAT! I can make the SAME impression on a coach and get my OWN $20K+ scholarship!” But if IF’s were FIFTHs, we’d all be drunk!

    At the end of the day, it is what it is: little Reggie looks EXACTLY like a D1 college basketball player…because that’s EXACTLY what he is.

  13. WCU beat Louisville today, btw. Why hate on a 16 year old kid that gets it done on and off the court?

  14. To all, dont let your feelings about me dictate what you say about my son..You call it bragging, I call it acknowledging his accomplishments….And anyway, since when did acknowledging someone’s accomplishment become bragging? It’s public information readily available right here on the internet…He’s a good kid, he’s not getting in any trouble, he has good grades and a pretty good ball player…Why the hate?

    I know how hard it is to get selected to play at the next level…But it’s even harder to make straight A’s while playing ball 12 months out of the year….Here’s something you did not know…after our game on Tuesday night, (a game that he scored the game winning 3 with 16 seconds) he was up after 12:30 doing homework? Maybe he was just a little tired on Wednesday night against SW, which led to a subpar performance, which led the coach to believe that he was not going hard, which led the coach to not start him or hardly play him against Page….or maybe the coach was right, and he wasnt going hard…who knows, but either way, he’s got bright future, and he has almost two years to get better beofe he goes to college….

    And in the end, you may never see his true skill level at WG, and after a weekend of soul searching, I can honestly say that I am okay with that…

  15. Mr. Perkins,

    I dont see it as bragging either. Although I havent seen your son play this year, I know how hard it is to get an college offer as an underclassmen and to maintain the grades that he does. Kudos to your son and to your family for making academics a priority. I dont know why posters want to hate on the kids. Maybe because their own kids are not getting the shine. Who cares what they think about a player, as long as the college coaches/scouts see something, that is what matters. They are not the ones offering the scholarships. Tell your son to keep his head up and keep doing what he does. When John Wall came to the Piedmont I didnt see all the hoopla around him. But look what he is doing in Kentucky. Now I’m a big fan. So tell him to show it on the court and make them eat crow. Good luck to him

  16. I think the posts are all pretty supportive of this young man, but I truly hope the last one was not an advertisement for Brian Clifton!

  17. that number 33 for western guilford is a player with alot of potential but for some reason the coach is not giving him a chance to play his game

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