Sheamus as Champion gives WWE a new look

Don’t know for sure how long this will last, but with Sheamus as the new Champion it does give the WWE a new look with his pale pigmentation and his bright red hair, he has a distinctive appearance and that is something the company needs right now.

Most of their talents look the same and are blah blah blah bland…..Sheamus has a look that will captivate audience attention for a few weeks or however long he holds the belt.

Sheamus is a kick-butt and take names competitor and much more interesting from a point of aggressive nature than Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, or Ted DiBiase who all are just flat out boring and they pretty much lack originality in their work in the ring and out of the ring. Orton has not advanced beyond his anger outbursts he showed in late summer-early fall and he has fallen into a do-nothing routine….Walk out and do nothing….

Rhodes is very weak in his delivery. No threats or convincing approaches that make you believe that he can step up and really sell this product. What else can he do, but look like a brat that has no talent whatsoever…

DiBiase is so bland that it make you wonder if he really is Ted Sr.’s son. Stand tall and really other than that, he has doesn’t anything since he entered this company. No promise for him unless he goes off the deep end and rips on and into Orton and just kicks the living daylights out of Orton and Rhodes…They both need their tails kicked for standing around and drawing a paycheck the past 2-3 years….For that matter Ted Jr. should have his butt kicked too for not doing a thing since he turned pro…..

Sheamus on the other hand, this guy is not part of some family….He is his own man and he is a younger version of David “Fit” Finley to some degree….”I just came here tonight to kick your butt and that’s what I am about to do”….It doesn’t matter that you might actually endure some real punishment while I am kicking your tail, this is what you are going to get and so be it….

Sheamus may have gotten some of his push at the bequest of Triple H, but who really cares????? At least Sheamus gives you something different and he is ready to bash somebody’s head in and that is what this should really be about….

Triple H himself was a different character with his long hair and the pedigree….We need this distinguishing trait that creates more interest from fans who want to see more than just a couple of guys standing around talking…..


Sheamus defeated John Cena in a tables match to win the WWE Championship at Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view. Cena was going for a superplex when Sheamus shoved him off the top rope and through a table that was set up in the middle of the ring.


  1. Andy..Andy..
    Wow! Such vile for Orton & Legacy?? As usual, in today’s modern wrestling world, the problem doesn’t lie with the talent but with the writing & storylines. Just as Crockett gave us Flair vs. Dusty for what seemed like decades, you have the same headliners over & over & over with no new interesting characters being created. I haven’t seen Sheamus enough to know if he’s good or if he sucks, so I’ll hold judgement till I see more, but anything’s gotta be better than U CANT SEE ME…I wish we couldn’t see Cena for a while. As a matter of fact, now that I think on it, the only interesting thing left to do with Cena, would be to make him a heel!!

    As far as Legacy (Rhodes & DiBiase), can I throw out a suggestion that’s lost in today’s wrestling world–MANAGER/MOUTHPIECE!! They’re decent workers & the concept of “Legacy” works, but could you imagine a Jim Cornett or a Paul E. Dangerously type managing them (anything but Dusty or Ted Sr.) I’m thinking the way Diamond Dallas Page managed Badd Company (Tanaka & Diamond) in the AWA. You knew that they weren’t the best workers but the concept really worked!! And of course, you have to have opponents for them…DX works short term but you know they’re not gonna do tag teams long term. I actually liked Mark Henry & MVP but apparently the office didn’t. I can’t thing of another team that works in the WWE (please don’t suggest Jericho & Show) I think if they really wanted to push a young guy, they would think about how to market John Morrison!! Gotta go…more later!!

  2. As good as I think Sheamus has the potential to be, this is a VERY undeserving champ…though this is not me wanting Cena to still have the belt. For Sheamus, it’s just right place, right time…no credentials. Besides, they have made him US or Intercontinental Champ FIRST…the way it should be.

    Not saying Sheamus doesn’t deserve the title ever, because he does. This guy could be a Hall of Famer…or he could be another Sid Eudy.

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