Who is or who will be the top point guard in Guilford County?

We have seen many of them already, but without seeing each and everyone of those Guilford County HS point guards, who do you say will be the best in the county this season?????

To me, this is the most interesting position on the floor. This is the man that has to run the show and if he is not careful, he might ruin the show one night…..

Will it be Brennan Wyatt from Dudley, he has already committed to Navy for next season…..Brennan is the floor leader for the Panthers at Dudley and he has a steady understudy in DeSean Manuel…..Wyatt has more experience at PG than any other guard in the area and he stepped in and took over after Josh Chavis graduated from Dudley……

What about Burrell Brown over at Grimsley????? Burrell has helped the Whirlies get off to a (4-2) start with NEG coming over to the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium this evening….Burrell had a steady game in his matchup with Wyatt and Manuel last Friday night at Dudley and the Whirlies were hurting in the backcourt when he left the game….

Benaiah Wise had 19 points for Ragsdale in their win over High Point Andrews last Friday and he is becoming the glue that is holding the Tigers together. Benaiah has been working hard in the off-season and he is a student of the game during the season. I saw him at the NEG-EG game on his off night back on Saturday…..

Christian Pulliam and Brandon Dorsett at Greensboro Day School are set to have productive seasons and they both will spend time handling the ball as will several other Bengal guards….Dorsett is more of a scorer and also plays the 2G and Pulliam is the real PG if he can stay healthy and be able to let his game roll……

Darius Rogers at High Point Andrews is one of the best in the business and the only knock on him is that he is only a sophomore and he is small and still working getting stronger. He is very fluid on defense and he must help Andrews survive their murderous non-conference schedule so they can get a shot at the 2-A schools….

Michael Neal at Oak Ridge is out for the year with a broken bone in his hand and he would have been a choice for the top spot with Wyatt if he was not on the mend…..

Hunter Clary at Northwest Guilford has been putting up some big scoring numbers and he may become more of a 2G than a PG if Kyle Berger just runs the club out front and even if that happens, then Clary will still handle the ball quite a bit and what will NWG need more, his scoring or passing? Probably his points, but he will have to learn to score and he has while setting up the offense…..Matt Pawlowski has seen more minutes at the point this season than any other NWG guard and he does a fine job, but Clary is the key to the Vikings backcourt scoring….Pawlowski will take much of the pressure off of Clary when MP is handling the ball…..

Can you think of others that we have left out????? I’m sure there are more and for some teams it is still too ealry to tell who is running the point and some teams will tell us that they don’t have a designated PG, that they just have a guard bring the ball up and then set the offense in the halfcourt…..

Austen Thompson does a fine job at Southern Guilford, but does coach Corey Phillips want him to run the show or shoot the ball or do both….Sometimes it is tough to focus on both details, but some kids love the challenge and they will eat this up and Thompson may be ready for that….He has a very smooth outside shot and we will check it out in more detail this evening when SG takes on Randleman….

Adam Gunn at Eastern has been tearing up his three-point poppers and he did it in unison on Saturday versus NEG. Gunn was hotter than a two-dollar pistol and he can nail it from 15-20 feet away from the basket with simplicity……His teammate Butchie Huffman is almost a small carbon copy of “Pistol” Pete Maravich, with his hair falling down in his eyes and passing skills(minus the behind-the-back pass he tried on Saturday) and Huffman could become the top Point Guard in the area if he keeps on working on his game. With Huffman it’s hands on the bottom of his shoes, hands in his hair and then both hands on the ball as he gets it to Brandon Hairston or Darius Dawkins…..

Give us some more Point Guards that you want to get noticed and we hope that with all the work and training that they are doing that the game will remain fun for the kids….

The wins are a fun-fullfillment, but what about when you lose or when the coach decides it is time for you to sit down and you don’t know if and when you will get back in the game????? With four fouls, when will you go back in the tight ballgame? With 4 minutes to play, or will it be with 5:25 still on the clock or will you have to wait until the 3:00 minute mark?????

Is the reward equal to the time spent working to reach the level you now enjoy, or is it time to evaluate all of this practicing and playing and see if the effort has paid off or if you would be better served, with some time off…..

Let us know?????? Point guards and fullfillment at the top of the Monday menu!!!!!!


  1. Aaron Toomey at Bishop…hes about all they have this year but last year was all-state when he had some other good players around him

  2. Western Guilford has a nice point gaurd i think his name is Reggie, ive heard a lot of good things about this kid, i went to see him play against SW at Sw and he had somewhere around 20 points. He has a nice jumper and is athletic. He needs to gain a little weight and pick it up on defense but he has a big upside.

  3. Mitchell Oates- High Point Christian

    After the year he had last year I figured he would be on this list easily as he has given fits to most on this list. Hate that he left Page but he will have a big time year when he is able to get on the floor. Word is this friday at GDS

  4. Collins is out hurt for HP Red Raiders.I fell like he is a better point than Rogers. They both give the ball up alot, but Collins will run the ship better.

  5. I have not seen him this year, but Neal @ Northern (ORMA now) is the best point guard in the county. He is athletic, explosive to the basket, and a great scorer (especially when he is needed). When he learns to make better decisions and improves his jump shot, he will have a “high ceiling”.
    I will be surprised if he is out of the lineup the whole year, because that could certainly hurt his development.

  6. BBFAN, you are correct you do learn something every day even if it is false. Neither Clary or Berger are playing the PG position.

  7. NEAL

    that’s in order and it’s not even close after that. neal is the most gifted athletically, wyatt is the quickest and has
    the most freedom in dudleys offense, and pulliam is the most experienced and purest point guard. neal will be a four
    year starter, wyatt is a three year starter, and pulliam has been seeing time for gds’ varsity since eighth grade and served
    four years as a starter.

  8. Clary and Berger do a fine job, and Pawowski is #5 and Berger is #3 and I not sure what number that Clary was wearing, but he is the guard that stands out for NWG…

    I have seen them all and I’m sure the NWG fans can keep up with them all, but Coach Bloom makes so many personel changes I am lucky that I have been able to keep up with what I have been watching.

    We will try and give Pawlowski his props, and the kid is a solid talent and he can run the point, but the guard that stands out for me on that team is Clary…..

    I am gonna keep an eye on Pawlowski next time, but you also have to remember that I am seeing 4-5 games per week. Like I said earlier it is hard to tell what exactly some are the teams are doing at the point, like Page, Western and NEG….They are using tons of guards, and so does Bloom.

    NWG has received some good props here with Clary and Vebber and we will keep a watch on Pawlowski…

  9. Reggie at WG is almost like a combo-guard…Reggie can run the point and he also can play the 2G. He can slash to the bucket and he is also a riser when he attacks the basket.

    This is only high school, but Reggie may be a HS version of Fred Brown and Slick Watts, both who played for the old Seattle Supersonics…

    You had downtown Freddy Brown from the outside and Watts could take it to the hole and also shoot outside. Watts was famous for wearing his patented headband…..

    Reggie probably wouldn’t want to be framed into this mold, because both Watts and Brown are old school, but they were very good guards and I know my guards….

    Reggie has a younger brother Jordan that will be putting up some big numbers in a few years and PJ Hairston has a younger brother, William/Tre and he is going to be one heck of a guard too……

  10. Mitchell Oates-High point christian

    He is the best point guard with the most potential hands down is Mitchell Oates.I saw him play a couple times at the gators open gym run a little before the season started and he is much more improved. He hasn’t played a game this year but his first game back will be at GDS this friday at 5:30. He’s very quick (Quickest guard hands down in guilford county in the open court hands) , he has great vision,explosive and he can shoot it from deep.He always shows up and plays hard and is unselfish. He will suprise alot of people like he did last year. And think about he still has ANOTHER YEAR left next because he reclassed. The kid made everything besides all-area and was the Metro 4a tournament MVP as a junior at Page last year and he can only get better.There is no reason why he shouldn’t be in the running for one of the best point guards arounnd and be forgotten about that quick. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made All-State honors this year for private schools.And don’t forget he will be playing along side Jordan Weethee when he comes from his acl injury. They will form one of the best duo’s around

  11. NWG- I have seen the point guard play and it appears his role is to find the shooters and control the ball. He plays nearly the entire game with few breaks. The team appears to lose composure when he is not in the game and the coach is quick to get him back in there. He plays great defense and gives 100%. Not a superstar just a solid player. Very entertaining to watch him bring the ball up the court and run the plays the coach calls out to him. Very coachable and if someone works with him on his shot he could be a force to come since he is a 6’1″ sohpomore.

  12. Since the post didnt specify male or female, Im going to give both

    Wyatt-Dudley, i would say a pure point guard. Reads the floor really well. Can score and pass the ball like no other.
    Neal-ORMA a showtime point guard. quick off the dribble

    Hannah Mcintosh-NWG handles the ball well. cant leave her open around the arc.
    Asia Milton-ng only a sophomore but explosive. would rather have an assist than to score. once she gets her turnovers to a minimal will be one of the top pg in our area.

  13. Why is it that the Greater Greensboro overlooks Smith High School? There are two guards that the city has overlooked from Smith, but you will see as the upsets will start as of tonight against Dudley!

  14. I guess you really have to define point guard. Are you refering to combo guards..pure point guards?
    Looking at stats other than points would be helpful. Such as Turnovers and assists.

    Same with females…Hannah (in my opinion) is a pure shooting guard. She does not attack the basket the way you would expect a true point guard to do.

    Need more info to make a sound decision

  15. Let me tell you about your Smith,

    The varsity kids are playing well. But I am going to tell you like it is. The varsity coaches are morale killers!

    They cut kids that were already chosen to be on the team (practiced and all) to have the football players play….rather than just saving a spot for the football players…How nasty! I heard a starter or someone who plays a lot had left his shorts on an away game and they had another young man take his shorts off and give it to him. Rather than notplay the young man who left his shorts to teach him accountability for being prepared they humiliate another youngster who is prepared.

    I also heard they are wearing JV uniforms because something happened to theirs. I am purely mad. I was a sponsor when the new coaching change happened and purely believe that kids perform well academically and in sports when they know people care. I helped buy those new uniforms and I am in disbelief over how they are acting.

    They turned in money to get shoes ect…the money was given back to them and told them to get their own shoes.

    The AD and Principle need to get some answers.

  16. To Truthfully : Wyatt has been a starting PG since 9th grade. He transferred into Dudley his sophomore year.
    To Overlooked: I think you are very accurate when you say that the two guards at Smith are very good and overloked but beat Dudley I don’t think so. I do think it’s going to be a show tonight because everyone always brings their best when they play Dudley. I watched you play against ORMA and ws very impressed with your team. I think you will definitely do well in MEtro 4A. But just thinking out loud I don’t think it will be an upset but we will see.

  17. This seems to be a decent topic and without me laying out a lot of good morning bull, can anyone tell us who is the point guard at Northern Guilford this year?????

    I haven’t seen them play a game all year and was curious….We are talking boys team here…..

    Not saying this in a negative vain, but in an honest approach, if PJ Hairston is on his game, it won’t matter who the Smith point guard is tonight. If not, you never know.

    Look for Reggie Dillard to have a big too with many of these kids having played at Jackson and Allen Middle School together….

  18. NG’s point guard is Patrick Chandler. I believe he is a sophomore and he is doing a nice job. They have a couple of backup pg’s and they are good as well.

  19. Overlooker

    You make some great points about accountability. But here is the reality. If PJ left his shorts do you think Price is not going to let him play? Do you think Northern coach is not going to let Frye play? In fact most teammates will volunteer theirs. It happens many times even if it is shoes. It is not that the person meant to do that. There is no buying a person way in for playing time. That is definately a total wrong message. If you are donating or contributing financially, then do it because it is the right thing to do and not some sort of rights of passage for a kid to play who deep down on the inside, knows that he is not on that level. Stop with the morale killers bit. Kids had better learn to make adjustments early on inspite of their coaches and not use that as an excuse for not performing well.

  20. Truth, what are you talking about. I have no child at that school! I donated exactly because I felt that the program needed someone to step up and I knew no one on the basketball team.

    It doesn’t matter who left their gear..I don’t give a crap…PJ OJ or Wall “accountability! Kids can make adjustments is it about winning or getting you prepared for tomorrow? You at a business meeting and you forget your presentation what are you gonna do borrow someone else’s. If it was important to you you would not have forgotten it.

    A hit dog will bark…. What wrong message could be sent with kids who made the team at tryouts….but oh! such and such decided to play we have to cut you know???? Waiting!

  21. Truth, what are you talking about. I have no child at that school! I donated exactly because I felt that the program needed someone to step up and I knew no one on the basketball team.

    It doesn’t matter who left t

  22. Saegan Hilliard the PG for Asheboro is putting up some good numbers…

    Averaging 23.5 points, 9.2 assists and 5 steals a game after 6 games.

  23. These are the best girls guards in the city:

    1. Breonna Patterson Dudley
    2. Ashley Debose Smith
    2. Cedrica Gibson Highpoint Central
    3. Brittany Clancy Western Guilford
    4. Alysia Mcneil Southeast Guilford
    5. Chevena Pickard Page
    6. Denika Harden Grimsley
    7. Kierra Mciver Dudley
    8. Brittany Gywnn High Point Central
    9. Zena Lovette Soutwest Guilford
    10. Gretchen Bennet Northwest Guilford

  24. Let’s see

    Ashley Debose @ Smith-I don’t get it-I have only seen her play against NWG last three years (besides the times she was out because of attitude-((her own words))which we all know has been dominated to the tune of 10-0; so let’s say she did not play her freshman year & her attitude took her out for one more game her soph year-NWG still 7-0. Maybe this website tries to present her as “the best guard in the city” (sounded like a Ronnie Til commentary in your pre-season article) but her W’s are lacking-ok she can’t control where she goes, but like another blogger said “if u can play u can play”-I don’t see it

  25. Hannah does need to be near the top of the list. She is a true point guard who gets her team into the flow of the offense. If NWG did not have Hannah at the point, they would have a very difficult time in that conference. I would love to see an AAU team where Hannah ran the point and Breonna played the two.

  26. To “Let’s see”

    Good observation re: Hannah @ NW & and not driving, however she is not “a pure shooting guard”, she has too many W’s & too many assists vs. turn overs, blocks, steals & rebounds-she probably is just fortunate to have girls around her that can finish from inside & outside, maybe because she has the ability to find them-ask one of this websites favorite coaches why he picked her to be his PG this summer-she sees the floor & is looking for the W.

  27. Hannah is a good player but have a hard time against quicker and more effecient guards. She does well against slow pace type teams. Did you see her against Dudley? Against a Highpoint Wesleyand she would look awesone. Take away Gretchen’s ability to hit long set shots and then ask Hannah to carry a team from the guard spot, I believe would be asking a lot. Breonna Patterson, Brittany Clancy, Ashley Debose, Cedrica Gibson, Alyshia Mcneil, Chevena Pickard, Zena Lovette etc.. can do that and have shown the ability. Hannah is very methodical and nothing is wrong with that because she is perfect for NWG style of play during the regular season.

  28. To “dudley momma”

    you are hearing things, everybody, including you should know whites girls can’t play basketball-whose your pick?-10 to 1 she’s not white-let’s play the reverse discrimination card today

  29. I was at the Dudley game. Any other point guard in this county would have turned the ball over almost every time against Dudley’s pressure. Did you see the way she feeds the post? Did you notice how she sees the court? A lot of the girls listed are not true point guards. I have no doubt that Coach Britton(as well as all the coaches in the county) would love to have Hannah run the point for her club.

  30. How can any topic about female guards not mention mirnada jenkins and caprisha smalls…eastern has beat both Northern and SW Guilford, and Smalls and Jenkins are the leading scorers 95% of the time…Jenkins averaged 16 pts as a soph, and smalls averaged 13 as a junior coming off major knee surgery…Arguably the best backcourt in the county….

  31. That is a great point. Miranda and Capricia are the real deal. Eastern spreads the court and allows them to take people off of the dribble. Very impressive!

  32. Obviously a sensitive topic for many. Lot’s of players with different styles. Some bench mark’s for consideration of a “true” or among the best PG

    FT % – Probably should be able to hit 80% or better. Gotta protect the lead at end of game.

    3’s – Should be able to knock down 33% or better to keep the defense honest

    2:1 Assist to turnover. Helps to keep your teammates happy with you. Lesson to you young PG’s, show some love to the post players and they will rebound harder for the team. Ignore them and watch your team get smashed on the boards.

    Minimum 1 steal a game (if your playing most of the game, should be able to stumble into the passing lane at least once!)

    W’s – should be able to guide your team to at least a 70% winning clip to be considered amongst the best.

    From those mentioned above, are there some that fit close to these numbers?

    Still a lot of season left. Curious to see where they stand over the next couple months.

    Much success to all.

    Any thoughts? Are the numbers reasonable? Any key traits I missed?

  33. To big Smitty,

    It is not about coaching….do you all not get it! Those black males have enough issues than to not have a person in a leading position honor their word! Thus, again having mistrust, anger, self esteem…ect.

    If you have try outs and the boys made the team don’t set them aside because a couple of football players who said they weren’t going to play now want to play!! Get it!

  34. Tom,

    The style of offense NW runs lends itsself to the type of passes ect….Perhaps you can say combo guard. Never said she wasn’t a great player. Just said I didn’t feel like she was a true point guard. She might not have thrown ball away, but she did get some 5 second calls.

    A point guard has got to be able to penetrate and dish as well as other things.

    Miranda definitley should be number 1. penetrate pass and shoot.

    BTW teams can have great point guards and still have L’s. It takes 5 to paly the game.

  35. To dudley momma,

    No you didnt hear correctly because I didnt speak it, I typed it. If you read, in my opinion,that Hannah is one of the best pg, you read correctly.

  36. I have seen Hannah play for several years and all spring/summer via AAU. I would have her on my team any day. She shoots, passes, draws defense, penetrates. what more could you ask for. If you all are basing her play off 1 game(dudley), then you have no idea of what this player can do. Everyone has their preference and everyone is not going to agree on the same player. That’s why its called a “discussion”. It wouldnt be a dicussion if everyone had the same views. Im sure some prefer Bre, Miranada or Capricia but I based my opinion on what “I” have seen. It is what it is

  37. On both the boys and girls side, is there really a point guard involved when the team is running a three-man weave out front?????

    On the girls side, both Smalls and Jenkins bring the ball up for Eastern Guilford and Jenkins usually runs the sets out front in the halfcourt….

    Smalls is a big girl and she can do a lot of different things for her team.

  38. Response to “SG” … “Best Guards in the City”

    These girls are good… but… listed with Breanna Paterson #1 is definitely Chell Jackson, Desiree Drayton… If this is you top list you can’t be seeing what we see?
    I quess not “SG”

    Come on now … let’s be real…

  39. Hi Jay Jay,

    the only problem with the two you add is they play the 3 4 5 positions. i believe they are talking about true point guards. Run the offense ball distribution ect…They are two great players though.

  40. Do not overlook CJ Plummer @ Westchester Country Day. He is just back from an injury and makes a tough lineup even better and a little more under control.

  41. Jay jay

    Which girls on SG list would you replace to add the two you mentioned to run the point guard position? Keep in mind in understanding what a point guard must be able to do other than just run up and down the court.

  42. Mitch Oates went to High Point Christian to try and get his grades up in a smaller high school setting. They say the academics are good there and it is tough, but with smaller class sizes than at Page….

    He will learn.

  43. Since this topic is about guards in the city. I want to know what girls or guys guards could play and start for any team in the city and it would make that team even better. But they could not be replaced on their team and it would be better?

  44. To: Dudley parent & “SG”

    Don’t FREAK…

    Some point guards stay at the top…while some fall… and yet others continue to grow stronger.

    Great group … don’t you think! The other young ladies mentioned earlier can stand down… as they are both multi-talented and SUPER athletic… and go hard.

    Top Female ” Point Guards” By the Dozen…

    1. Breonna Patterson Dudley
    2. Cedrica Gibson Highpoint Central
    3. Brittany Clancy Western Guilford
    4. Alysia Mcneil Southeast Guilford
    5. Chevena Pickard Page
    6. Denika Harden Grimsley
    7. Zena Lovette Southwest Guilford
    8. Gretchen Bennet Northwest Guilford
    9. Ashley Debose Smith
    10. Brittany Gywnn High Point Central
    11. Kierra Mciver/ Dudley
    12. Laurin Jackson /Dudley

  45. jay jay

    Why did you drop Kierra from number 7 to number 11 when we are talking about top 10? Brittany Gywnn from number 8 to 10? Ashely Debose from 2 to 9? Are you saying that you really do not believe that they belong in the top ten? Or are you trying to say that Lauren Jackson or someone else should really be there with out stratching someone else out? Next will you be coming up with “LUCKY 13”?


    1. Dudley
    2. Highpoint Central
    3. Northwest
    4. Southeast Guilford
    5. Northern Guilford
    6. Ragsdale
    7. Smith
    8. Page
    9.Southwest Guilford
    10. Western Guilford

    On the rise:
    1.Southern Guilford
    2. Grimsley
    3. Greensboro Day
    4. Northeast Guilford
    5. Eastern Guilford

  47. To SG and interested parties: Shall we follow The Selector’s format?

    PRESENT … Top Female ” Point Guards” By the Dozen…

    1. Breonna Patterson Dudley
    2. Cedrica Gibson Highpoint Central
    3. Brittany Clancy Western Guilford
    4. Alysia Mcneil Southeast Guilford
    5. Chevena Pickard Page
    6. Denika Harden Grimsley
    7. Zena Lovette Southwest Guilford
    8. Gretchen Bennet Northwest Guilford
    9. Ashley Debose Smith
    10. Brittany Gywnn High Point Central

    On the rise:
    1.Kierra Mciver/ Dudley
    2. Laurin Jackson /Dudley

    No lucky 13 fellas… These are the power players …but…and I say but… they all rise and fall season to season.

  48. Don’t let flash fool you guys…..Can these ladies handle the press, can they handle the ball with both hands, what is their assist turnover ratio..how do they handle pressure do they know when to slow, down speed up?

    Without some stats you will miss some critical points. Without watching each one of these girls play and look beyond athleticism without discounting it at the same time you may miss something.

    Number 1 and 2 don’t change….however 3-12 can definitley be spruced up. I know of 3 that can’t handle pressure and 2 more who can’t use left hand; but they have great floaters

  49. Gretchen is not a point guard and Ayshia McNeil is not a true point guard either. Although she may be running point now. She wont in college nor did she in AAu

  50. OK

    Can you name the three that cannot handle pressure? What about the 3-12 that needs to be spruced up? Is Breonna really a point guard? Hannah runs the point much better than her and she is not even listed.

  51. jay jay

    Why would Kierra be on the rise when she was already listed in the top ten. You have her not even listed. What about KK who plays for us? Where should she be listed, since she plays guard as well?


    Remember to not overlook a proven commidity when coming up with your selections with out personal ties to a Local Team or AAU Team.

  53. I think Sarah Uffman runs the point part of the time for Southeast Guilford, at least she did last night(Wed.) versus SWG.

    Tevin Johnson does the same for the SEG boys and he is only a sophomore and Greg Birdges plays very steady out front for the SWG boys…..

  54. No I won’t call out any girls like that. The individuals making the list should be able to see that.
    Secondly, when I say spruced up….Each person may be weak on something while the next person may be weak in something else. Those “in my opinion can go in any order.

    Yes Bre Patterson is a point guard. Like Helen Terry last year she happens to be the most consistent outside shooter on the team.

    To the truth…when you say backcourt duo as in Bonnie and Clyde???it changes the scenario. I like Hannah and Gretchen in this scenario along with Breonna and Kierra

    Any other “Duos” meaning 1/2 punches you guys like out there?

  55. Honestly,

    they play for different organizations or may not play for a local team or may not play summer ball at all.

    It doesn’t really matter. These all are opinions and people see things differently.

    To all Girls listed and not listed…keep going hard ladies as long as you leave it all on the court no other opinion matters.

  56. Denika harden breaks the press and shoots the 3 good and penatrates has a good left hand had 7 rebounds on game good point guard quick that’s just my opinion

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