Report from last night’s NEG at Grimsley game

One of our followers was at the game and filed this first-hand report and we say thanks for the details and the fine effort…..

Close back and forth battle at Grimsley tonite, with Rams pulling it out 51 – 49. Grimsley missed a contested layup with 3 seconds to go that would have tied it. Griffith led the Rams in scoring and down the stretch scoring 12 points, including two clutch free throws that put the Rams ahead for good with 35 seconds left. Carter Gourley led the Whirlies with 9 points. Whirlies played every player but one and it did not look like anyone got in a groove, as no one was able to break double digits. As conference play begins soon, they have enough athletes and good players to give everyone but Dudley a run in the conference if they can settle on a rotation. Northeast also looked solid and looked to have a few more true scorers then Grimsley. Whirlie defensive specialist Leshaun Brown was in street clothes tonite, possibly injured?

Early favorite for hardest working coach in the Metro 4A goes to Coach Kent of Page, who was again out scouting the Whirlies!!


  1. Emily is correct and it is set for Page and probably will get under way at around 8:30pm with four games set for the Mac Morris Gym with JV Girls and Boys and Varsity girls and boys….

  2. how in the heck did grimsley lose to northeast? im not trying to diss ne but the whirlies are better than what they looked last night. pick it up fellas!

  3. Are you kidding about Kent being hardest working coach? He’s too busy sending e-mails complaining about the good coaches in the area. So hard working that he plays his son every minute and they continue to lose.

  4. Kent is well thought of here. What’s your problem RU? The Coach K deal is dead and gone and everyone is moving on….

    Let it go and move on man.

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