Checking in with Tuesday’s Top Ten and more…..


1.Callie Carlson Caldwell Academy 17 pts
Brittany Clancy: Western Guilford 17 pts
Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford 17 pts (Congratulations on 1000th career pts)
2.Ashley Fowler: Page: 16 pts
Breonna Patterson: Dudley: 16 pts
3. Brittany Drew: Page: 15 pts
Keyairra Purcell: Eastern Guilford: 15 pts
4. Ayshia McNeil: Southeast: 14 pts
Catrina Green: Western Guilford: 14 pts
5.Ciara Jackson: Ragsdale: 13 pts
Chevena Pickard: Page: 13 pts
6.Capricia Smalls: Eastern Guilford: 13 pts
7.Kristin Crosby: Eastrn Guilford: 12 pts
Molly Tahmased: Northern Guilford: 12 pts
8.Gretchen Bennett: Northwest Guilford: 11 pts
Brittany Price: Southeast Guilford: 11 pts
Julissa Anderson: Southeast Guilford: 11 pts
9. Kierra McIvor: Dudley: 10 pts
Melisa Foures: NWG: 10 pts
Quon Green: Smith: 10 pts
LaKendra Wilkerson: Smith: 10 pts
Brittany Gwynn: HPC: 10 pts
Arielle Harris: HPC: 10 pts
Amanda Harriston: Dudley: 10 pts
10. Amerijah Jamison: Eastern Guilford: 9 pts
Portia Oakley: Page: 9 pts
Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 9 pts
Alexis Robinson: Northern Guilford: 9 pts
Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 9 pts
Tiffany Lucas: Grimsley: 9 pts


1. Demone Harrison: Page: 37 pts
2.PJ Hairston: Dudley: 30 pts
3.Darius Dawkins: Eastern Guilford: 25 pts
4.Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: 20 pts
5.James Summers: Page: 17 pts
6.Kalik Parker: Ragsdale: 17 pts
7.Jonathan Frye: Northern Guilford: 16 pts
Barry Scoggins: Northern Guilford: 16 pts
Dylan Berry: Northern Guilford: 16 pts
Reed Lucas: NWG: 16 pts
Tevon Johnson; Southeast: 16 pts
8.Tracy Gathings: Smith: 14 pts
Zach Ellwood: NWG: 14 pts
Derrick Grant: HPC: 14 pts
9. Neal Spinks: Western Guilford: 13 pts
Danny Pressley: Southeast Guilford; 13 pts
10. Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford: 12 pts
Reggie Perkins: Western Guilford: 12 pts
Rashad Sweeney: Grimsley: 12 pts
Stacey Greene: Page: 12 pts
Shaq Bethea: HPC: 12 pts


  1. Great list! I wish we had a list similar for top rebounds, assists etc.

    also Amanda coffer also had 9pts

  2. Quick Question: Are these stats from Tuesday only? I am trying to check on a Southern Guilford guard. A Randolph Tiger parent said he had 24pts on Monday night. If anyone knows where a box score or anything more official is, I’d be most appreciative.


  3. These stats are Tuesday only, but we will do some checking for you and see what we come up with and if anyone else knows, let us know here.

    There was a kid for SG who had a big game Monday, especially in the second half.

    Game was 19-11 Randleman at the half and then SG went up 36-30 after three quarters…..

  4. Probably either Nick Bell or Keemon Ingram and I would say Ingram because he was having a big game on Monday in the second half in particular…Ingram is #21 if I am not mistaken….

  5. Ashley Fowler @ Page has had (2) nice scoring games in a row-congrats-she does the other things to win all the time-if she continues to score & does the other things she has always done, Page will be on their way-they have very experienced coaches-let’s see what happens-good luck Fowler-keep it up

  6. NWG – I guess when Clary and Vebber have an off nite Elwood and Lucas take over. Looks like NWG has a pretty deep bench.

  7. Did Caldwell Academy girls beat a home school team 67-8?

    Callie Carlson is 8th grader. Watch out for this chick in the future.

  8. Here’s the scoup “BBFAN”-you are correct re: a deep bench. Vebber really didn’t have an off night, he didn’t play a whole lot-the few 3’s he took were not falling, however he made a few nice moves to the basket for scores. Elwood just goes in & does what he can do, which is usually pretty sweet to see. One thing about the Glenn gym coaches might want to think about going in there to play-I think the rims are unforgiving from outside-the NW girls which normally will have thier fair share of threes probably went 1-15, maybe Glenn made 1 but I don’t think so.-Thought they were having a poor shooting nite until I saw the same thing in the boys game. Everette made 1 that hit the front and flopped in & a player from Glenn swished one. There may have been another one or two, but there were way more missed than made.

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