Greensboro Day over High Point Christian in the snow on Lawndale Drive

Greensboro Day School 62
High Point Christian 54

*****GDS is now (13-1) and they played today without four regulars including Brandon Dorsett, Lucas Weavil and John Terry….*****

1st Q:
GDS 14
HPC 11

HPC 29
GDS 24

3rd Q:
HPC 43
GDS 37…..
*****GDS scoring….Quayshad Williams 21 pts.
Christian Pulliam 17
Jordan Robertson 9
Luke Thomas 8
Corey Arvinger 7

*****In his first game of the year Mitchell Oates for HPC, lead all scorers with 24 points and Joseph McManus also had 11 for HPC……******

Mitch Oates for HPC and Christian Pulliam GDS, controlled the floor for their respective teams…..


  1. gds also palyed without leading scorer Robert Kleinman. HPCA played well….especially McManus and Oates. HPCA will be a 2A force to be reckoned with now that Mitch Oates is controlling the backcourt. GDS plays two tough games against Wakefield HS and Jacksonville HS before heading to the Coliseum for the PHI Little 4. happy holidays to all

  2. Where will the next two GDS games be played?

    Mitchell Oates was looking like a young version of Avery Johnson out there yesterday……Steady footwork and pull the ball back and then lean forward and then explode to the basket with direct penetration…..

  3. the next 2 games GDS plays are at Northern Guilford HS if im not mistaken. Yea i totally agree Mitch had a great game….his dribble penetration also opened up McManus and Earnhardt for some 3’s.

  4. Corey Avinger also had a great game. He doesnt normally play that much but he is a senior who stepped up when GDS needed him. Hopefully we will see a little more of him

  5. You are exactly right about Corey Arvinger. He stepped up and filled in nicely for the missing Bengal guards that were out sick…

    To be honest with you, that is the first time I had ever seen him, but now we know who #31 is…….Good outside shot…..

  6. Another guy that gave GDS some good minutes was Michael Tuck. He doesn’t usually get in during the heat of the battle, but he also stepped up with Dorsett, Weavil, Terry and Kleinmann all out….

    Luke Thomas on the wing is also starting to find his outside shot…….

  7. i have had the priv. of coaching corey avenger of gds on my showcase team. his ability to take angles away from points on defense is very special. he also has the ability to make good decisions in the open floor. having brandon and corey side by side is very special. their coaches at gds have done a great job. cant wait for march to come and then i can have my turn again with these guys. coach buddy mason lynchburg hoops

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