We are on the roll with our Basketball Poll

Our boy’s poll is going up and our girl’s poll is on-line too and we are only including the teams for now that we have had a chance to see or our study in some detail. We plan on adding more of the private school teams and maybe even drop in few of the up-and-coming public schools from within the area as the season progresses….

Here is the boy’s poll for this week:
1) Greensboro Day School(12-1)
2) Dudley(6-1)
3) Northern Guilford(7-0)
4) Smith(7-2)
5) Grimsley(5-3)
6) Western Guilford(6-2)
7) Northwest Guilford(3-3)
8 Northeast Guilford(5-3)
9) Eastern Guilford(5-2)
10) High Point Andrews(4-3)
11) Ragsdale(3-5)
12) Southern Guilford(2-4)
13) Southwest Guilford(2-5)
14) High Point Central(1-4)
15) Page(1-4)
16) Southeast Guilford(2-6)
*****Records based on information at MaxPreps.com.*****

Girl’s Poll:
1) High Point Central(5-0)
2) Dudley(6-2)
3) Northwest Guilford(5-1)
4) Eastern Guilford(6-1)
5) Ragsdale(6-1)
6) Southeast Guilford(7-2)
7) Northern Guilford(6-3)
8 Smith(4-3)
9) Page(3-2)
10) Western Guilford(4-4)
11) Grimsley(4-4)
12) Northeast Guilford(4-5)
13) Southwest Guilford(3-4)
14) Southern Guilford(2-4)
15) Greensboro Day School(4-9)
16) High Point Andrews(1-7)

*****Information on records for this poll from MaxPreps.com.*****


  1. are the polls strickly on record??? becuase if not..Ragsdale should be above Andrews..they beat them last week at HP Andrews. Head to Head should have some significance.

  2. need High Point Christian on the poll….even though they wont be high, they still have some local ties plus you have central which is 2 blocks for hpca. just a suggestion. I would like to keep u with the old Page boys. They almost stole one today.

  3. Andy there flaws with using Maxprep records, if you want them to be accurate.

    For example: MP has Page girls 2-2/WG girls 4-3-they played last week, Page won.
    The game wasn’t added by anybody on either of the team pages. Page should be 3-2 & WG 4-4 I think. Not sure how you got correct record for Page from MP. Sometimes when two teams play neither team even reports the score. It looks like Maxprep has an elaborate formula to calculate state team standings or league standing, but the info has to be entered properly for it to have a chance & then it still wouldn’t be perfect.

  4. Anyone can report a score on the Maxpreps web site. I do it all the time. You don’t have to be a coach or AD.

  5. Where in the world is Westchester Country Day? Not sure how good they are but they are 8-0 and just wait until you see how hard they play. They may be out of control at times but what an effort they put out.

  6. I agree, if you include Greensboro Day.. we need to include every other Private school in the area. If not, take GDS off the poll, its not fair to the other private schools.

  7. There is only one established private school in the area and that is Greensboro Day School for boy’s basketball….

    We will look at the other teams down the road, but right now they have no creidibility…You don’t become an established private school overnight by going out and bringing in some players….

    Show me come consistancy over a period of time and while your’e at it, you have to beat Greensboro Day…..

    Are all of you from this area? I know the basketball for this area and the ball goes through me, and I’ll listen, but you need to show me something on a regular basis….

  8. I adjusted the EG boys record. They did not play the Eastern Alamance because of the football playoffs, but we leave them just below NEG, because Northeast beat them last Saturday night by decent margin…

    I had already moved the Page girls to (3-2) after noticing the MaxPreps deletion, but I had to change the WG record to (4-4)..Page beat WG and WG beat Grimsley so the poll is OK…. With all the tournaments starting to hit next week we will have to be on our toes with MaxPrep updates and N&R, HPE, journalnow.com and Burlington Times-News and Courier-Tribune…..

  9. GDS brings them in but this program has been on the map for over 20 years….

    Have the others or are they on the map this year, have not been there before and will they be there 10 years from now?????

  10. Rather or not they have credibility should be insignificant, we are talking about the present, not the past, or the future!! Do u think they gave Findley Prep the same consideration?… they arent even a real school!! get real Andy, vote on who is the best at the present time!

  11. So you are saying that because they have no history they shouldn’t be on a list of the counties best schools. Thats outrageous. GDS will get beat by ORMA the second time mark that on your calendar.

  12. There will be no second game and if there was one, GDS would beat them again. ORMA thought there was to be a second game between the two, and it is on the ORMA schedule, but not on the GDS and they are to be the host team and they say no way Jose, no game to play at Greensboro Day with ORMA….

    Sorry for all the rhymes, but sometimes I get on a roll and I really think I am a genius, but I am not.

    There is no second game and ORMA has not done anything yet to establish themselves….We don’t know for certain that they will even be there 2-5 years from now….

    They have talent, but will they be able to establish a real program there. Coach K has talent and he can coach, but how long will they be dedictated to continue this program.

    Coach Johnson has been doing what he is doing for over 30 years at GDS. Doesn’t that account for anything????

    Are we to let all the Johnny Come Latelys into the poll?????

    Go somewhere, stay for a while and establish and build a program…

    GDS would beat ORAM in game two at GDS. ORMA barely beat Smith at GDS…..

    There is to be no game two, but I will tell you this. If Michael Neal comes back, I do see ORMA’s chances at stepping up their game happening in a hurry….

    The kid can play and you have to have top point guard talent to win in this league whatever this league is. Christian Pulliam was the difference maker for GDS in Friday’s win over HPCA. Pulliam was still playing and Mitchell Oates got tired down the stretch……

    Good discussion and any time we are talking hoops, it is good times and I do appreciate your opinion, I just don’t agree with it at this time….

    Hoops time is here, one of the best of the year….Find a slab or piece of wood and go at it….

  13. You are absolutely correct, GDS is the very best. They are the standard of excellence in this area on and off the court. They are the best on the court and take academics very, very seriously. Coach Johnson is as good as it gets.

    My only point is that Westchester is really good because they are talented and they really give forth an effort. It is fun to watch. This is a talented team that is like a wild horse.

  14. There is a 2nd game between GDS, and ORMA it was just added to the schedule Jan 30th at Greensboro Day. It will be a different story come January buddy. They barely beat them the first time. By a lucky bank shot at the end of the game.

  15. Disregard the last message I just sent. But did you see the first game between the two. GDS barely beat the the first time. ORMA basically shot themselves in the foot time and time again. They had some new players that had only 2 days of practice before the game. And Chris McCain and the coming to ORMA and the 7 footer coming back makes them a much deeper team. So if they were to play again it wouldn’t even be close. I will say the Coach from GDS is the cream of the crop, because he did out coach Stan that game. But from the game in Woodberry Forest I notice that they team is actually starting to gel and they are starting to play like they are supposed to. I have to up most respect for GDS but I don’t think at the end of the season they will be as good as ORMA.

  16. your reasoning for not including private schools is hilarious considering you had northern guilford in your poll…but whatever…I think we were just hoping to include everyone but it doesnt really matter in the end. Just shows a little bias which is ok with a sports blog

  17. The poll is extremely bias, just would like to see an accurate rating based on “every team” in the area. Andy you guys go a great job, but have to disagree with you on this one. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

  18. This poll, and whole site is extremely bias, saying that the only private team that belongs on the poll is GDS is crazy. When you have Westchester, HPC, and ORMA I am not saying that they should be number 1 but I am saying they are better than most teams on this poll. And I think that Dudley will destroy GDS this year PJ Hairston is a monster.

  19. Greensboro Day staff told me Friday that there was no game set for January 30 with ORMA…..ORMA has it on their new schedule and we printed it that way here at the site and we were wrong…..

    Coach K thought that they would have a second game coming with GDS, but it will not happen based on what I was told on Friday…..

    Maybe they can work something out later, but for right now…..No dice……

    We may have to come up with a seperate private school poll for the area with GDS, ORMA, WCD, HPW, HPCA, Caldwell Academy and others…..

    Let’s kick that around and see how they stack up…..HPW over WCD? Caldwell over HPCA????? Who else should be in this private school poll???????

    We may have enough schools to do a Top Ten…….

    There’s a good chance that Dudley would beat all the privates, with the exception of Greensboro Day and who knows maybe ORMA would give Dudley a run, but at Dudley the Panthers would beat the Cadets….

    It is just so tough to go into Dudley and get a win….

    John Wall and The Word of God couldn’t do it last year they had CJ Leslie too….Burlington Cummings and JT Terrell couldn’t do last year, and BTW, Terrell is on a four-game suspension now at West Charlotte for fighting during a game….Northern Guilford couldn’t do it last year….The Nighhawks lost at Dudley and then won against the Panthers at their place(NG)….

    GW Danville beat Dudley up there in Virginia a couple of weeks ago and they will get a chance to try and defeat the Panthers on January 16 at Dudley, and I do believe that is the date…..

    Some good basketball going on in this area and this season is just getting started good…..

    Let us know about that Private School Poll and what all of your thoughts are on it…..

    We are talking basketball here and this is the stop…..

    I wonder who the last team to beat Dudley at Dudley was????? Nobody beat them there last year and I remember about two years ago that Dudley lost one on the road, sort of a Friday night fluker at Rockingham County…..

    I don’t think Greensboro Day has ever played Dudley at Dudley…..

    Just some hoop talk for a Sunday in Decmeber and do most of you think that the Wake-N.C. State game this afternoon will be toss up?????

    CJ Harris from Mount Tabor has been playing well for Wake, but what has happened to Johnny Thomas from GDS at N.C. State?????? Someone told me his injury was almost as bad as Toney Baker’s and that Thomas just hasn’t been able to come back full-strength yet……

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