NC over SC in Shrine Bowl(The shine from the Shrine)

On reports from Joe Barile and Emily Craft:

24-14 North Carolina over South Carolina…..
Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford) with a 30 yard TD run out of the wildcat.

Kasey Redfern(Ragsdale) was the best player from Guilford County on this day.
*****Redfern had 3 incredible punts, 3 PATs, and a field goal, but he also had a missed field goal and shanked a punt….*****

We have not yet heard who was the game MVP….They usually have one from each team and then a game Most Valuable/Outstanding Player….

JB and EC were on the scene.


  1. Kevin Parks Jr. (KP)- Offensive Player of the game
    Chris Smith- Defensive Player of the game and the MVP.

    Both players out of West Rowan High School.

  2. I will also go on the record and say this…and I have heard it from other people that were at this game as well….There was not one person on that field from NC or SC that can match up with Keenan Allen…he is everything, everybody says he is.

  3. Major Bryant from Dudley had five big tackles (tied for second overall) and a fumble recovery that led to a NC score.

  4. Andy,
    I was able to get some highlights from our CBS station down in Spartanburg. I will be running them tonight at 6 & 11. I have shots with Amerson, Bryant and Allen in the video.

    Brian H.
    WFMY Sports Producer

  5. All,

    A delayed taping of the shrine bowl will be played on ESPNU. From the Shrine Bowl website:


    A tape-delayed broadcast of the game will be shown on ESPNU at 2 p.m. on Dec. 28, at 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 29 and at 7 p.m. on Jan. 7.

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