Eastern Guilford Christmas Tournament results from Day One

*****One of their BIG Sponsors is Buffalo Wild Wings at the Elon Center right off the Elon University exit/Elon U Parkway from 85/40…..******

Eastern Guilford 52
High Point Christian Academy 23
*****The EG girls out-scored HPCA 20-4 in the 4th and final quarter and the Wildcats out-scored the Cougars 26-10 in the second half alone…(The 3rdQ was the only bright spot for HPCA as it ended up a 6-6 tie)…..*****

Scotland County 51
Carrboro 42
*****Scotland County is coached by former N.C. A&T Aggie men’s player, Corvin Davis…*****

Eastern Guilford 71
High Point Christian Academy 70
*****EG was up 37-23 at halftime and HPCA battled back and took the lead and they(The Cougars) were up by 5 points with less than a minute to play, but they couldn’t hit key free throws down the stretch to seal the game/victory…..

HPCA had the ball and a one point lead with 4.5 seconds to play, but they stepped out of bounds on the in-bounds play down by the Eastern Guilford basket and EG got the ball back and had time for at least one shot with 4.5 still on the clock….

Eastern got the shot off from the left corner, but it missed and there was just enough time left for a baseline put back and Brandon Hairston, put it back in on the follow shot, that left his hand just before the horn sounded and the ball swished through the net and the game was over with the EG Wildcats claiming the win and the HPCA Cougars suffering another heart-breaking loss….This might have been the most exciting finish that we have seen this season….

Scoring leaders:
Eastern Guilford…Brandon Hairston 29 points and Tre Radcliffe 17 points….
High Point Christian Academy….Mitchell Oates 27 points and Nick-Denmark 18 points and Nick-Denmark dropped 5 three-pointers in the second half……

Scotland County 72
Carrboro 29……

On Tuesday it will be:
Scotland County boys
versus Eastern Guilford boys at 7pm

Eastern Guilford girls versus
Scotland County girls at 8:30pm


  1. hpca should have won the game. No foul call on the inbounds when the defense was intentionally fouling.

  2. sPORT

    We made a terrible inbound pass underneath the basket. You never throw a pass under the basket. Poor execution on our part. Refs had nothing to do with it.

  3. Hpc should have won the game easily but in all fairness the refs swallowed the whistle both ways all night. One of the worst officiating games I’ve seen. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a team hit more threes in one game than hpc did. They played with great heart and wanted it a lot more than eg. It was the first time watching eastern play this year and all I can say is wow when watching harriston. He is going to be a stud by the time he leaves. He is unbelievably smooth for a sophomore.

  4. Egfan,

    Where do you get “HPC should have won easily”? EGH was up 14 at the half, they got really hot from three point land in the second half, and EG pulled it out with great efort in the fourth quarter. HPC has a good team but Eastern is no slouch.

    sportstalk EG wasn’t intentionally fouling at the end. It looked to me like they were doing exactly what they needed to do by denying the Oates kid the ball and he ran almost out of bounds and they tried to inbound the ball to him while he was toeing the line. The refs let both teams play for the most part. It was a great game by both squads. Let it go at that.

  5. And the winners say “What time is it?” and the losers say. “Deal the cards!”. It never ends, does it?

  6. What exactly does “let both teams play” mean? It was a great game and maybe I was pulling for the underdog but, make the call. I wish officials would “let me Play”. Then I will certainly get the advantage.

  7. It does not matter who should of won. What matters is who won. You people who critique should be coaches or referees, and not wannabes

  8. hpca lost the game because they missed fts down the stretch and forced the inbounds pass when they had a time out left. He told them to take a time out if someone wasnt wide open. This is from the horse’s mouth. they should have won, played a lackluster 2nd quarter.

  9. hit submit too early…

    hpca is going to be a force by the end of the year, they are just so small right now they dont have any room for error. they played really hard last and got back in the game and took the lead just couldnt hang on against a good EG team. that was an incredible shot to win it.

  10. 1st coaching blunder is to say the players were in error—take the hit coach and you’ll have a long career.

  11. HPCA is and will be an exciting team to watch this season, but they are having trouble finishing games….

    There is one missing piece of this puzzle and he is sitting on the bench in street clothes and he can’t play this season because of injury….

    Jordan Weethe is the missing ingrediant.

    If HPCA can roll with Weethe, Oates, Nick-Denmark and the other kids next year, then they could be killer…..Hopefully Denmark is not a senior and the other Cougars that have some heighth will return next season as well…

    As for this year, 2010 is just around the corner. Make the most of your possibilities.

  12. Wildcatwonder,

    Sorry I shouldn’t have worded it that way. HPCA should have won it when they were up by 6 with 30 seconds to go. Eastern should have won running away though. They were up by 18 in the 3rd quarter. If it wasn’t for HPCA getting on fire behind the arc it wouldn’t have been close. Eastern is ten times more athletic than HPCA but HPCA was on fire behind the arc. I think any other day Eastern wins by at least 15. The PG for HPCA can play though.

  13. Dale, I seriously doubt Clifford would flat-out blame it all on his players. If you miss 5-6 free throws in the last 2 minutesand turn the ball over with a lead and the ball with 5 seconds left, you surely can see how that can be attributed to losing a game.

  14. and on any other day it would not be a 15 point win for Eastern. That HPCA team was not the team from earlier ths year. They had GDS on the ropes as well, just couldn’t close it out. To say “they only came back because they got hot” is just like saying “EG ONLY won because a kid made an incredible rebound and shot” it works both ways.

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