Fox and Hurney set to return with Carolina Panthers in 2010

After the recent wins and with all the money they would leave laying on the table, the Carolina Panthers have chosen to bring back general manager Marty Hurney and head coach John Fox, but they have also decided to exercise an option and not extend the two leaders contracts beyond next season…..

Here is the most recent word from the Charlotte Observer and Click Here to get the full report…..

Carolina Panther general manager Marty Hurney, head coach John Fox and Fox’s entire coaching staff will be offered the opportunity to return next season, the Charlotte Observer has learned.

Fox, whose contract will expire after the 2010 season, will not be offered an extension, however. Sources say he is scheduled to make about $6 million next season.


  1. Why did the Panthers ever let GM Bill Pollian get away? Look at the job he has done with the Colts……

    He had it going on in Buffalo, built the Panthers into contender and now the Colts are one of, if not the best teams, year-in, year-out in the NFL….A caveman could coach that team and they still would win 14 games……

  2. The Panthers are almost daring Fox to find a place where they will pay him more than $6 million in one year.

  3. Maybe the Carolina Panthers will get lucky and grab qb TJ Yates. He knows that turf at BOA. He has been grounded there for his entire bowl career.

    He’s already been named MVP for the Pitt Panthers after this years game in Charlotte.

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