Grimsley-Page trivia time: Here is the ANSWER!!!!!

Grimsley-Page trivia time
from Ryan Saunders, with a little “Time Out for Trivia” from the Monday after Christmas……..

Page v GHS trivia time:

Who can name the player to draw first blood in this football series by scoring a TD against Page in the very first matchup? (Cue the Jeopardy music)

Sept. 30, 1960 – GHS Stadium

After further review . . . Hank Barden, running back for the Page Pirates, scored the very first TD in the history of the series. Dennis Saunders, the quarterback for GHS, was the first Whirlie to draw blood against the Page Pirates with a TD run. The GHS Whirlies, coached by Bob Jamieson, went on to victory that night 26-7.

The Greensboro News & Record ran an article the next day that read: “More Experienced Whirlies Make Pirates Walk the Plank.”

It should be noted that those 1960 Whirlies went on to win the North Carolina State Championship later that year. In fact, they are the last group of young men to win the North Carolina State Football Championship for GHS.

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  1. Close, but no cigar. Who was the first Page player to score against Grimsley? It would have been in 1962, not 1960. Prior to 1962 “GHS” was Greensboro High School.

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