Pizza Hut Invitational Starts Thursday at the Greensboro Coliseum

We will talk more about the Tournament throughout the day and the VIP Contest is coming up within the hour….

On Thursday Boys Round One:
#3 Northwest Guilford vs. #6 Northeast Guilford 11:30am
#1 Greensboro Day School vs. #8 Smith 1pm
#2 Grimsley vs. #7 Page 3pm
#4 Northern Guilford vs. #5 Ragsdale 4:30pm


  1. The last time I checked the tournament wasn’t scheduled to start until Thursday. It runs Thursday-Saturday, and it’s at the Special Events Center, not the actual coliseum. The Southern Scuffle is still going on today at the Special Events Center.

  2. Good call and the earlier info was an attention grabber now wasn’t it…..

    The problem is becoming, “What day it it?”

    I have been covering the Northwest Tournament, the Northern Tournament, the Eastern Tournament, the High Point Tournament, the Oak Ridge Tournament, the Reidsville Tournament and the Asheboro Tournament and it is getting tough to remember what day it is……..

    At least we have now found a way to finally start calling this the Pizza Hut Invitational and not the Little Four any more….

    I have been trying to post these events without my tournament sheet and I will need to get my sheeet together, but again this has been a wild journey trying to keep up with all these tournaments….

    Trying to remember start times by memory can be tough too, 11:30 for game one and not 11am….

    So much for the excuses, but again there is nothing like a good self-defense campaign…..

  3. Predictions? I got GDS over Northern in semis and Grimsley over NW in other semis. GDS to win 5th straight. I also going to take a stab at the ladies side and go with the Eagles of Smith to win it all.

  4. I agree with you jj……… this years tournament doesn’t seem to have the same hype as past years… last year was a little dry in my eyes too…. I think the round two games last year were better then the championship games…lol…but I will stop through to see some area talent…..

  5. Northern might just look to pull the upset over #1Greensboro Day in the semifinals and then you would have an unbeaten NG team going up against Grimsley in the finals and NG defeated the Whirlies 70-65 earlier in the season in a game that was played at Greensboro Day.

    Is Frye ready to carry the Nighthawks to the title?????

    Northern’s opponents will attack the point guard position….Frye is very stable, McBeth is sound, Scoggins is in with experience from Dudley and Berry is a veteran…The point is the spot lacking the most stability right now….

    Ragsdale’s girls are the surprise so far this season. They have only lost one game and the lost three mainstays off of last year’s team in Lisa Archie, Courtney Arrington and Dorian McInnis…What Coach Fuqua’s team has done so far is really impressive.

    The Smith girls are have been way too inconsistant….Maybe that is about to change, but they are so up and down, I would be leery….

  6. Not sure NG has the depth to get by GDS. If I was the Bengals would be concerned about Smith. Could be a 1-8 upset. When was the last time that happened? I really think the first game may be the toughest for GDS.

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