Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament VIP Ticket Contest Round Two

Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament VIP Ticket Contest

Here is your second question based on our list of clues from last evening and the VIP Ticket Package is coming your way courtesy of Steak N Shake….

*****Question for the FREE Tickets, the FREE VIP Food Package, and the FREE Parking good for the entire tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum and you have to be able to use the tickets to qualify……

Where are the Greensboro Steak N Shakes located?????

*****First person in with the correct answer will the winner…..*****

When you win I will need you to E-mail me at so I can get you your VIP Package today between 5-6pm…….

When you leave your comment box info, be sure to leave your correct E-mail address which will never be published and that will also help me to reach you…..


  1. On Wendover and on Lawndale Drive is correct and the North may be considered West in some geography classes and on some compasses….

    The main thing is on Lawndale and on Wendover and you are a winner and that fact that you hopefully can use the tickets helps too…

    Contact me at and stay tuned, Round Three is coming up in the three o’clock hour……

  2. AHS was our winner and with Round Three coming in during the 3 o’clock hour the last one should be a good one since there is only the one clue left from last night….

    The first person in with that answer will be the winner…..

    Three O’clock hour and it’s on the way….

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