Fresh Air in the Sports Bars

Last year, people voted for “Change You Can Believe In” and today one of the first mandates is taking place. No Smoking in North Carolina restaurants and bars. It is going to be interesting to see how this works.

REFS – the new bar behind Village Tavern, off Battleground Ave., opened a few weeks ago and launched as a No Smoking Operation from Day One. I’ve never been; but I drive by there regularly and the place appears to be far more successful than the previous bars/restaurants based on the cars in the parking lot. There are a few other bars that were doing the same thing; but, the parking lot analysis was hard to use because they shared parking with other bars.

I can imagine that patios will become more popular, along with exterior heaters for those who are addicted to smoking.

The fact that NC has banned smoking even made the NBC National News Friday night, along with other laws around the country that went into effect with the new year.


  1. Heard a rumor that one bar near Harris Teeter on Lawndale was going to charge $5 per ash tray. The fee would cover any fine that this establishment receives.

  2. Thank You Lord! Now I can go bowling with the kids again and not have to smell or see any nasty smokers.

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