Pizza Hut Invit. Boys Championship Game

Grimsley – 65
Northern Guilford 56



1/2/10 7:30 PM at Special Events Center

NG-B (11-1)
FRYE, Jonathan 6-16 7-8 20; BERRY, Dylan 6-19 0-0 16; ROSS, Jalen 2-4 2-2 8; DOWING, Daniel 1-3 2-6 4; McBETH, John 2-8 0-2 4; ARENDAS, D.C. 0-3 2-4 2; DANIEL, Joe 1-1 0-0 2; DILLARD, Victor 0-0 0-0 0; MULIKIN, Will 0-1 0-0 0; CHANDLER, Patrick 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 18-56 13-22 56.

GR-B (9-3)
SWEENEY, Rashad 7-9 5-7 19; WILLIAMS, Krechaun 5-11 2-5 12; SWEENEY, Lee 3-7 5-6 11; GOURLAY, Carter 1-4 8-8 11; BROWN, Burrell 1-3 5-6 7; MULVEY, Jake 1-2 0-0 3; HAIRSTON, Christian 1-1 0-0 2; WOODS, Travon 0-0 0-0 0; BROWN, Lashawn 0-1 0-0 0; NADLER, Mark 0-3 0-0 0. Totals 19-41 25-32 65.

NG-B…………………….. 13 13 15 15 – 56
GR-B…………………….. 10 19 15 21 – 65

3-point goals–NG-B 7-26 (BERRY, Dylan 4-15; ROSS, Jalen 2-3; FRYE, Jonathan 1-5; CHANDLER, Patrick 0-1; McBETH, John 0-2), GR-B 2-11 (MULVEY, Jake 1-2; GOURLAY, Carter 1-3; SWEENEY, Lee 0-1; BROWN, Burrell 0-1; NADLER, Mark 0-3; WILLIAMS, Krechaun 0-1).
Fouled out–NG-B-DOWING, Daniel; McBETH, John, GR-B-None.
Rebounds–NG-B 33 (DOWING, Daniel 9; FRYE, Jonathan 9), GR-B 34 (SWEENEY, Rashad 9; SWEENEY, Lee 9).
Assists–NG-B 9 (McBETH, John 2; ARENDAS, D.C. 2; ROSS, Jalen 2), GR-B 7 (BROWN, Burrell 5).
Total fouls–NG-B 24, GR-B 18.
Technical fouls–NG-B-None, GR-B-None.


  1. Congratulation to Coach Corbett and his staff for their Championship. Maybe now they will start giving you some much overdue coaching respect within the county. Freddy and David WHO?

  2. Coach you have no idea what your talking about when you think that he is up there with freddie,when he can bring home states and actually win a a legit tourney,because this pizzahut tourney was prob the worse in 15 years so congrats on winning

  3. Congrats to Grimsley!! They did their job and won the tourney. Doesn’t matter who we think is the best, they settle it on the court.

    That being said, GDS looked horrible again today. They need to regroup. Two games they should win before they get into a stretch where the rest of the season is tough games!!

  4. I just wish that when i coached that I could have 3-6 5th year seniors on my roster when I play the public school who have true 9-12 on their rosters. When was the last time Freddy won one? We played with the one who show up on November1 and not the one’s I saw playing at Eastern and Dudley and offer him a pair of shoes and a extra year of high basketball. Come on yea, give Coach Corbett his due.

  5. Wow why cant anyone give grimsley credit? they were the best eam in this tournament. Where are all the haters now. Thank you grimsley for holding it down for the public schools

  6. yea small lil un athletic white kids and does well , and had a off game against northern and still shoulda won, and i give corbett his due when he can win a state championship or beat dudley which he will never do so yea congrats on winning a weak pizza hut tourney and still wont win the confernence

  7. Coach,
    How can you say Freddy and David WHO? When Grimsley has already lost to Dudley and has not beaten GDS either ,they beat a short handed NG in a rematch game . A game in which NG made no excuses mind you. Before annointing someone .. ACTUALLY beat the ones of which you are speaking. Let’s not get carried away here. Congrats to Grimsley

  8. I see you guys talking up the great coaching job Freddie does at GDS over and over. He SHOULD be winning on a consistent basis! He has the best the other teams in the area have to offer year in and year out. How much of his talent has gone to public schools throughout their careers and then move to GDS half way through high school? If you gave ANY coach in Guilford County a chance to take one of the top 2 or 3 kids from 5 or 6 different schools in the area plus whatever they already have coming up in their feeder school you’d be singing their praises too. Great players MAKE great coaches more often than not. I’m sure he and his staff do a fantastic job with their kids but lets face it, they have a LOT more to work with than most of the coaches in Guilford County.

  9. @ I agree with coach

    Before you start making statements, lets make sure we dont make false ones. Exactly how many kids have played significant minutes for GDS over the past 5-6 years that have played any varsity minutes at an area high school. The answer is 1. Quayshad WIlliams who is currently in his first year at GDS after leaving Eastern. The other kids that have come to GDS have moved in from out of area or state or even out of country. Do they have some fifth year players? Yes. But they aren’t picking and choosing players from area schools.

    Again though, tonight is not about GDS. Let’s give Grimsley the credit they deserve for putting together 3 wins in 3 days. I think we may have all forgotten they were very close to losing to NE in the opening round. And held off a scrappy Page team, before pretty much handling Northern tonight with ease. Great job Grimsley and good luck moving forward.

  10. I dont wanna hear that crap about northern being shorthanded. they were missing a 6’5 skinny center who avgs like 7 a game. they beat gds with the same team so dont give me that shorthanded crap. Tonight is about Grimsley and their win. give those boys some credit they play hard

  11. hoopsnut,

    I take nothing away from Grimsley and I congratulate them on a fine tournament and Northern as well. I’m glad to see one f the public schools win the tournament.

    The fact remains that GDS isn’t a team full of home grown kids who came up through a system. Many of them are reclassified kids who basically get an extra year to mature and SHOULD be beating most of the public schools here. Are you going to say that GDS does not recruit? Out of the area, out of the state, or out of the country, the fact is they have an advantage that other area schools (particularly the public schools) don’t have. Doesn’t change the main point. How many of the GDS players are from Greensboro? How many have ALWAYS gone to GDS? How many ‘moved in’? I can accept your argument that every kid isn’t recruited from a local public school but it doesn’t change the advantage.

  12. So, who cares about Northern and their MIA center? He wasn’t there and that’s it! Their shot selection was terrible, and Berry had another awful game. They will now struggle, and the people who were waving the championship banners will just put them away.
    It sounds to me like they had better forget about Scoggins, or he has the worst case os swine flu in history.
    Congrats to Grimsley!

  13. Berry’s father must have been on the committee to select the All-tournament team—-he had a terrible tournement. There were several players including Carter Gourley who deserved the honor. That is more embarrassing than the quality of basketball we were treated to.
    A bad tournament was made worse by the action of this voting.

  14. First and foremost, congratulations to Coach Corbett and GHS. They have overachieved and deserve a great deal of credit. They are champions and deserve our respect.

    Those of you who beieve that GDS annually has the best talent are wrong. Further, the coaching staff and the players outwork every other program in the area. The young men work hard in the off season and on weekends. The fact that they win consistently and have so many titles is a testament to hard work. These coaches are sincere about turning their guys into good men and good players. They teach hoops, academics and life skills. The really terrific thing is that they are the best, every year, without having the best talent.

    As I said the other day, Coach Johnson will beat you with his players and then would beat you with your players.

  15. I left out one item. Far and away, most of the GDS playes are local. This shot at GDS was way off and shows a total lack of research and knowledge.

  16. Congratulations to Grimsley. They came back and got us after we led by 10 in the semifinals. They also avenged our 2 point win over them at their place a few days ago. Since the Rams have taken the good sportsmanship route here, can y’all please correct the name of our All Tournament player? His name is Bryce Benjamin not the other way around. Thank You!

  17. @ I agree with coach

    I had to take a look at the roster to answer your question about this years team. I didn’t want to be incorrect. On this years team there is one player from outside the area. The 6’10 kid I think moved here from Augusta, Ga. Everyone else is a local kid. They have two kids that transferred or went to a public school last year. Quayshad Williams and Luke Thomas. One on the roster that was at a private school last year in Jake White ( I think he was at HP Wesleyan).

    As far as recruiting, that is how a private school survives. They must have students to pay the bills. So yes they are always looking for students. However, they have a specific set of rules on how they must go about that. A kid/parent whoever must contact GDS. There may be some general conversation on this first talk, but Coach Johnson is not allowed to talk specifically about anything until the kid either applies to the school or comes to officially visit the school through the admissions office. I am aware of these because a friend of mine looked into moving his son and daughter to GDS this past summer. They decided to wait until this upcoming year to make the move. Most of the time the reason a kid has to reclassify at GDS after coming from a public school is that they aren’t at a point academically where they can be successful. They all have to test to be admitted. Most would not be admitted, especially in math, in the grade that they are currently in. As a parent, that would concern me more than how many years they are going to play high school. The opportunity those kids are given from an academic standpoint far outweigh what they are given from an athletic standpoint.

  18. Cat,

    Your statement of Coach Johnson will be you with HIS players and then beat you with YOURS is contradictory and feeds right into the argument most people on here state in the fact that they SHOULD beat people around here since they have multiple players who would be major contributors in area schools. Nothing like coaching an all-star team.


    “They must have students to pay the bills. So yes they are always looking for students. However, they have a specific set of rules on how they must go about that. A kid/parent whoever must contact GDS. There may be some general conversation on this first talk, but Coach Johnson is not allowed to talk specifically about anything until the kid either applies to the school or comes to officially visit the school through the admissions office. I am aware of these because a friend of mine looked into moving his son and daughter to GDS this past summer. They decided to wait until this upcoming year to make the move. Most of the time the reason a kid has to reclassify at GDS after coming from a public school is that they aren’t at a point academically where they can be successful. They all have to test to be admitted.”

    I know how the system is ‘supposed’ to work but I alos know that there are athletes at GDS RIGHT NOW that don’t pay a dime of tuition and weren’t even required to take an entrance exam to get in. The reclassify idea is also used to get people to go over. Is it compromising their ethics and morals to do it? I’m sure they aren’t shedding a tear about it or worrying what everyone thinks. I’m not saying it doesn’t benefit the kid but it definitely gives GDS an unfair advantage that public schools do not have. You have to admit that.

  19. Where in the world you get these ideas is the question. Your comments remind me of conspiracy theories. How about the Martians are coming.

    Do you really believe that youngsters are admitted to this school without being tested? Having been around all of this for a very long time I can tell you that, sure these schools want to win but not at all costs. GDS has produced solid citizens and good young men off the court for a generation. There are no rules bent. They are about basketball excellence and they are about academics. Since you are so well connected why don’t you give us a report on how they go about keeping up with the classwork of their athletes.

    Coach Johnson has always played by the rules on and off the court. Try doing what he does for as long as he has done it and then have someone with little or no knowledge of how these programs work mouth off.

    Again, congratulations to the Whirlie for a job well done.

  20. Mr. “I agree with Coach”…

    Why don’t you pick the phone up and call Greensboro Day School tomorrow during business hours and see what are the requirements to get in school. Then you won’t have to debate it on a message board and you’ll have factual answers yourself. After you find out the answers then we can talk about who besides all-tournament selections played well? Who will be good the following the year?

    Kudos to the Grimsley Whirlies on a great win! Coach Corbett, his staff, and players should all enjoy the championship for the days to come…

    Also, more kudos to Jonathan Frye for playing what it seemed like 65 of a possible 66 tournament minutes played.

    The 34th annual Little 4 carried on the tradition of a great tournament for the local community and everyone who played or volunteered time should be applauded.

  21. Tell you what Mr. Coach. How about this.

    Take 20 young men and at random divide them into two teams. You have the first pick and Coach Johnson and his staff have the second. Then you each have 5 practices to get ready. He will beat you 19 out of 20 times. Then do the same thing again. The teams will be different but the outcome the same.

  22. Cat,
    You are way wrong!!! He will beat a poorly coached team like Dudley just the way you scripted it; but he will not beat a team that is well coaches in the manner you said. As a matter of fact, under those circumstances you described, I would say ir would be 50/50 or somewhere claose to it. You give him way more credit than he deserves, but I do agree he has been a great coach under the circumstances that he has coached under # the day school. They have had a system plus other advantages that have given them great success, but many other coaches could have done the same thing with the same set of advantages. I would imagine there are many in the area who would share this opinion.

  23. Cat,
    I have been reading this for a while and am amazed at your statements. You must be an AAU coach or a rec coach because you know enough to be dangerous but not enough to realize you have no idea what it is like to coach a high school team in today’s environemnt. Eddie Willis is correct, GDS has some major advantages that public schools don’t. I for one am glad they are finally being exposed. Fifth year players is huge. Imagine Grimsley if Manley were back playing for them this year. Another advantage that hasn’t been talked about much is GDS has played 21 games while the public schools have only played about 10 or 11. If the public schools went into the tournament with 21 games under their belt they would be playing better ball, look better coached and playing better as a team too. Unfortunately if they did play 21 games by the end of the tournament they would only be able to play 3 more games the rest of the season because of NCHSAA game limit rules. GDS is a well coached team but give any coach 21 games under his belt going against teams with half the number of games and their team will look better coached too. Some of the teams in the Little 4 have only had their entire team for a few games. It has been mentioned that the Spain kid for Page was playing in his first games becasuse he was representing NC in the Shrine Bowl. GDS doesn’t have to deal with those kinds of things. I’ll take your bet any day. Divide 20 players up and GDS’s staff will do no better than anyone elses’. You arguement show a superficial knowledge of high school basketball.

  24. GDS does have an advantage. They are a private school. They don’t have to abide by the same rules as the public schools. So what? What do you want them to do? Do you want them to be removed from the Little Four? It is obvious that the public schools kids enjoy playing against them. It is also obvious that a lot of the parents don’t like it. I enjoy watching them play and I think they add a lot to the tournament. There are other teams in the area that also have unfair advantages, but that is the way it is. As always, the parents are more concerned about these things than the kids are.

    I don’t know Coach Johnson, but I do know he is one of the best coaches in the area. It is obvious when you watch GDS play. His teams play great defense on the ball as well as weak side defense. They don’t make many mistakes and they are fundamentally sound. And most importantly, his teams give him the effort every night.
    There are a lot of good coaches in the area, but you cannot deny the success that Coach Johnson has had at GDS.
    All that being said, congrats to Coach Corbett at Grimsley and Coach Freeman at Northern. It is obvious that they stress the fundamentals. Both teams play very sound defense and they give great effort.

  25. 12-40 from the floor deserves being on the all-tournament team? that tell me a lot about the basketball knowledge of the sports council or their ability to be fair.

  26. Actually, I have been a coach for a very long time. Please believe me, I know the currnet environment very well.


  28. you may know the environment well, but your comment bout coach johnson winning 9 out of 10 shows you don’t know much except the environment!

  29. I agree how does a player play 3 games and only score in the 1st half of two of them. Then make All-Tourn…Per Berry from NGHS! What about the football player from Page, I think he had a 6 point game and made as well. Was the talent that bad????

  30. No names mentioned here, but the all-tournament team is a sham from what i saw and just reviewing the statistics. for some on the team, it should have absolutely “0” meaning! I agree with several other posters that the tournament was the low point of basketball in recent years ( last 10 and maybe forever). The time has come for change in the format including number of teams and who gets invites. Why couldn’t i change every year?
    My feelings have nothing to do with our performance in the tourney before anyone starts that reply.
    We sucked and that’s that!!!!!

  31. adding ORMA should never happen. They are not even in an association. They are a basketball/sports school, not a high school team. They have no rules and can do whatever they want enrollment/recruiting-wise. They should never be allowed in it under their current circumstances. It is a showcase for the local high school teams. Having GDS is what it is, but ORMA is on a completely different planet from everyone. Not that it is a bad thing, just wouldn’t be right. It would be like QEA being in the Frank Spencer, which I don’t think has happened or will happen anytime soon.

  32. Dear opinion,
    Would it be alright with you if we added a different private school that is a member of an association since they have many Guilford county students ( even though they are not in Guilford county )? It is my understanding that Oak Ridge will be in an association next year, but they were not able to get into one this year because they were late in applying —as a result of the tenuousness of their survival—did your spouse ever get paid? I am sure they will be able to comply with the association rules in the same manner that other boarding schools who are members of the NCISAA.
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  33. Lol if you allow GDS to play then I agree ORMA should be allowed to GDS reclass kids and do everything under sun they want to. ORMA these are kids that live in guildford county I pay taxes here and want to see the best. The little four is turning into the GDS showcase so it need some new blood Ragsdale is playing it. I GDS supporters don’t want that but if you went to the games you know I am telling the truth I may saw one attemped dunk let’s make it open and take the top teams in the area. ORMA and DUDLEY will bring more cash in watch the numbers at the end of the day it is about making money I don’t want this tournament to go under but if something is not done it just may be headed that way…

  34. How the hell did spain and berry make all tournament over carter gourley and lee sweeny from grimsley?? hmm. Sweeny and gourley even had better stats! its on the website

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