Big upset down at Southeast Guilford

Girls Varsity Basketball
SEG 43
Dudley 40


  1. how is Dudley beating SE Guilford a big upset? i have not heard much about SE Guilford being on the level of HP Central or Dudley.

  2. funny how everyone was talking about how bad a coach Shawn Newton was when they lost to Eastern…In my humble opinion, I am not too sure that Dudley will beat Eastern this year…Just a little something to get you fans started this morning !

  3. Kudos to SE.
    I was at game. Well called game for the most part. Questionable offensive call with seconds left on Hairston. Dudley girls missed several lay-ups…and 1’s. A couple of key players sat a very long time. They were not in foul trouble. Definitely could have used them on the defensive end.

    They are really the better team. Probably a 10-15 point win if hit layups and put backs.

  4. No they won’t beat anyone if they continue to play from behind and miss lay-ups.

    I agree w Mark they really are the better team. There doesn’t appear to be a clear leader.

  5. Top Ten Girls Teams

    1. Dudley
    2. Highpoint Central
    3. Northern Guilford
    4. Northwest Guilford
    6. Southeast Guilford
    7. Page
    8. Ragsdale
    9. Southwest Guilford
    10. Western Guilford

    Teams on the rise: Northeast Guilford, Southern Guilford, Greensboro Day, Eastern Guilford

  6. Dudley Fan*

    Why would Smith, Southeast Guilford, and Page be below Northern and Northwest Guilford when they just beat these teams in head to head matchups last week??? Just a thought?

  7. sorry about the original posting but i would have bet the house last night that this site had the scores backwards last night and it showed Dudley winning not losing – i guess it was time to go to bed.

    on Dudley Fan’s list – Eastern Guilford i think is in the top 6 or 7 and I do not know what you are seeing from the Greensboro Day girls that would put them on the “teams on the rise list. they lost by 50 pts to Northwest in the PHI tournament. GDS girls players down low would probably be ranked in the top 3 in the county but their guards would be ranked dead last. if you cannot handle the pressure or shot from the outside, then you cannot win against even a bad team.

  8. Questions about Dudley Fan list……

    How is it possible that eastern guilford is not on your list when they beat 5 teams on your list. (Northern, Southeast, Ragsdale,Southwest and Western Guilford)

  9. The High Point Central girls are the #1 team in Guilford County and how can anyone say different….

    High Point Central is unbeaten. They have yet to lose a game, and they are the top team in any poll that includes Guilford County girls teams…

    How can anyone argue that point?

    The score was never backwards last night. It always read SEG 43, Dudley 40 and that is is how it was sent to us last evening…..

  10. Yellow Chuck

    I do not know much about Eastern accept I believe that they were 2A last year and when you have the Dudley’s, Northern’s ,Page’s, Grimsley’s, Ragsdale’s, Highpoint Central’s, Southeast’s, Northwest’s and Southwest’s of the world, that is tough to match up with. They are not even ranked before the season I believe.

  11. Eastern has to be near the top. They are a very good team and would give HPC and Dudley a run for their money.

  12. i cant figure out some of this stuff..eastern is 11-0, beat Northern, Southeast, Rockingham, Burlington Williams, and Southwest…returns 30 ppg in the backcourt, plus their entire starting five…won the conference, won the conference tournament, won two rounds in the playoffs last year; give them their respect…they are doing it the old fashion way, by winning balls games ! ! !

  13. Eastern is having a great year, but they did lose their first game of the season to Ragsdale 52-49….EG should be #2 in our next poll, right behind unbeaten High Point Central…

    EG beat SEG and SEG just beat Dudley last night….

  14. Who wants it the most! You have about five teams that could probally beat one another, if they leave it all on the court. HPC girls is the team to beat at this time, they are playing very well, and the coaching is outstanding! It’s not only the record that makes them the team to beat, these girls play hard at a fast pace all the time. They played the last several games without their starting point guard, and they are still getting the job done, there are no excuses when it come to this game! Maybe there is a team that can give them a run for they money, or they might not not be at the top of your list! Hard Work Pays Off!!!!!!

  15. Andy – EG girls beat Ragsdale in “second game” of season. They lost to Northeast 52 – 49 and now run off 9 in a row

  16. Good call Clipper. I was at that game and EG hasn’t lost since. Reading MaxPreps and all the on-line sites in a hurry today…I probably need to slow down a little, but there is so much going on…..

  17. Evidently none of the teams Dudley beat ever missed lay-ups or free throws. The scoreboard told the story last night. Like one Dudley fan said: “we learn from our losses”-SE just put chapter 4 in the learning manual-the Dudley girls will be back because they are an excellent team, but for now, like another Dudley fan said: “Whomp, Whomp upside the head”

  18. LOL,

    you are correct other teams have done so. You have to looke at the team though. HOWEVER missing lay-ups are way out of character for the individuals missing. You have to remember those points are 95% butter for Dudley.

    They will be alright. SE congrats. HPC you are it!


  20. Man, I though that we were talking about basketball. Dudley stud needs to get a life. Get rid of your your so called “Academy” and play with the ones who should be at your school. How can a player who stays in Climax NC and Trinity Lakes, that are not attending the “Academy” still continue to play for the Dudley Factory. SE beat those Girls fair and square, they didn’t make 100% of their lay-ups or freethrows either. They won with school pride, knowing that each team member came from one feeder school and that they love and enjoy playing with each other.

  21. Sounds like you need to send an email to the GCS Fairplay committee. If that statement is true (kids not in the academy living out of district) , they will take care of it. Otherwise, it is nothing more than gossip.

    Southeast has a good team but they are not better than the D” or whatever they call it. IF Amanda played as much as Patterson NO one in GREENSBORO could beat them. If you know talen then you know im telling the truth. the girl didnt play last year and had D-1 offers.They were better last night. But they do have a good team too. NEXT, Eastern they did beat Ragesdale but they are not good this year. Northern,everything goes through one player. Coffer, I think thats how you spell it. She is a great player.You cant run a great program like that hints to the box-1 they cant seem to solve. Eastern beat Southwest WITH OUT the 6,4 girl LOL. She make such a big difference. Cant count that one. Western, REALLY !Thats why Eastern cant be in the top 3.
    DONT SLEEP on PAGE they have a really good team. They may get one from Dudley and Southeast. But i think Smith has there number though.
    The big picture is all the teams are good and i think anyone can lose any given night,
    even High point Central. If you can recall last year they lost 2 out of 3 games to Smith

  23. You have to take the games as they are and they go quick and if a player is not in the lineup and you lose, you still have to take the loss and you can’t take a thing away from Southeast and their big win last night.

    Talk will not change the outcome of the game and the results are just that, they are hard numbers…

    Smith deserves a lot of credit for coming back on the Page girls last night and they did it pretty much without the services of their starting point guard. Smith coach sat her out and told her to get her game together and then she could help his team and he told her that it is not her team….

    Page boys made a big comeback too and did it with young players like Frankie Eaves, Jackson Kent and James Summers stepping up….James Summers will really surprise you. Kent is a coaches son, Eaves a coaches son and they are full-time basketball players, while Summers also plays football, but that young man is an excellent basketball player too….

    Summers was there for the Pirates and did a fine job on inbounds passes and he also went to the basket….

    Big win for the Smith girls to get over the after effects of winning the Pizza Hut and to come back and defeat a Page team that had a 10 point lead after three quarters…

    Big win for the Page boys and this young team has a chance to go .500 or better this season if they keep finishing games like they did last night….

  24. Amanda has the ability & potential to be one of the best from this area at the next level-no doubt. Either there is a bunch of politics at Dudley or the coach is not all there or both. She needs to be in more than she is.

    Eastern beat SE recently which beat Dudley & some other solid teams in this area-they should be near the top as long as they continue to win-it’s not their fault the big girl for SW was ineligible in 09.

    Northern goes as Coffer goes, but the rest of the has some intensity.

    Page beat another team that beat Dudley (RJR)-they are solid & well coached, but their outside shots have to be falling.

    Smith is playing well right now, but if HPC can dominate them on their own court like they did & Smith-Dudley was about a five point game, HPC has to be at the top until a team or two beats them.

    And I agree that alot of these games will be up for grabs. This year, for some reason, seems to be much more competitive than I’ve seen in a while.


    1) They lost to Northeast Guilford! No disrespect to the Northeast players, parents, and fans, but they are not the most talented team this year. Based on talent I have no clue how they would manage to beat anyone in this area but GDS.

    2) They have played a very weak schedule in comparison to the majority of the top teams in the area.
    -NC State Rankings
    -Morehead #219
    -Northeast Guilford #144
    -High Point Christian #395
    -Western Alamance #332

    3)Some of their “Quality” wins were not very high quality.
    -Southwest Guilford- They played without thier 6’4″ girl (that has D1 talent) anyone that knows basketball knows thats like having a 7’footer in boys basketball and SW is at least +15 with her in the game.
    -Rockingham County- This is a team that has played no one decent all year.
    -Northern Guilford- This year’s Northern team is highly overrated, prior to the little 4 they’d played no one that was good. They have Samantha Coffer, a shooter, and thats it. Couple that with poor guard play and Samantha Coffer not playing well/getting shut down/box-1/etc. and you get an easy win.
    -Southeast Guilford- This is by far their biggest accomplishment. Southeast is clearly the better team as evidenced by their wins over Smith, Southwest Guilford, and recently Dudley. They must have caught Southeast on one of those nights when they just didnt have it together.

    4) I applaud the efforts of the Eastern Guilford lady wildcats and think they have done an outstanding job this season but to be the best you must schedule and play the best (even if those games result in some losses ( i.e. Dudley, Smith, Southwest, Page, etc.). Enough of this cupcake scheduling it only looks good on paper. Step the level of your play up by playing more talented teams night in and night out. Eastern knowing its conference schedule was weak should have sought out better non-conference games. They even had an opportunity to host thier own Christmas Tournament and the best team they invited was Western Guilford???

    5) THEY LOST TO NORTHEAST GUILFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(No offense NEG)

    All in all the Lady Wildcats are having a successful season. I wish them the absolute best as they continue throughout their season. I wish all the young ladies who are participating in area High School basketball the best. This comment was not to offend any school, coach, team, player, parent, or fan…just to put things into prospective. GOOD LUCK IN 2010 GCS LADY BALLERS!!!

  26. PPirate02

    I thought Eastern Guilford was 2A last year and moved up to 3A with teams that were in Dudley confernce last year. I believe that they were not even ranked and were predicted to finish 5th in their conference behind Northern Guilford, Rockingham, Eastern Alamance and Burlington Williams. Do you believe that they do not have any players that could start on any team in this county? They seem to be a very low key type of team from what I hear. Someone said that they almost beat 4A Northwest Guilford last year in overtime.

  27. PPirate02

    Befoe you start knocking Northern and Samantha, can you tell us what Southwest did last year with the big girl?

  28. excuse me but northern has more than samantha coffer although she is a good player-she is not all the team has- look at molly tamaseb, jessica johnson, and others who are good players as well. nothwest was #1 seed in the PHI and northern beat them, and it was those THREE players (sam, molly and jessica) who led the way. those of you who say samantha coffer is the only good player northernhas have obviously have not seen many of their games….

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