High school hoops tonight with Page at Smith and NWG at HPC

JV Boys:
Page 50
Smith 43

Varsity girls:
Smith 54
Page 50

Varsity boys;
Page 72
Smith 68

NWG-High Point Central
HPC 51
NWG 39

NWG 69
HPC 66

Page-Smith boys went Page 15, Smith 15 after one quarter….Halftime it was Smith 41, Page 34 and at the end of three it was Smith 51, Page 48….

Page scoring:
Jackson Kent 19 points
James Summers 16
Frankie Eaves 14
Demone Harrison 9
Stacey Greene 6
Jon Spain 4
Dillon Sykes 4
*****Jackson Kent hit 5 threes and Frankie Eaves hit 5 key free throws down the stretch. Jon Spain was injured and had to leave the game in the first half and did not return. He should be available again on Friday.*****

Smith scoring;
Dominique Bartell 20 points
Corey Butler 15
Jordan McMasters 12
Tracy Gathings 10
Drew Williams 7
Eric Ebron 3
Patrick Whitmire 1

*****In the NWG-HPC boys game, Adam Coble hit a basket to send it into OT for NWG……*****

Page-Smith girls summary….Halftime Page 25, Smith 17….End of 3rdQ Page 38, Smith 28….End of regulation Smith 44, Page 44…..

Top scorers for the Smith Golden Eagles were:
LeKendra Wilkerson 17 points
Quon Greer 10
Catrina Gibson 7

Chevena Pickard 12 points
Brittany Drew 12
Ashley Fowler 10


  1. Interesting that Spain didn’t make the scoring leaders list—must have been attending the Greensboro sports councill meeting with Berry fromm Northern Guilford.

  2. Noted in this morning’s paper that Scoggins was still not in the NG box score—is he still “down with the flu”?

  3. Dale,

    Interesting you sit on the bleachers and run you bleeping fat mouth…You only wish you were talented enough to play or at least still be playing…

  4. “Jon Spain was injured and had to leave the game in the first half and did not return”

    Reading is FUNdamental

    Sad a grown man would take a jab at a kid who had NOTHING to do with himself making the all-tournament team.

  5. Dale,
    Please continue to post—we need to keep people aware of what’s going on and the controversy from you makes it interesting. Keep it coming!
    Do you attend all the GDS games? Is there game with ORMA still on for the end of this month?

  6. Dale Fulton,
    In all tournaments, in all conferences, in all athletics there are kids who don’t get a trophy who probably deserve one. That doesn’t mean that the ones who got the trophy didn’t deserve it. Why bash kids who got recognized. They didn’t do anything except play hard and receive recognition for it. Who knows how they picked the all tournament team at the Littel Four. I know in talking to the coaches that they are not involved in the process. I am sure there were kids on every team who could have been recognized but weren’t.

    You say you are a player and a pretty good one. Are you still bitter about not getting a trophy when you were little? If you are, let me know and tell me where you are playing next and I will bring one by for you. I have plenty and I don’t need them anymore.

  7. I don’t agree with you. I think Dale needs to go away. Any person that would call out kids by name needs to grow up a little. Controversy is one thing, but calling out kids is not necessary.

  8. dale you must have something against mr.spain. what is it ? is it that you wished you were better than him or is that he made you look like a fool when you played against him? people get offended when some one is better than they are and i take it that you and a lot of people hate on the spain kid. why is that ,can someone answer that question. the kid does it the right way .

  9. Dale you continue to be in perfect position to keep your idiot of the year award.

    To knock Jon Spain is way off base. I told you in the article that he left the game with injury….The kid was hurt. Don’t you get it, he was hurt.

    You don’t have a clue what these kids do….You weren’t at the game and if you were you missed it all….

    You speak about Spain and Berry being named to the All-Tournament team at the Pizza Hut tournament….Do you even know the process for how the kids were selected?

    The voting did not take place until there was just 3-4 minutes left in the last game of the day on Saturday.

    Why are you on here, to promote yourself?????

    You have done a great job and the readership sure knows you well as the “Village Idiot”…

    To knock Spain and then Berry. Do you even attend basketball games or do you just sit back and read about it and formulate your own haters opinion?????

    Jon Spain is one of the best if the not the best kid in the city and Dylan Berry has one of the best shots in the state, perfect rotation….

    Now you know something!

    These are kids we are talking about and they are trying do something and you an adult and you have done something, presented yourself as a Gate City Donkey…..

  10. I thought Frankie Eaves should have made all tournament…not to say that Spain shouldnt have…sorta like last year for all city…Miranda Jenkins averaged 16.5 and couldnt even make third team…they gave the nod to her teammate, Caprisha Smalls, who averaged a solid 13 for the season…Is there some conspiracy against giving awards to the diaper dandies and the soph’s who out perform seniors????? I think Miranda outscored everyone on all three teams except for maybe Helen Terry and Samantha Cofer…wait a minute, wasnt Cofer a soph last year?????

    I dont buy this “give it to them next year” ! ! !

  11. Am I beating a dead horse????? yes
    Page goes 2-1 in the little 4…lose to grimsley..Spain 21, Harrison 16, Eaves 9..
    beat nw Eaves 25, Harrison 18, Spain 12
    beat smith Eaves 15, Harrison 13, Spain 7

    Spain leads the team in scoring in a loss…Eaves leads the team in scoring in the two wins…Eaves leads the team in scoring for the tournament( 49 pts) Harrison is second in scoring for the tournament (47 pts) Spain is 3rd in scoring (40 pts)….

    short of calling it “racially biased” can someone tell me how Eaves didnt make all tournament?

  12. It is not all about points. Rebounds, defense, assists among others also matter. Listing the points is relatively meaningless. Who is the leading rebounder? Who gets the toughest defensive assignment? Who makes the hustle plays? It all matters.

  13. Do you understand basketball at all? I would like to see you play some pickup. It would probably explain a lot.

  14. i love how none of the comments were a reflection of two well played games last between Smith and Page..especially in the girls game in where the Lady Eagles from Smith came back from 16 pts down to beat Page again in an overtime thriller that featured some of the best talent in the area on one court

  15. Tom,
    I cant buy that…all tournament teams are 90-95% based on scoring alone..Every other kid who made all tournament made it because they scored points…neither smith nor sw have strong post play, so it couldnt have been based on defense and rebounding…again, no offense to Spain….I just said Frankie Eaves should have made it…Eaves instead of Bryce Benjamin would have made a whole lot more sense…NE went 1-2…..


    Can I go some freaking place where we don’t have to bring up race? Dang it “hoops fan”…I’m so frigging sick of pukes like you who bring up race non stop…It ain’t all about points my man…Damn, I remember Dennis Rodman’s ass being on all what ever freaking teams, and how many damn points did his non-scoring ass ever score? So, shut this freaking crap up about race…I guess since John is white he must not deserve any basketball recognition…He must not can jump either…Hell, I’ll tell you what, why don’t he just go play baseball where white people get love…You see how idiotic that sounds…Come on man, enough is enough…I LOVE EVERYBODY…Please keep your racial crap off here…I’m sick of it…You make me hate people like you and I don’t want to…I try to pull for everyone, but you make it difficult for me…I hate when I get this boiling sensation of hate in my body, but everytime someone has a difference of a damn opinion then it has to be based on race…Screw you man…I’m sick of it…

    Congratulations to all players (no matter what your damn race is)…I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in for your coaches…Continue to do so…Please do not let these idiotic people who want to keep society shut down discourage you…

    Btw, do we not recognize how many blocks, rebounds, or assists people have anymore? I mean in my opinion, I’d much rather have Chris Paul on my team even though he doesn’t score as much as other star players…To me Chris Paul is a better all around player than some of the MVP’s of the NBA…

  17. You got it right!!!! Carter Gourley was a big snub based on his contribution and his team winning.

    The real all-tournament team was Frye, Eaves, Gourley, Benjamin, Sweeney, and Williams—–Pick your MVP out of that group—-Notrhern did not have two worthy candidates out of their group and certianly I am not buying the “storyline” Tom offered. GDS cam in 3rd, but no one really distinguished himself individually but that’s the way they play ( not meant as a criticism by the way ).
    I will offer that the comment about race playing a role in that selection process is way off base as someone else stated.
    By the way, I saw every single game and consider myself equal to the task

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