How do you rank the NFL playoff teams?????

Here’s one for you on the 12 teams left to figiht it out for Super Bowl supremacy……

1)Indianapolis Colts(14-2)
2)San Diego Chargers(13-3)
3)Minnesota Vikings(12-4)
4)New England Patriots(10-6)
5)New Orleans Saints(13-3)
6)Dallas Cowboys(11-5)
7)Cincinnati Bengals(10-6)
8)Green Bay Packers(11-5)
9)Philadelphia Eagles(11-5)
10)Baltimore Ravens(10-6)
11)Arizona Cardinals(10-6)
12NY Jets(9-7)


  1. It makes perfect sense. Who knows, in the future the NFL may be forced to go with a seeding system.

    This also proves that at the top, the AFC is heads and shoulders above the NFC right now.

    I like this system to compare how the teams stack up at the end of the regular season and as they head into the playoffs.

    This creates some questions…

    Are the teams that got the byes really the best teams? In the AFC you have to say yes.

    In the NFC, there might be an argument especially when it comes to New Orleans. The record of (13-3) says yes, but didn’t the Saints lose three straight games to close out the season or at least they dropped two of their last three contests….

    Another question that comes up is, are the Cowboys really that much better than the Eagles right now and can the Cowboys get their first playoff win in what seems like at least 10 years?????

    This is what makes it interesting as we head toward the games coming up on Saturday and Sunday……

  2. The reason I have the New England Patriots ranked so high?

    I really like a veteran like Tom Brady come playoff time…..

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