Can a player be charged with three technical fouls in the same game? It happened in High Point last night!

Three technicals in the same game? I have never heard of that before, but they are telling me that it happened, in High Point last night.

I have always been led to believe that you are gone after two techs and how can you get another one if you are no longer in the game?????

The word is that in the High Point Central-Ragsdale game last night, the ref called a double-technical(on the Tiger and the Bison) and then the Bison player was T’d up one more time for talking back to the ref, for tech nmber two.

Then as the HPC Bison player was leaving the court, he took his shirt off and the ref T’d him up again for a third time.

Can this be true or should this third “T” have been assessed as a team technical foul????? The young man in question(Akeem Langham, and I understand he is a good kid) was officially already out of the game, so how can you “T” him up again?????

Did the refs lose control of this situation and is there technically such as thing as receiving/attaining three Technical Fouls in the same game?????

What happens to the kid come the next ball game? Can he play at all on Friday or does he have to sit out the game since he received two/three technicals and was ejected from the game? Does he have to sit out Friday’s game and then the first quarter next Tuesday too, since he not only received two techs, he got three in the same game or at least that’s what the HPC public address announcer was saying after Langham walked off the court with his shirt off…

All sources tell me that Akeem is a good kid and that he just gets a little intense at the wrong times and it has hit him during both the football and basketball seasons….

What is the word from the gallery as we come out of last night’s High Point Central-Ragsdale game?????

No play Friday and is there really such as thing as receiving Three Technical Fouls in the same game?

What’s the word on this issue and do we have any basketball officials in the house that can help clear this up?????


  1. We were just as confused as you state in your article. If he was “technically” out of the game, the shirt being off should not be an issue. I know it’s not quite the same, but at that point Akeem was a spectator, so if I take my shirt off during the game does my team get a Technical? He was off the court, at least outside the lines of the court when he took his jersey off..Anyway, the refs did lose control of the game a bit, Akeem does need to put his temper in check, but he was getting the crap beat out of him all night. The frustrated Ragsdale player, who wasn’t at the school last year, was forearming Akeem in the back, then shoved him, the refs didn’t see that, they just saw Akeem retaliate. The refs huddled for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do, and a 3rd Tech was not the correct answer. I didn’t think 3 Techs was possible. I’m glad those shots didn’t change the outcome of the game, but it was just too weird…Again, Akeem IS a good kid, just a bit emontional at times.

  2. Word from HPC is Akeem got 2 Technicals and coach/bench got the other. First on Akeem was offset because B. Wise got one also. I think the refs are saying that the “3rd Tech” was on coach to cover their butts.

  3. I am not a ref but I know there is a rule that is only a couple of years old that says any player who untucks or takes off his shirt as he goes off the court gets an automatic technical foul. I don’t know who it is charged to but it is an automatic technical.

  4. As they say, let the athletes decide the game! Let them beat the crap out of each other as long as everyone is on the same playing field. Why not let them wear pads and helmets? Wheeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!

  5. It can happen. If the player was given a technical foul for talking back to ref that is 1. Player was already behind the eight ball bc of involvement in double technical. So that is 2. Anytime a player untucks his or her jersey while coming off the playing surface they are subject to a technical foul. Bang that is 3 . It is possible and it happend. Ref didn’t lose control but did it by the book.

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