City responds in less than a week: GP&R, four days and it’s done!

Do you remember this headline from earlier in the week?

Memo to Greensboro Parks and Recreation: Problem at Lake Daniel Park….New backboard needed on basketball goal NOW!
*****We called it a DANGER ZONE*****with the sub-standard conditions of the rotten backboard and today we got this response:

There is a new backboard up at Lake Daniels Park.

Thanks to Don Tilley and crew for seeing it our way. Good job Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department!!!!!


  1. Echoing Mike, great job to all who saw this accident waiting to happen and corrected it. Don was a standup guy out at Leonard Center. If his persuasion methods with the city were anything like the ones he used to get us to coach youth basketball, I am sure they had no choice but to comply! LOL!

  2. while they are at it why don’t they also bring back all the basketball goals in these neighborhoods that they took down a long time ago. Like off of brown bark drive and plenty of other places as well.

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