HS hoops tonight: Pirates take two from Whirlies

Also tonight it was NWG 78, WS Parkland 63….NWG boys are now (4-1) in the conference….

Boys final:
Page 64
Grimsley 63

Page scoring:
Demone Harrison 17 points
Jackson Kent 14
James Summers 14
Jon Spain 12
Frankie Eaves 4
Bryson Fonville 3
*****Summers and Kent carried Page early and Spain and Harrison took them down the home stretch as they closed out the victory over the Whirlies.*****

Grimsley scoring:
Rashad Sweeney 14 points
Krechaun Williams 14
Lee Sweeney 13
Carter Gourley 8
Burrell Brown 8
Najee Senior 2
Jake Mulvey 2

*****Halftime Page 33, Grimsley 31….3rdQ Page 49, Grimsley 45…..

Girls final:
Page 52
Grimsley 43

*****1stQ Page 7, Grimsley 5…..Halftime Page 25, Grimsley 13…..3rdQ Page 34, Grimsley 26….
*****That was the best offensive game that I have ever seen Portia Oakley play for the Page Pirate girls….She was on the money tonight…..*****

A crowd of 600 turned out to see the games and for a Monday night that was one heck of a crowd and the atmosphere was excellent as the boys game went down to the wire…..


  1. The Page men played with a lot of heart tonight, but they should have lost the game. Coach Corbett had the perfect play called with time running down. The kid just rushed the shot.

    Great game as always when these two teams compete.

  2. Page fan is correct. It was really wild to see that last play going right through the Page defense with the Burrell Brown dribble all the way to the foul line on the Grimsley end and then the pass for a wide open look, that would have won the game, if it would have stayed down…….

    That was one heck of a play. Everyone was thinking long shot, but Grimsley was able to get it the length of the court for a two that would have won the game….

    Great game between these two teams tonight and the rematch is due up January 29 at Grimsley, and that is a Friday night contest……

  3. not qute sure if it was a set play…with only 4.5 seconds all burl had time to do was to get to the basket..after he turned the corner the guy was wide open and he delivered the pass…i think someone missed thier defensive assignment….the guy rushed the shot thinking he couldnt get if off before time ran out…good game…dont see how “Grimsley got jibbed”, they opened up with a 11-2 run…

  4. page won the game on the offensive glass. Spain and Summers killed Grimsley down the stretch with offensive rebounds.

  5. It was a great game, but the refs may have made a bad call that decided the game the page player was going up for a lay-up then a grimsley player push another page player to try and made him bump the player that was shooting the lay-up, well the ref called a foul the basket went in, the counted the basket and then gave page the ball back on the base line. What should have happen is the ref should have gave the grimsley player a foul count the basket and gave grimsley the ball on the base line. the foul was commited in the act of shooting BY PUSHING ANOTHER PLAYER……was this the right call????????

  6. There were several calls in the game by the officials that could leave you scratching your head. They reversed a few after confering for a minute or two and there was one where there was a foul call when the shot went in and then we were looking for the and-one, but the team got the ball out of bounds instead.

    Every game seems to be made up of calls like last night, but they just seem to stand out more in the close games….

    One single call does not make or break the game. You have to make plays and if Grimsley converts that last bucket on the final possession of the game, then they are able to steal one at Page.

    Page won this one fair and square…Any doubters?????

    The re-match is set for Friday night January 29 at Grimsley’s Bob Sawyer Gym. Let’s pack the house and see what happens on that night.

    Krechaun Williams got off to a great start last night for Grimsley and then was quiet later, but Rashad Sweeney was very tough for the Whirlies down the stretch and as mentioned above, Spain, Summers and Harrison all gave Page the opportunity to win on more than one occasion by attacking the boards…Carter Gourley also hit key shots for Grimsley late in last night’s game after being quiet through most of the first three quarters…

    Demone Harrison might have the best ball dribble movement of any player in the county….He has some real quick feet and he can take you off of the dribble and he can finish if the shot is sweet. Krechaun Williams is also very quick off the dribble, but he is leaner than Harrison and he takes a little bit more of beating when he enters the lane and faces contact, the kind of contact that when you take the driving shot, you have to hit it and then be ready for the and-one…..You have to be ready to absorb the blow and still hit your shots….Does this make sense to anyone?????

    Did anyone see the picture of Jon Spain on the front page of the N&R sports today? I glanced at the photo without checking at the caption first and I thought I was seeing a grown man, a college player in that photo….Spain had the haircut and he was celebrating and he looked like he could easily pass for a college player. Maybe like one of Coach Kent’s old college teammates, Steve Hankins………

    One guy at the Curb Market said it looks like that guy(Spain) has been wrestling cows or something…Good memories on great game with Page and Grimsley last night…..

  7. Sorry andy, but if you lose by one that one call that the refs missed may be the difference in the game. I do agree you have to make plays but the question is in the air was that the correct call????? what if the gave grimsley the ball they went down and scored a basket then grimsley wins by one…… the game is in the books i just dont want this to come back to kick grimsley in the tail….at the end of the season…

  8. If Grimsley hits that last shot at the end of the game, they win any way. They had a good look and the Page defense left the door open and the Whirlies just did not finish it off.

    I hate it for the kid that missed the shot, but if the teams have video on last night’s game and I’m sure they do, I bet both teams are watching that end-of-the-game sequence over and over and over again…..

    Grimsley saying, “we had the chance, but we have to hit that shot” and Grimsley’s also got to be thinking that the play worked and we might be able to use that again in the future…

    Page has to be watching and saying, “we can’t allow teams to get that much space on us in the short of amount of time and allow the opponent to get that good of a look, at the end of the game”…Page is saying we have to be able to stop that and prevent that type of play….That’s what they have to be saying/thinking….

    It should help them both in the future….

  9. You said gourley was quiet. thtas because the kid didnt play the first half cause of foul trouble then he got his game going in the 4th. he has to be more of a factor for grimsley to make a playoff run.

  10. I have seen, by far, the WORST refs this year, but I have to remind myself this: refs can’t take points off the board. I am sure there were other missed shots by Grimsley besides the buzzer beater. Points are your best revenge!! The Page Grimsley rivalary is a great one..regardless of records the game is always going to be emontional and tight game.I am hoping Grimsley gets the late Jan game to break the season match up tie.

  11. People are probably going to give grimsley crap for losing to page but you have to realize page plays their best basketball when they see the whirlies on the other side of the court. its because its the most important game for us. I still believe grimsley is a very good team

  12. you know you are not a pirate pirate04, dont kid. Page has been in every game they have played this year and won plenty as well. Grimsley isnt that good, they are beatable as many teams have shown already. This wasnt an upset by any stretch of the imagination.

  13. continuing…
    there isnt a big difference from top to bottom with the public schools around here this year

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