A man you know you can count on: After just one season at Tennessee, Kiffin jumps to Southern Cal

from www.espn.com:

Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin has been named the next head coach at Southern California, athletic director Mike Garrett announced on Tuesday.

Kiffin replaces Pete Carroll, who jumped to the NFL as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

“We are really excited to welcome Lane Kiffin back to USC,” Garrett said in a statement. “I was able to watch him closely when he was an assistant with us and what I saw was a bright, creative young coach who I thought would make an excellent head coach here if the opportunity ever arose. I’m confident he and his staff will keep USC football performing at the high level that we expect.”

The hiring was first reported by ESPN.com’s Chris Low.

Kiffin, the former Oakland Raiders coach, led the Volunteers for only one season.

Kiffin has been on the move of late. He was 7-6 in his one season at Tennessee and 5-15 in one-plus seasons with the Raiders before being fired in September 2008.


  1. My reaction was Wow.

    With what’s looming for USC (potential sanctions re Reggie Bush), he must’ve REALLY wanted out of Tenn. and/or back to the Golden State.

  2. I’m with 77 Hornet on this one! A contract in this day and age in sports is a joke. It just details who gets what when the relationship is over. Like a prenup! I hope USC gets the “death penalty” just because Kiffin is a piece of work! UT will be better off!

  3. the reality is that Kiffin brought some life and energy back into the Tennessee program. recruits were lining up at the front door. what was happening at Tennessee was a clear example of what you do not see or hear in the ACC especially within this state. Tennessee was generating more energy in this state than all of the big 4 combined.

    Kiffin was smart for making this move because the SEC currently has 3-4 teams in front of Tennessee that will take several years of solid “SEC” type of recruits to surpass on the field. However at USC he will already be at the top of the mountain with recruits for the entire western USA. he is not worried about sanctions because that simply means he will be given a pass by the adminstration and fans for the next 2-3 years if the program does not win as much as they did with Carroll. plus – since he is taking most of his staff and some old favorites from the USC past, he will not only have the entire western US on lockdown but he will also take all of the new contacts from the eastern US. the college world better hope that the sanction are severe because USC may be on the edge of a 5+ year domination period.

  4. Should we now refer to Mr. Kiffin as, “Leapin’ Laney” or as “Life in the Fast Lane Kiffin”???

    He’ll have his dad(“A million a year Monte”) with him and if he lures in Norm Chow to run the offense he won’t have to coach, he will just check out the practice plans and delegate duties/responsibilities to the other assistant coaches and coordinators…

    Check out Lane’s record….With the Raiders he went (5-15) and with the UT Volunteers he was (7-6)…..

  5. Kiffin is a joke! The only bad thing about this is I was wanting to see what was going to happen when Florida and Tenn. got together this season.

  6. This is a real steal for Southern California. Lane Kiffin is the top college football recruiter in the country.

    USC is fortunate to have a coach like Lane Kiffin.

    Tennessee is a hillbilly/redneck + farming school while USC is Hollywood. Coach Kiffin has hit the jackpot.

  7. You cannot spell Thug without UT, after all the arrest this year at UT he was glad to get out. ROLL TIDE!!!!

  8. tee tee,

    A good coach would acccept the challenge of coaching in the SEC, hoping to take a # 4 or 5 team in conference and “COACH” them into beating teams they probably should not.

    Kiffin must be a helluva silver tongued con man to get the job offers he does.

    His Hype outweighs the substance by a long ways,,,,,hmmmm,,,,,sounds alot like a product of an “IMPACT coaching showcase”.

    APP States Coach Moore could coach circles around this guy in his sleep.

    Man, how the game has changed.

  9. Now let’s be serious! Why should he not take the job? Will he get more recruits @ USC where the players are courted with beautiful blondes with svelte bodies or a 5’4″ 300 pound female hillbilly missing three of her front teeth? Besides that, his athletes @ USC who are criminals fit right into the general population instead of getting caught along with their basketball counterparts at the rate of 1 carload per week for each semester plus plus increased rates during summer session.

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