HS student-athletes must now carry 1.5 GPA: Next year 2.0

from www.digtriad.com:

Greensboro, N.C. – Starting January 20, all high school students in Guilford County Schools must have a 1.5 weighted GPA to play in sports. Students participating in winter sports will be the first group to be affected. Eligibility will be determined by semester and not by the sport season.

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  1. You will see that this expectation will have a major effect on eligibility in Guilford County, especially when it gets to 2.0. Athletes should perform in the classroom as well as the athletic fields but realistically this will have major effects on our public schools. You will see an increase in the athletes that are ineligible plus some kids will drop out of school because of not being eligible to play sports. Watch and see. Sports helps keep some kids in school believe it or not.

  2. Very true.

    All I ask is give credit for weighted classes, such as Honors and AP. If not it will actually discourage some kids from pushing themselves. That marginal student takes the easier CP English class instead of pushing himself or herself and taking the Honors English.

  3. LOL, Joe. Do you really believe that the students with a 1.5 are taking courses that are IB or AP classes? That is unbelievable!!!!

  4. Dear Eddie, I not only believe it, I know it. I know many students that are taking some Honors classes yet have very marginal GPA’s and fight to stay eligible. Some kids do try to better themselves. May be unbelievable where you are but not where I live. Maybe you’re LOL out of ignorance.

  5. Taking AP classes and not making a “C”—In my opinion, that’s absurd for three reasons! The student either has issues that are not eing dealt with, is getting bad advice from school counselor ( surprise there, huh? ) on what to take, is not able to take advantage of the opportunity that AP classes offer ( college credit after matriculation ). Remember Kevin, the schools have their own reasons for have high enrollment levels in classes like these. I may even know a little bit more than you do about this based on my vocation versus yours.
    Headed to my job @ GCS as we speak!!!!

  6. I think that comment says a lot about some of our staff at GCS. Eddie knows all and knows every kid. Sad people like this in GCS.

    I think his last post talked about kids taking Honors classes.

  7. I think AP courses are already weighted as the same numerical grade (vs non AP classes) is a higher GPA number. Right?

    I have no problem with 2.0. I have no problem with a minimum grade level in every class either. I do know it will cause problems for some students. But maybe it will cause some to work a little harder. I hope that is the ultimate goal anyway.

    I hope it doesnt end up having the opposite effect.

  8. Eddie – Headed to your job at GCS as you speak? hope your not texting while your drive. If you are an educator, please begin your preparation for educating our kids, not texting on a blog site.

  9. There will be some fallout and reduced participation numbers for some teams especially this fall when the 2.0 takes effect. I hope that The Superintendent will make sure there is no cheating on grade reporting. As we all know some GCS high schools are sometimes less than honest.

  10. If you cant make a 1.5 you dont deserve to be playing. if you take all cp classes pretty much all you have to do is not fail and you will have a 1.5

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