MLK Day HS basketball games at the Greensboro Coliseum

2010 MLK Day North Carolina Scholastic Classic Schedule
Games set for Monday January 18 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:

11:30AM Forsyth Country Day vs. Ragsdale
1:00PM Norfolk Christian (VA) vs. Cannon School (Concord, NC)
2:30PM Northwest Guilford vs. Greensboro Day
4:30PM Oak Hill Academy (VA) vs. Dudley
6:00PM Greenfield (Wilson, NC) vs. Oak Ridge Military Academy
7:30PM Glenn vs. Page

Tickets are on sale now at, all Ticketmaster outlets, charge-by-phone at 800-745-3000 or at the Greensboro Coliseum box office. All tickets are $10.00 and seating is general admission.

Want to get an early look at the future collegiate and professional stars of tomorrow? The N.C. Scholastic Classic will feature a host of Division I basketball prospects including; 6-9 center/forward James McAdoo (Norfolk Christian), the nephew of former North Carolina All-American Bob McAdoo, who has already committed to the Tar Heels, swingman P.J. Hairston of Greensboro’s Dudley High School who has also committed to UNC, Cannon School’s Jarrell Eddie, a Virginia Tech signee and Oak Ridge’s sharp-shooting two guard Jay Canty, an Xavier signee.

The six-game schedule includes Dudley taking on perennial national powerhouse Oak Hill Academy, which was 41-1 last year and is ranked No.3 in ESPN’s preseason rankings. The Warriors are led by a dynamic backcourt featuring point guard Pe’Shon Howard and shooting guard Doron Lamb who is being pursued by Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

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  1. Why is it that GDS never plays a so called power team in this deal? I am a huge fan of their program but think that its absurd for them to play teams they should easily handle year in and year out. Why can’t we get GDS-Dudley here. Or maybe get GW daville to come down and play GDS. Or match them up with Greenfield. Just seems like they never play a high quality opponent during the MLK tourney. i mean no disrepspect to NW. They may come out and beat the Day School, however it would be nice to see them play a top opponent from outside the area.

  2. I definitely agree. .NW & GDS could of play this game in the summer sometime. .that charlotte christian game should of been played this monday and how are you going to end the night with glenn vs. page? I mean is glenn the best team in winston-salem? if their not who is?

  3. One year we had Smith vs. Southern Durham and it came at the end of the night after the LeBron James show and it was a ghost town in the Coliseum.

    No LeBrons this year, but with Oak Hill and the McAdoo kid coming in it should be a good showing and we also have PJ Hairston and the kids from ORMA, like Lawson, Canty and Neal….

    Last year with Ryan Kelly, the Plumlee brothers and Tiny Gallon we had a good turn out and a few years back we saw Forsyth Country Day give High Point Central all they wanted in one of the late games and Tyler Lewis will be back out there for FCD this year…..

    I can also remember the day that Brandon Jennings put up 49 for Oak Hill and it was pretty cool back in the day to watch Tywon Lawson run the break and play very little defense in his HS days for Oak Hill at the Coliseum….

    NWG and GDS might just be an interesting matchup of styles with Greensboro Day running with their guards these days and NWG loving to shoot those three’s…..

  4. GDS doesn’t want to get exposed by a good team this time of year. They peak at the Little Four.

  5. It would have been interesting to see Westchester with Deuce Bello return to the Coliseum.

    Westchester vs. Page might have been a good way to close the day…..

  6. how about the day that the Northern defense held Ryan kelley to 57? Now, that’s great coaching!!!!!!!

  7. dale fulton you always have something smart to say!!!!!!!!! I forgot you played in the NBA LOL….ALSO northern won the game Dale that was great coaching….JERK!!!!!!

  8. Wildman Stan, and Dale Fulton from are GDS supporters
    so for them to be hating on ORMA and Northern
    I understand next year
    GDS is trying to play the Spears YMCA
    allstar team. LOL why is there nothing on the game between GDS
    and NW? B/C nobody cares about that game. I Wish Orma luck
    at least they are playing somebody….

  9. Yes, at least ORMA is playing somebody.

    You know, like that team, they, umm, lost to… You know — that team that beat them this season. Wait for it . . .

    Oh that’s right — it was GDS.

  10. Dale Fulton remember a couple of days ago GDS only allowed 32 points and lost. lol

    And WildManStan that game was at the beginning of the year if they weren’t so scared to play the 2nd game that was supposed to be played they GDS is running from because they know they will get beat by 25+

  11. Dear friend ( Dale Who ),
    You are a funny man!!!!!! Is your only comeback to call me a name? Do you have an answer to my question? Let’s hear it big boy with the internet name calling!!!!!! We will beat NWG and you will not beat Greenfield ! Also as defensive as you are, I can’t believe you didnt hold kelly to a lot less points. I bet I know which one of those silly ORMA coaches you are even!
    Have a nice night.

  12. Mr Fulton
    Get your head out or y0ur a%#! Eyerone knows that GDS backed out of that second game! Hell, Freddy wouldnt even return Stans calls!!

  13. GDS could not have played even if they wanted to because they have rules they have to abide by and can only play so many regular season games per NCIHSAA. What athletic association is ORMA in? Know what you are talking about. GDS has already beat them once with their less talent and do not use the excuse that they hadd players missing. A loss is a loss. HAHA

  14. Dear SHH,
    Now be honest with yourself if you aren’t honest with anyone else, please. Would you want to talk to Stan if you did not have to?
    Dale Fulton

  15. wsj who in the h*ll are you tryin to fool. y’all lucked and played a practically brand new team early in the season and beat the by a lucky @ss three pointer that the guy banked in. You and everyone else know if they were to play again the would get blown out their own gym by 20 or more. They aren’t on the same level. 26 points in a game for a school that is supposed to be good is unexceptable. Thats the real reason why GDS is running because they know they are not good enough to beat them again.

  16. Charlotte Christian would beat ORMA by at least 15. We will all see what these teams have on Monday. The reason GDS has won so any games with the group they have is coaching. Everyone knows they can take a group of kids and make overacheievers out of them.

  17. There are lots of teams in Guilford County that are more athletic and have better players than GDS. GDS always wins their share and always go deep into the playoffs. No one can deny that. The reason is coaching. GDS coaching staff is not perfect but they do work hard at preparing their team for their opponent and most important, preparing them for life.

  18. Yeah right dream on y’all wouldn’t even beat ORMA again. They have played and beat teams better than GDS. They play better teams on a regular basis. Whats GDS doin still playin in the Little Four and they got beat this year by pretty good but not great Northern team. You have to be real. ORMA would wax Charlotte Christian.

  19. You still have not answered the question of what athletic organization governs ORMA or do they even have one?

  20. Wait and see! Only time will tell. I will be at the game so I can laugh my butt off when the GD coach’s go into panic mode. 78-68 Vikings. GOOOOO VIKES!

    Sports Tuesday Headlines:


    Won’t be a shocker for the followers of the Vikes.

  21. What is amazing is that individuals who do not understand the rules or who have no knowledge of how these programs work or do not even know the coaches have so much knowledge. I am starting to lose interest in looking on here given the amount of foolish staements that are made. I would really love to know how anyone here knows who called who or what was said. It is a shame that so much inaccurate information is posted here.

    Good luck to all the teams on Monday.

  22. Coach Johnson is running scared and will invent any excuse not to face ORMA again this season!! Can’t say I blame him. It is a damn shame the fans won’t see a rematch.

    Let’s be honest…ORMA would blow them out of the gym!!!

  23. Mary Francis, They can not play because GDS has their maximum amount of games they can play per NCIHSAA. They have rules. ORMA is not part of any conference and are not governed. They can do anything they want. You need to get over it. They have already played, GDS won and thats the bottom line. Ask anyone who follows basketball who won that game GREENSBORO DAY SCHOOL. They have the best coaching staff around. Who else could take the players they have and beat the teams they have beaten. There is no way GDS should be ORMA, but they did, accept it.

  24. The game was never scheduled. I talked to the coach the day it came out in the paper that they were playing and he told me that he had no idead about the game. He would loved to have played but had a full schedule. This was just a ploy to ake GDS look bad.

  25. like I said….excuses, excuses, excuses!!! I saw the game posted on both scheculeds..GDS & ORMA. GDS made THEMSELVES look bad and scared!

  26. 1 – NW is a very good team and has good player’s and Manny Bloom does a good job of coaching them.
    They struggled earlier because they rely on a lot of young guys and weren’t making shots.
    ***For all these individuals who post and then blast the local coaches – how many games have you all
    won at the high school level?
    2 – In regards to scheduling… Charlotte Christian is the #2 team in the charlotte mecklenburg area public or
    private, GDS beat Wakefield the #1 rated team in the raleigh area, GDS plays the #1 1-a private school in Trinity
    Christian (who would probably beat everyone in this county), they play the #1 2-a private school
    in Westchester, and the #1 3-a private school in Christ School (who is #1 public or private in the state and is
    #14 in the country by USA Today)
    3 – In regards to the MLK event, don’t you think the promoter of the tournament is trying to create match-ups
    that will increase his profits? YES… Dudley – Greensboro Day would have been nice to see and the best option.
    But, NW vs GDS is probably the 2nd best option as far as drawing more fans to the event goes.

  27. Does anyone know who sets or makes out the schedule for these games each year????

    We need to have our own tournament, “The Andy Durham Invitational” and run it at the end of March at the Special Events Center and this would be our lineup…

    Friday night:

    Dudley vs. Oak Hill
    Greensboro Day vs. Oak Ridge Military Academy

    Saturday Title game and the consolation game would preceed the Championship….
    Half the proceeds go to the Help Haitians Fund and the other half goes to goes to the Andy Durham Scholarship Foundation….

    Again, from above, “Who makes out the schedule for the MLK Day Games”, and is anybody on board for the Invitaional Tournament?????

  28. Andy – I like the “Invitational” match-up. However that post and $0.65 will get you a Senior coffee at Mickey D’s. Dudley is governed by NCHSAA and GDS by NCIHSSA. They have scheduled their maximum number of games allowed and will be unable to accept your “invitation”.

    I think the tournament is run by a company out of the Philly area who puts on Showcase Events. Their name is linked to the info about the tournament on the GSO Coliseum website. They are Play by Play Classics and their web site is:

  29. I have it set up so it will run at the end of March when everyonne’s season is complete and these would have to Exhibition games that will not count toward the teams schedules or records…..

    This would have to be along the lines of an Andy’s All Stars presentation…..

    All proceeds would have to go the designated charities and all the teams must be aware of any precluding sanctions…..

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